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10 Things You Need To Know About Chromotherapy

How Does An Infrared Sauna Work, Anyway?

Infrared saunas work by emitting infrared light. Your skin absorbs this light as radiant heat. Other saunas you may have been in use a heater to heat the air, which then heats your skin. Infrared saunas heat you directly so that you enjoy a deeper sweat in a more comfortable temperature.

As your body absorbs the infrared rays, your lymphatic, immune and cardiovascular systems are stimulated, removing harmful toxins from your body. The benefits you experience include detoxing, burning calories, relaxation, glowing skin and complexion, boosting your immunity, and muscular recovery.

It is recommended that you combine infrared sauna therapy with CoolSculpting treatments. As CoolSculpting kills your fat cells, the gentle sweating helps rid them from your body.

 One of the significant enhancements of the Sculpt Spa Las Vegas infrared sauna is the integration of chromotherapy as part of your therapeutic experience. Chromotherapy is the science of using colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony. It is a method of treatment leveraging the visible spectrum of colors, which are actually a form of electromagnetic radiation, to increase wellness and heal your body.

10 More Colorful Facts About Chromotherapy

Here are ten things you need to know about chromotherapy:

1.     It is based on ancient wisdom and lost arts
Many ancient civilizations cultivated color light therapy including Egypt, India, China, and the Mayans. The fact that so many found it effective in varying isolated cultures and without scientific testing methodologies have led to it being investigated and implemented in major hospitals today.

2.     The energy from light is pure
As the color hits your skin, it feeds it. Color has been called the “closest thing to pure energy we can identify” by scientists and physicists. This pure energy then is absorbed by the body to repair its deficient energies.

3.     Color profoundly affects different levels in a human being
Color energy does not just affect the physical being. It has been shown to also affect people emotionally and to influence mental health.

4.     Each color provides different effects
Practitioners of chromotherapy have noted that the different color can have specific affects. Red is generally thought to provide stimulation. It is seen as having a direct impact on one’s root chakra. Physically, it has been found to create younger looking skin. Blue is thought to provide relaxation. It affects the throat chakra and has been observed to have physical effects including smoothing skin, combatting acne and even whitening teeth. Violet light affects the crown chakra and has been attributed to physically affecting cell renewal. Green light sinks into the heart chakra, and physically evens out complexion and removes blotches. Orange has been attributed to affecting the sacral chakra most, and physically adding vitality and glow to the skin.

5.     It heals muscles
If muscles are experiencing swelling and inflammation, color light therapy has been applied to not only reduce the swelling and decrease the inflammation, but to reduce the associated pain as well. This is also true of tight or tense muscles. Light therapy has been known to dissolve the knots and relax the tension.

6.     It increases your range of motion
Since many use their time in the Sculpt Spa Las Vegas infrared sauna to do stretching exercises, the addition of chromotherapy is a beneficial support. It lubricates joints, and, with the already noted relaxation of surrounding muscles, will increase your range of motion, your flexibility, and your ability to prevent injuries.

7.     It improves your circulation
Different colors vibrate at different frequencies and as a result, provide additional heat within your body’s circulation system. When this is combined with your infrared sauna, you have a powerhouse of circulation improving energy affecting your system.

8.     It elevates your mood
Each color can elicit a different feeling and response emotionally. The colors stimulate the endocrine process and help regulate hormonal reactions, moods, and depressions. They are particularly effective for people who react strongly to seasonal changes, shorter days, lack of sunlight, etc. The light therapy offsets the depletion of natural light the person is experiencing and balances their mood response.

9.     It improves your sleep pattern
It is no surprise that after experiencing chromotherapy with your Sculpt Spa Las Vegas infrared sauna, that you would sleep better. Your mood is regulated, your muscles are relaxed, and your systems are running smoothly. Sweet dreams lie ahead.

10.It keeps you younger
Chromotherapy energizes your skin cells and reinvigorates inactive cells. This will boost your collagen production in your skin, smoothing its appearance and improving its elasticity.

Our clients at Sculpt Spa Las Vegas come with specific health and wellness goals. Our services are designed to be combined to develop a specific and customized strategy to meet those goals.

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