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Part of our focus on giving, is to encourage our clients to give themselves self-care. Now is the season where everyone is thinking about what they can give to their friends, families and loved ones, we like to remind them to also give to themselves. Our menu of offerings supports this, including:

·        Vitamin injections

·        NAD+ injections

·        An infrared sauna


·        The premier providers of CoolSculpting Elite in Las Vegas

8 Reasons You Should Treat Yourself to Dysport This Christmas
Treat yourself this Christmas with a Dysport treatment at Sculpt Spa!

Our Sculpt Spa team are the best experts you can find to help you achieve your best holiday face. Please sign up for your FREE consultation and we can design a facial rejuvenation plan just for you.

Our facial offerings range from the excellent Restylane dermal filler line to anti-wrinkle specialties like Botox treatment and Dysport shots. Our team is highly equipped to answer all your questions around Dysport treatment:

·        What’s the best facial area for Dysport?

·        How to get the most out of Dysport

·        Should I Choose Dysport or Botox?

·        What should I do after getting a Dysport shot?

The holiday season means family gatherings, office parties and plenty of special events where you’ll want to look your best. For our entertainment professional clients, it means holiday shows and looking great for an influx of tourists. Fine lines and wrinkles are due to a variety of causes including genetics, sun exposure, frowning and other facial expressions, and they can contribute to the appearance of aging.

Sculpt Spa experts can show you how a simple Dysport session can help take years off your appearance.

What is Dysport?

Dysport is a non-invasive muscle relaxer made of botulinum toxin. It temporarily freezes specific facial muscles. We inject it under your skin at targeted areas on your face. It then only prohibits muscle movements in that specific locale. The treatment then erases moderate to severe wrinkles.

These Dysport injections are simple, safe procedures we can do right here at our luxury spa without sedation or anesthesia. You’ll notice a dramatic reduction in the appearance of crow’s feet, frown lines and wrinkles in as little as 24 hours. By targeting and relaxing the tiny muscles related to expression lines, while allowing full normal facial expressions to remain unaffected, Dysport botulinum toxin injections leave surface skin looking smooth and rejuvenated. Dysport is delivered as a natural, purified protein and we administer it in ultra-minute doses.

Why Dysport Treatment is a Great Christmas Gift … for You!

So, before you start your holiday gift buying, treat yourself so you can look fabulous playing Santa Claus. Here are the reasons you should treat yourself to a special Sculpt Spa Dysport session:

1.     The procedure and results are more refined than ever: You only want to get Dysport from an experienced esthetician like our team at Sculpt Spa. Our professionals have had years to practice with Dysport and have perfected its delivery. You therefore get a more refined treatment both in the procedure and its results.

2.     You prevent future wrinkles: Dysport doesn’t just treat your existing wrinkles — it also helps prevent new ones from forming. Many experts recommend starting your Dysport treatment at a younger age than you think you need to. By starting early, your wrinkles won’t have a chance to form, because the muscles that usually cause them will be relaxed. Preventing wrinkles is more effective than getting rid of them once they form.

3.     Dysport treats a variety of areas: In your consultation, we will put together a plan for your specific needs. We can provide treatment for many different types of wrinkles and face filling issues. Dysport can affect marionette lines (glabellar lines), vertical forehead brow lines, and crow’s feet from eye 

4.     You’ll get results that last far beyond the holidays: The results of your Dysport Las Vegas injections will last for months at a time, far longer than the winter holiday festivities. In general, you don’t need to get frequent reapplications.

5.     People won’t be able to tell you had anything done: Since Dysport injection procedures have been refined over many years, worry about obvious “frozen face” looks are a thing of the past. You will look refreshed, rested, and younger. Injections applied by an experienced professionals like Sculpt Spa will look invisible. We know that the best injections give subtle results that enhance your natural features.

6.     Dysport injections spread nicely for a natural look: Dysport injections have a lower concentration of protein, which helps them spread more evenly across the affected area. 

7.     You won’t have any downtime: This time of year is busy! The great thing about this particular self-treat is that you don’t have to take a day off for it, and there is virtually no recovery time needed for it. Even the appointment is quick. You won’t have any incisions or stitches, which means no scarring and no marks. You can get injections done on your lunch break and get right back to work. Any visible side effects will be very small and temporary.

8.     You can use Dysport Las Vegas as a long-term rejuvenation solution: Most Sculpt Spa clients love the results of this treatment and want to keep them up. You can maintain your results for as long as you want by scheduling regular appointments to renew your injections. Since the initial results last for a few months, you can make this treatment an ongoing part of your skin regimen with just a few sessions per year.

Sculpt Spa: Las Vegas’ Best Place to Get Dysport Treatments!

The Sculpt Spa team are your anti-wrinkle experts. They offer the BEST FACIAL INJECTIONS IN LAS VEGAS. Our goal is to make you the best holiday version of yourself. The Sculpt Spa facial injection regimen features our expert artistry and style. We are also your destination for facial fillers in Las Vegas. Sculpt Spa offers its services in a serene, nonjudgmental spa setting. With additional services including BODY CONTOURINGNAD+, and VITAMIN INJECTIONS, we are the ideal place for making a new you.