We are about to slide into the 2022 holiday season!


The holiday season is an interesting conflict when you think about it. We attend many back-to-back social events where we want to look our best, and yet, most of those events are filled with the most fattening foods and drinks we will encounter all year.

7 CoolSculpting Elite Tips for the Holidays
Worried about holiday weight gain? These 7 tips plus CoolSculpting will keep you looking your best!

Many of us are tempted to eat and drink like crazy over the holidays, wait until January, and then convince ourselves we’ll start up a gym membership and gain our ideal bodies by Spring. 

It never really works that way, does it?

We mean well, and for a while, many of us are serious about the post-holiday bounce back. Unfortunately, the holidays mean most of us are far more out of shape than we thought, with a much harder road back. It makes those holiday celebrations less fun, too. We don’t feel our best, and with each additional pound, we sometimes feel even more guilty and less confident.

So, why not head INTO the holidays feeling in shape and worthy of maintaining your ideal body through the festivities? Worst-case scenario, maybe you’ll only slightly move away from your ultimate goal.

With CoolSculpting Elite, a diet strategy, and a few more tools, getting back on track won’t be such a challenge.

How CoolSculpting Elite Can Help You Be Your Best This Holiday Season

Probably the best strategy is to start looking into CoolSculpting Elite in Las Vegas now.  It takes a few weeks for the initial effects to start, so you would be literally thinning down as the holiday parties start to gain momentum. Sculpt Spa is ready now to book a free consultation and get the ball rolling.

Sculpt Spa is the safe haven for those whose pockets of fat on the inner thighs, arms and abdomen can be a bummer. Those are the fat areas that can prove to be extra difficult to get rid of with diet and exercise alone.

Surgeries like liposuction, or any other invasive surgery, are not great ideas, especially heading into the holidays and having to deal with recovery time. CoolSculpting Elite is non-invasive and requires no downtime.

Approved by the FDA, CoolSculpting Elite is the safe and non-surgical fat-freezing procedure designed to target your problem fat areas. The process integrates more applicators than any other procedure, that literally suck in, freeze, and destroy your fat cells. When fat cells are frozen, they die. Your body then expels the dead cells between one and three months after your treatment.

While you are sipping some holiday cheer, your body can be expelling dead fat cells from your Cool Sculpting Elite session at Sculpt Spa from weeks before.

Your CoolSculpting Elite session plan will be different from anyone else’s. It is designed based on your natural body shape and the specific areas of fat you are targeting. Your Sculpt Spa expert completely customizes it tailored to your needs. Your results will be dramatic, and a great early holiday gift to yourself.

Please note that your Cool Sculpting Elite Las Vegas process is for fat loss and body contouring. It is not a weight loss plan. It also works best as part of an over-all wellness plan. Be sure to ask your Sculpt Spa consultant about our infrared sauna, our NAD+ injections, and vitamin injections, all of which can support your body contouring treatments.

7 Great CoolSculpting Elite Tips for the 2022 Holiday Season!

As you enjoy your on-going CoolSculpting Elite results, here are some other ideas and tips to integrate into your holiday routine to maintain your shape, but to not interfere with your fun.

Let’s face it… life is too short:

1.     Book Your CoolSculpting Elite Las Vegas NOW!
If you have not already had your session, book it right away. You will begin seeing the results in about three weeks, and the sheading of your dead fat cells will continue through to the new year.

2.     Avoid Either/Or Thinking
Most people get into a mindset that they can either get in good shape OR they can have a good time. This mindset sets you up for failure. The truth is that you can have a good time and a good shape while you do so.

3.     Eat before heading out
If you arrive to your holiday events “starving”, you will end up eating too fast, and too much. You will make wrong food choices, and self-control will be a challenge. It is better to grab a light snack of lean protein, some vegetables and/or a healthy fat, before you head out the door.

4.     Water is your friend
It is not news to stay hydrated during the summer months. In the winter, it is just as important. Water will increase your brain power and provide you with energy. It improves your complexion, your metabolism and maintains your regularity. Most pertinent to staying in shape during the holidays: it can suppress your appetite.

5.     Eat green and clean
Focus your food intake on natural ingredients with minimal processing. Eat lots of green vegetables, lean meats (or meat alternatives), and healthy fats from nuts or avocados. Complex carbs like brown rice, quinoa, and low sugar berries, are recommended. Keep your diet clean for the weeks leading up to big celebration events will bring you sustainable success!

6.     Keep the alcohol consumption down
Drinking more than a moderate amount affects both your weight and your skin rejuvenation. Studies have shown that for women a standard drink of alcohol a day is “moderation.” For men, it is two drinks. This is not an average, so waiting to drink all your weeks-worth on the weekend will not bring positive effects.

7.     Be physically active
Stay steady on your fitness routine as much as possible (you do not plan on stopping your teeth brushing during the holidays, working out should keep the same priority). Starting off the day with 30-45 minutes of exercise is recommended before everything gets busy. Holidays can be emotional times, and this exercise, besides helping you stay in shape, is a good way to re-position your mind.

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