At Sculpt Spa in Las Vegas, several non-judgmental services are offered that affect body wellness and presentation. These include CoolSculpting™, the #1 non-invasive fat reduction procedure on the market, that uses controlled cooling, scientifically known as cryolipolysis, to freeze (and thereby kill) targeted fat cells, and CoolTone™, Allergan’s newest technology for noninvasive body contouring that firms and tones the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.

These strategies are highly effective and made even more impactful with a healthy eating regimen. Many find the discipline of eating well to be a challenge, especially in a world where non-healthy temptations lurk at every corner.

One highly effective method to manage diet is a powerful process called “Mindfulness.”

Mindfulness is a practice that helps you be aware of your thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations. It makes you recognize the triggers that cause you to eat. By doing this, you identify your habits and come up with strategies that help you to avoid over-eating.

Subconscious anger could be an emotional motivation for eating for comfort for example. Mindfulness asks that we don’t ignore or pretend angry feelings don’t exist. Mindfulness means turning toward them even when that’s difficult. In time, with gentle curiosity, we can learn to be at peace with those overwhelming feelings of shame, anger, sadness, and fear.

In practice, mindfulness does not tell you to just tell yourself to “just stop it” when you identify a problem eating behavior. Instead, it has you looking at why eating harmful food has meaning for you. You may find in examination that consuming the high fat, high caloric, vitamin depleted food is not actually very rewarding. Just on its failed promise to be all that delicious, your critical thinking of it may disenchant you from consuming it.

Woman drinking water.

Here are the eleven top mindfulness tips to revolutionize your diet:

  1. When you eat, physically slow down: Make an effort to eat much more slowly. Try taking one breath in and out before each bite of food, or pause to notice the color, texture, shape, smell, and taste of the food before you. Even if partaking in an unhealthy food still has a feeling of reward—slow down as you take it in. Potentially, after one or two bites, as you consciously examine your gain from it, you will find that you have received the satisfaction and do not need to consume the rest. You have already maximized its best effect. You may not need 20 ounces when you found satisfaction after the first 3 ounces. Eating slower allows the brain to accurately assess your level of hunger. When you eat fast, you are consuming more food than you need because the brain has not caught up to the fact you are already full.
  2. Get clear on the reward: Really pay attention to what is the true reward in the moment. Potentially think about how overly sweet a donut is, for example. You likely will not be as enamored of the behavior. There is limited reward, and other reward alternatives will occur to you.
  3. Turn distractions off: Think about the foods, their flavors and how your body feels eating them. For the first few bites, concentrate on the taste, savor it, and the textures. Chew 20 times before swallowing. Whenever you eat, don’t do anything else. Don’t watch television, use your computer, check your phone or pay bills. This helps you focus on what you’re eating and how much you’re eating.
  4. Be aware of mind conflicts: As you realize you are getting full, be aware of the conflicts in your mind. Identify the voice that is saying, “All things have been satisfied, no need to eat more,” from the other voices that say, “But I want to experience more,” to the guilty parental voice that says, “You must finish everything on your plate.” Who is going to win that conversation?
  5. Meditate: Meditation changes the impulses of the brain. Focus on your own curiosity as to your food experience and its rewards, instead of your under lying anxiety or fears. By meditating on it, your impulses re-wire, and without a lot of effort, indulging becomes less of an option.
  6. Get information about your food: Get information on the things you are grabbing to eat or drink. Research how many sugar cubes are equivalent to the amount of sugar in a glass of cola. Most who do, drink less soda over time. Do not be judgmental, just inform yourself.
  7. Manage your eating environment: Choose one place to eat in your home, such as the kitchen or dining table, and eat there whenever you have meals or snacks at home. The purpose of this rule is to narrow down the places in your home that you associate with food and eating. NO more eating on the couch! Always set a complete table service, including a place mat and pitcher of water, even when you are eating by yourself. This helps you pay more attention to the fact that you’re eating and to treat the food you eat with more respect. Don’t allow yourself to eat anything, not even a cup of popcorn, unless the setting is complete.
  8. Drink water: Drink a full glass of water when you sit down before you begin to eat. Drink more water while you eat. This helps you feel fuller without adding excess food to your plate.
  9. Use a small plate: Use small plates and serve yourself small portions. Keep in mind that you can always go back for more; no deprivation if you’re still hungry!
  10. Plan your restaurant strategy: Prepare before you go to a restaurant. What is the best to order, how much will you bring home? Think it out beforehand rather than relying on momentary impulses.
  11. Look to the future you: Think out the effect your food will have in the future. If you have an event next week that you particularly want to be in shape for, how will the cheesey nachos in front of you keep you from accomplishing that goal? Record your future goals for your weight and appearance, and then play that recording as you are in line in a fast-food restaurant, or food court. It will influence how much you eat.


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Practice these tips. Science has shown that you will actually enjoy your food more, just by mindfully being aware. Ultimately, as you get your food intake under control, Sculpt Spa can get you through the final stretch to your ideal body image.

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