It is undeniable that Botox is hugely popular:

Eleven million people have used it worldwide, making it the most widely used non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatment.

Sculpt Spa is your stellar location to get the expert Botox services in Las Vegas you deserve. Our talented staff has perfected the looks of the top Las Vegas Strip entertainers to businesspeople to homemakers to students.

Our process starts with a free consultation where we can review your holistic skincare and beautification. Besides our Botox expertise, you may want to integrate our:

·        Dermal fillers

·        Vitamin injection therapies

·        Infrared sauna

And more as part of your regimen!

For facial contouring, check out the Restylane family of products that can restore volume using the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. Sculpt Spa is highly skilled in using Restylane and Botox to create smoothness, natural balance and symmetry to the face.

Common areas for dermal filler include:

·        The under eyes (tear troughs)

·        Cheeks

·        Jawline

·        Chin

·        Temples


·        Smile lines

7 Facts About Long-Term Botox You NEED To Know
Botox injections can give you the look you want easily.

Here’s a Quick Dive into Botox

Botox is a neuromodulator that blocks nerve impulses that stimulate muscle contractions. These contractions in your face create wrinkles. Botox softens lines that have set in and even prevents lines from forming in the first place.

Our Botox expert injects your face strategically, placing Botox shots in specific muscles of the face and neck to create smoother, tighter looking skin. It also lifts the brows, slims the jaw, corrects a gummy smile, and more.

Common areas we treat include:

·        Frown and forehead lines

·        Crow’s feet

·        Smoker’s lines around the mouth

·        “Bunny lines” on the nose

During your consultation, we’ll answer all your questions. Typical questions include:

·        “How much does Botox cost?”

·        “What’s the difference between Botox & Dysport?”

·        “What are Botox side effects?”

·        How long does Botox last?”

And more.

Your Botox can stay active for up to six months, and possibly longer. Once it wears off, most people come back for additional treatments.

At that point, they consider embarking on a long-term Botox plan, and wonder what the effects from that might be.

7 Facts About Long-Term Botox

Here are seven facts you might find interesting about long-term Botox:

1.     Some studies show that long term Botox may make your skin more elastic
With widespread use of Botox, scientists have been able to test effects from long term use. Studies are indicating that the skin’s partial paralysis actually makes it more elastic over time. Skin elasticity is the skin’s ability to stretch and then go back to a normal position once it is released. This makes it even more resistant to new wrinkles.

2.     Your facial muscles may weaken with ongoing treatments
The Botox neurotoxin properties interrupt the signals from your brain telling your facial muscles to contract. The overlying wrinkles relax and smooth out. Because these muscles move less while under the effects of Botox, they weaken by some degree over a long span of time.  They experience what other muscles might that are not used—if they are not exercised, they weaken.

3.     Botox trains your muscles 
After you use Botox treatments for years, you train and educate your muscles to not make expressions that caused the original wrinkles. Even when your facial muscles are able, they have been trained not to frown or express as much as they used to. You may be slightly more “poker faced” out of habit, and as a result, less likely to reignite your wrinkles.

4.     If you stop Botox treatments, your wrinkles will return more slowly
If you take a break from your Botox treatments, the weakened muscles will eventually return to full strength, and you will likely return to making facial expressions that cause wrinkles. If you fear that your face will suddenly and dramatically wrinkle, that will not happen. The muscles and habits take time to get back into full force.

5.     Long-term Botox use is safe
Botox is FDA approved and has been used broadly and widely for years. It is low risk with a great safety record. If you choose an ongoing program of Botox, you can be confident in its positive effects for you. It is important that you continue with an experienced provider like your Sculpt Spa experts.

6.     You may need less Botox for the same effect
If you use Botox for years, you may need less of the toxin in the on-going treatments. Your muscles become less strong and atrophy, as we have noted, and your muscles have been trained not to create the wrinkle causing reactions. The result is that your Sculpt Spa expert does not need to inject as much toxin to create the same results as you got from previous appointments.

7.     Long term Botox may brighten your skin
Botox treatments brighten your skin, make it smoother and help the appearance of fine lines to disappear. As you continue to have maintenance treatments, that brightness and smoothness will continue and be enhanced.

Sculpt Spa is Your Destination in Las Vegas for Long Term Results

Sculpt Spa offers the BEST FACIAL INJECTIONS IN LAS VEGAS. Our goal is to keep you being the best version of yourself through the most popular facial rejuvenation methodology as well as state of the art body contouring with CoolSculpting Elite.

The Sculpt Spa facial Botox injection regimen utilizes our expert artistry and style.

You may have seen gossip around cases of Botox-frozen faces created from extreme doses of toxin. That talk may have made Botox a subject of media, but the real popularity is in a softer, more nuanced approach which we can provide for you. The longer you maintain your Botox program, the easier it is to manage the subtleties.

We’re your destination for facial fillers in Las Vegas. Sculpt Spa is Las Vegas’ leading provider of injection treatments.  Sculpt Spa offers its services in a serene, nonjudgmental spa setting. With additional services including:


·        NAD+


We are the ideal place for making a new you!

Sculpt Spa is THE destination for facial and body contouring and beauty.