Your skin never takes a vacation. 

It’s on-call 24/7. Your literal bodyguard against viruses and infection, skin is always on point, protecting your body from the world around it. This is especially true in winter, which can be the toughest time of the year for your skin. 

Even if you’re lucky enough to live in a place where winter’s not a thing (or less of a thing than it is in Minnesota, for instance), your skin still gets tested in the winter months. Dry weather, harsh winds, even central heating are all factors that can team up to make you itchy and flaky. 

Don’t panic – all you need to do is give your skin a little extra support. Here’s 7 can’t miss strategies to keep your skin healthy and looking its best during the coldest time of the year: 

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Moisturize every day … but carefully. Stick to cream or petroleum-based lotions. They work better than lotions for regular skin. If you’ve got sensitive skin, avoid skincare products that are made with lanolin or scented. Finally, here’s a good lifehack for moisturizing: use moisturizer right after you bathe when your skin’s still wet. It’ll trap moisture on your skin’s surface. 

Speaking of bathing … 

Don’t overdo it. Bathing and soap can dry out your skin, especially if you bathe a lot. Granted, this is not a time you want to skimp on washing your hands – or using hand sanitizer (which can dry out your hands … though the CDC recommends just plain soap and water). 

In general, you want to wash your hands, feet, and face every day, along with the folds of your skin. You only need to rinse off your torso, legs, and arms – unless you’re engaged in regular strenuous activity, you don’t need to soap up those areas every day. 

Something else to consider – hot water isn’t always the best for your skin. Try taking short, warm showers and using soap for sensitive skin. Pat your skin dry afterward, too. 

Protect yourself from the wind. If you live in an area that gets windy in winter, try to do as much as you can to stay out of it. Wind can damage the skin all by itself, and sand and dust are irritants, too. Petroleum-based lip balms can protect your lips, and if you’ve been masking up it’s a great way to protect your face even more. Look into barrier creams if you spend a lot of time outdoors – your skin will thank you. 

The wind isn’t the only danger to your skin in winter, however. 

Dry weather is also hard on your skin. Nothing dries out skin faster than dry air. Also, while central heating is great to have when it’s cold, it’s something else that can stealthily dry you out. 

Look into getting a room humidifier – it’ll help your skin retain moisture and look its best. Just remember to maintain your humidifier if you get one; mold can cause serious health problems. Plus, it’s worth considering alternative treatments like an infrared sauna – sweating can help your skin rejuvenate and moisturize itself. 

Remember to protect your skin from the sun. Protecting yourself from harmful UV rays isn’t just a summer thing – the sun shines year-round and it’s just as easy (if not easier) to get sunburnt on a ski slope as it is on a beach. Wearing sunscreen won’t just keep your skin looking its best, it’s a smart way to avoid the risk of skin cancer. 

Maybe skip on the tanning while you’re at it. Sunlamps and tanning beds can dry out (and harm) your skin every bit as much as the sun can. Consider using a self-tanner, although tanners also dry out the skin. 

Consider a vitamin supplement. Some supplements can help keep your skin healthy. Vitamin B7 (also known as biotin) helps maintain the skin’s mucous membranes and helps the body metabolize fat. Gluathione is a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce wrinkles and keeps your skin elastic. 

One More Thing To Be Aware Of 

Winter’s also a time of the year with a lot of celebrations. From holiday parties to après-ski get-togethers, there’s never a shortage of times to raise a glass. Consider taking it easy – drinking alcohol can be hard on your skin. Aside from being a contributing factor to skin conditions like psoriasis and rosacea, alcohol widens skin pores, potentially causing cystic acne and permanent scarring. Booze can also cause your skin to bloat, puff up and age. 

Staying hydrated will help your skin stay strong and look good. You’ll also feel better, too. But stay away from sugary drinks – sugar can make skin problems worse. 

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