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Our non-judgmental philosophy is not to attempt to design any of our clients into a standard look or artificial concept of what it means to be attractive. We strive to make you the best you that you want to be.

For some of our clients, facial rejuvenation is key. Our Botox and Restylane dermal filler Las Vegas offerings allow us to design a plan that gets rid of wrinkles and facial sagging. We can help answer all questions about Botox and facial fillers, what are Botox side effects, how much does Botox cost, and more.

One of our most popular services is considered by many to be the absolute best body contouring process on the planet: CoolSculpting Elite.

6 Ways to Enhance CoolSculpting Elite with a Diet Strategy

What is CoolSculpting Elite?

CoolSculpting, in its original form, was first cleared by the FDA in 2010 to freeze and destroy unwanted fat cells. Now, after 10 years of continued innovation and research, Allergan, the company that brought you CoolSculpting, launched a new and improved version with an updated device called CoolSculpting Elite.

CoolSculpting is a noninvasive, nonsurgical medical procedure that removes extra fat cells from beneath the skin. As a noninvasive treatment, it has several benefits over liposuction and other traditional fat removal surgical procedures.

Feel free to ask your Sculpt Spa expert about how CoolSculpting compares to liposuction, the details of the procedure and the cost. CoolSculpting uses a procedure known as cryolipolysis. A roll of fat is placed between the CoolSculpting applicator. The applicators cool the fat to a freezing temperature. Science has found that when fat cells are frozen, they die, and the body then naturally purges the dead cells… forever.

CoolSculpting Elite does not harm the surrounding tissue, and there is no downtime from the procedure. As the most popular non-surgical body contouring device, CoolSculpting Elite is cleared for use in over 80 countries worldwide and has been studied more extensively than any other body sculpting technology.

Where Can I Use CoolSculpting Elite?

CoolSculpting Elite Las Vegas can remove fat from more areas than ever before. The areas that can be targeted include:

·        Submental area under the chin

·        Inner, outer, and front of the thighs

·        The abdomen, flanks or love handles at the waist

·        Bra fat on the torso under the armpits

·        Back fat

·        Underneath the buttocks

·        Upper arms

·        Submandibular area under the jawline

It is important to note that CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss process even though it involves the loss of fat. In a previous article, we outlined how an effective workout regimen is recommended to be a foundation for your total body contour strategy. Exercise, with your Cool Sculpting to deal with hard-to-reach fat pockets, is very effective.

The last component of the strategy should be your food intake and diet.

Diet & CoolSculpting Elite: 6 Ways to Win

If you are doing fat burning exercises and eating to lose fat, you are certain to get to your goals, especially if you’re also using CoolSculpting Elite.

Here are tips on the best diet methods to enhance your CoolSculpting Elite efforts:

1.     Focus on protein-rich foods
Many studies link eating high quality protein with lower body fat and obesity. Protein also preserves your muscle mass, and increases your metabolism, both of which help rid you of fat. The recommended foods  for a protein-balanced diet include meat, seafood, eggs, legumes, tofu and dairy.

2.     Eat healthy fats
Yes, there are some fats you should eat. Studies around the Mediterranean diet show that healthy fats from olive oil and nuts help create long-term fat loss, even compared to a low-fat diet.  Other studies on olive oil alone showed similar results in the reduction of belly fat. You want to avoid trans fats, too. Olive oil can be high in calories, so when you add it to your diet, make sure that it is not extra calories, but that it replaces something else.

3.     Drink unsweetened
Sugary drinks increase your fat. Long-term sustainable fat-loss, therefore, can be enhanced by cutting those from your diet. Alcohol can be included in this category as well. Studies have shown that these beverages directly increase belly fat.

4.     Fill up on fiber
Soluble fiber, the kind found in plant-based foods, absorbs water, and makes you feel fuller. It moves through your system at a slower pace. Studies have shown that fiber protects you against weight gain. There have been additional studies that have shown that fiber intake can reduce belly fat independent of your calorie intake.

5.     Include probiotics in your diet
Probiotics have been found in studies to have many benefits from immunity enhancement to improved mental health. They are a kind of bacteria that improve your digestive tract. They have been shown to increase fat burning when you take them through food or as supplements. Over a dozen studies have shown that probiotics reduce your body’s fat percentage.

6.     Try intermittent fasting
Many have found successful fat loss in an intermittent fasting plan. These plans involve cycles of eating and fasting. Studies have verified that results are possible when eating this way. There are a variety of these fasting plans, and you would have to pick the one that works for you. In one study on an intermittent fasting plan that lasted 12 weeks, they showed up to a 12 lb loss of body fat.

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