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5 Facts You Need to Know About Dysport & Facial Areas
Dysport shots are an effective treatment for facial lines.

Wrinkles are a natural part of aging. Wrinkles appear more often and deeper as time goes by. Some of their creation is due to genetics and the body’s decline. Other wrinkles are created due to facial movements that are done frequently and habitually, making deeper and lasting creases in your skin.

One aspect of your uniqueness is that fixing wrinkles and returning your fact to its young glow, will require a strategy that is unique to you. Sculpt Spa is ready and willing to do that for you. By meeting with our self-improvement experts in a no-charge consultation, they can develop the right plan for you.

They can answer key questions for you, such as:

·                    Botox vs Dysport

·                    What are Dysport side effects?

·                    Facial injections vs surgery

and more!

Sculpt Spa offers multiple choices in its facial improvement tool kit. This tool kit includes Dysport and Botox treatments for anti-wrinkle solutions, and an array of Restylane products for facial fillers.

The history behind Dysport and Botox goes back to 1820.

A Fast History on Facial Injections

A German physician named Justinus Kerner was the first doctor who described botulism. Many years later, ophthalmologist Alan Scott leveraged this work to develop a method with a patient suffering from double vision.

The botulism toxin was developed with spores of the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. The toxin prevents the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. This paralyzes the muscles for short-term periods. It was then discovered that the drug created a de-wrinkling effect.

One variation of this toxin was developed and promoted in Europe as Dysport, and one variation was developed and promoted in America as Botox.

Sculpt Spa also can help you deal with volume loss in your face with dermal fillers. The Restylane family consists of specific formulas that each bring unique advantages. Produced by Galderma, these products are the most sought-after brand of hyaluronic filler (HA). HA helps keep skin plump and hydrated. The Restylane fillers are typically soft and gel-like.

Most HA fillers are infused with lidocaine to help minimize discomfort during and after treatment. Sculpt Spa’s menu of injectables include:

·                    Restylane Kysse

·                    Restylane-L®

·                    Restylane Lyft

·                    Restylane Contour

·                    Restylane Refyne

·                    Restylane Defyne

The results of the various facial injections vary client by client. For consistent maintenance, it is recommended you stay in touch with your Sculpt Spa expert and discuss the results and duration with them. In general, Dysport often lasts about four months for clients. Botox typically lasts between three to six months from injection.

There are also many variables like treatment location, muscle size, and patient metabolism that will affect your outcome.

Face the Facts: 5 Great Places for Dysport Shots

Here are some key facts you should know about five of the best facial areas in which to receive Dysport shots:

1.     The “11” lines between your eyebrows: Common wrinkles that may be causing you concern can include the two parallel lines that form between your eyebrows. These tend to be deeper wrinkles than others that appear elsewhere on your face. Deeper wrinkles are the specialty of Dysport, so these may be a prime target for your Dysport treatment.

2.     Forehead lines: These are the horizontal lines that extend across the forehead. Dysport spreads more easily from its injection site. This feature makes it a good choice for these forehead lines because it can treat them effectively with fewer injections.

3.     Crow’s feet: Crow’s feet are wrinkles that develop on the side of your eyes. These wrinkles, also known as lateral orbital rhytids, are caused by muscle contractions and age-related changes in your skin. They consist of a variety of dynamic wrinkles. When they first develop, they only appear when you squint, smile, or make other facial expressions. Over time, the crow’s feet will become deeper. After a while, you see your crow’s feet when your face is at rest.  Some studies suggest that Dysport is the ideal toxin for these wrinkles, while some professionals like Botox’s targeting ability. It is important that you discuss with your Sculpt Spa expert which is right for you.

4.     Lip lines: These are often called “smoker lines.” They are the result of lip pursing as in kissing, drinking from a straw or smoking. This repeated animation of the lips due to contraction of a circular muscle around your mouth contributes to its aging changes.  With tiny but meaningful injections in the lips, lip muscle action can be affected without interference with eating, speaking or kissing. Botox’s targeting ability may make it preferable for some clients in this area.

5.     Neck chords: Under the skin of the neck is a thin sheet of muscle called the Platysma, which creates vertical neck bands or cords that run from the jawline down to the collar bone and can normally be seen when the teeth are clenched hard. As we age the left and right sides tend to separate in the middle under the chin and lose tone.  By injecting Dysport into your muscle bands it will reduce the downward pull of the platysma muscle on the face. 

Remember, you can extend the results of either Botox or Dysport by booking periodic maintenance treatment sessions. After about a year of Botox or Dysport treatments in Las Vegas, many of our clients’ muscles relax easier and they can go longer between treatment sessions.

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