There is a myth in our society that women are the only ones who are concerned about their looks. More to the point, only women SHOULD be the ones to care about such things.

Studies are showing that this idea limits men in a very bad way.

“Vanity” can be healthy. A man caring about his appearance is not a character flaw. Feeling and looking good is a component to self-worth and self-esteem. It is a proven and essential trait that the world lavishes its attention, money, jobs, respect, and all-around deference on.  Good-looking people get attention and advantages.


“Good-looking” in this context does not mean biological traits, but those who better their looks through health, wellness, hairstyle, grooming products, diet, exercise, body contouring and anti-aging rejuvenation

6 Big Facts Men Need to Know About CoolSculpting Elite
CoolSculpting Elite isn't just for women. It can also help men realize the appearance they want.

Men are generally not “allowed” the bandwidth to focus on such things without gaining ridicule or derision. Experts say that concern over how they look and present themselves ARE a concern, nevertheless. At Sculpt Spa in Las Vegas, we say “come see us.”


For men, achieving body contouring goals through diet and exercise is ideal, and acquiring the discipline to maintain through health and wellness is encouraged.  Most men, however, become frustrated to discover that despite diet and exercise, areas of their body may be resistant to change. For them, aesthetic goals can’t be met by conventional means, so a surgical or nonsurgical fat reduction procedures may be the solution. 

What Makes CoolSculpting Elite So Good … and Why it’s Better than Liposuction

Sculpt Spa is the leading provider of CoolSculpting Elite in Las Vegas.

Interested clients ask us questions such as:

Is CoolSculpting safe?”

Is CoolSculpting permanent?

Does CoolSculpting work?

The answers to these questions are all “Yes.”

Men are also often curious as to how CoolSculpting Elite, or cryolipolysis, compares to liposuction procedures they have heard about. The results of CoolSculpting versus liposuction can be very similar. Both procedures are used to permanently remove excess fat from specific body parts. Neither procedure is intended for weight loss. Also, neither procedure can improve the appearance of loose skin.

While they both reduce adipose tissue and improve body contour, there are significant differences. Liposuction is an invasive surgical procedure. It is done in a hospital, is painful, time-consuming and has the further inconvenience of downtime after the procedure.

The science of cryolipolysis was discovered after children who ate a lot of popsicles were observed developing dimples in their cheeks. In 2008, Dr. Dieter Manstein and Dr. Rox Anderson researched this phenomenon and published their data. In 2009, a cryolipolysis device was invented and the procedure was approved by EU and followed by FDA in 2010.

CoolSculpting Elite is a noninvasive medical procedure that removes extra fat cells from underneath your skin without surgery. The medical professional performing the procedure uses special applicators that clamp down on and cool rolls of fat to freezing temperature. With this process, the fat cells die, and your body naturally eliminates the frozen, dead fat cells through your liver.


This is a nonsurgical procedure: no cutting, stitching, anesthetizing, or recovery time necessary. When the fat cells die and are purged, they are permanently gone.

6 Great Facts for Men About CoolSculpting Elite

1.     Women are not the only ones who need CoolSculpting Elite Las Vegas
There is a myth that men do not need CoolSculpting Elite because “men lose fat quickly.” This is simply not true. Men also struggle with tenacious areas of body fat. They also tend to accumulate more belly fat than women.

2.     Men feel stigmatized looking for CoolSculpting Elite help
Studies have shown that women are four times more likely to search out CoolSculpting Elite help than men. They also show that men also tended to seek help at an older age on average than women. Much of this may stem from men being more reluctant to seek out any medical care more than women will. From a health perspective, this attitude is dangerous as men have higher morbidity rates in almost every leading cause of death in the United States. In terms of CoolSculpting Elite, the attitude just withholds a man from improving his self-esteem and sense of wellbeing. There is no good reason to wait, gentlemen!

3.     CoolSculpting Elite has real benefits for men
Men can achieve a significant reduction in fat around their midsections. As with all cosmetic procedures, the results can vary person to person. They can get a more sculpted body. It is natural and long-lasting results. It is safe and effective.

4.     Goodbye to “man boobs”
Men are certainly not immune when it comes to being affected by negative body image stereotypes. Many men prefer to have well-defined pectoral muscles, and muscle training at the gym via weight-lifting exercises like the chest press can help to develop this look. Sometimes men still suffer from the muscles growing, but fat remaining. This results in derogatory mentions of ‘man boobs’ or ‘moobs.’  By freezing and eliminating fatty deposits in a targeted way using CoolSculpting Elite, the chest can gain a more toned and structured appearance.

5.     Breaking up with “love handles”
‘Love handles’ is a name for the fat that gathers around a man’s waistline. It is a very odd misnomer, as NO ONE “loves” having fat deposits in this area. Men often are prevented from getting into their favorite pair of jeans thanks to this “love”. Even with an intensive exercise regime, love handles are often hard to shift. It is a “love” that it is time to lose. CoolSculpting Elite can target men’s challenging love handles effectively by freezing the fat cells. On average, men can lose up to 27% of subcutaneous fat cells in the love handle zone, making it a clear game-changer.


6.     The belly is no laughing matter
It is one thing to envision a jolly laughter-vibrating belly but carrying excess weight around your belly area is a health and aesthetic issue. Not funny. Storing too much tummy fat increases the risk of many health conditions, from cardiovascular problems to high blood pressure. It also slows down testosterone production. It’s crucial for men to target this area by exercising regularly and adopting a well-balanced diet. CoolSculpting Elite can help to accelerate the fat removal process in this problem-prone zone through its highly strategic approach.  

Sculpt Spa: CoolSculpting Elite in Las Vegas for Men

Sculpt Spa is Las Vegas’ premier provider of the CoolSculpting Elite body contouring system. Offered in a relaxing, nonjudgmental spa setting, Sculpt Spa is the ideal place to achieve the look you want while catching up on your streaming faves … or just vibing. 


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