There is a popular myth in American lore that explorer Juan Ponce de Leon was on a mission to find a mythical “fountain of youth”. It turns out that Ponce de Leon had many more priorities in his exploration, and that his detractors, after his death, pinned the fabled search on him to make him look ridiculous.


In modern America, few think that the effort to reverse aging is a laughable thing. There are huge cosmetic and therapeutic industries that have emerged to help people fight off the aging effects of nature. Science has put enormous research into determining the exact cause of aging, and still is far from finding it.

8 Ways NAD+ Injections Keep You Younger
  1. How Your Cells Affect Aging

Intracell communication is a big part of the aging process. Cells break down and the DNA gets “rewritten” and then constructs damaged repairs. If science can figure out how to keep the accumulated genetic damage from happening, and DNA is repaired effectively, then the aging process would be delayed.

Cells not being removed adequately when they are supposed to be, the body’s energy production having impediments to keep it from functioning, and imbalanced metabolism – all are factors in aging and decline.

Sculpt Spa Las Vegas features NAD+ injections that can affect these natural processes. NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. NAD+ is its oxidized form. NAD is a naturally occurring coenzyme molecule in all the cells of your body. It supports enzymes in your body to carry out energy transfer, oxidation, reduction of molecules and eliminating free radicals. It tends to deplete as we get older and low NAD causes low cellular energy and cellular degeneration.

8 Ways NAD+ Helps You Stay (And Look) Younger

Here are the eight ways that NAD+ injections Las Vegas may affect your aging process:

1.     Increase your metabolism and energy
NAD affects mitochondria, which have been called the “batteries” of the body. It helps them bring energy to body cells. The energy processes of the body work better and this cellular energy becomes experienced as more vitality and body energy. This also affects your general metabolism and causes you to burn calories while your body is at rest, say, while enjoying a nice infrared sauna at Sculpt Spa Las Vegas?

2.     Help resist diseases that will age you
Cellular defects, damage and defective interactions can cause some of the most devastating and age-inducing diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, cancer, and heart disease. A lack of NAD is key in causing the chain reactions that set up these ailments. Boosting NAD levels, based on scientific studies, are believed to help stop and reverse the effects.

3.     Help to keep your brain from aging
Cellular energy is vital to good brain functions. With NAD+ injections at Sculpt Spa Las Vegas, your brain’s cellular energy enhances. You should experience enhanced memory, sharper concentration, the ability to focus for longer periods of time, and thought clarity. “Brain fog” may reverse and you may find it easier to stay “in the moment” during the events in your life.

4.     Better eyesight
Cells in your eyes are at high risk of aging, and premature aging. They are often to be the first cells to decline in the body. People who wear glasses often find their vision on a continuous decline before they reach “senior years”. Patients have reported that NAD+ injections have helped. It may slow down loss of vision and improve eyesight. 

5.     Better hearing
The cochlea in the ear is very susceptible to outside effects and loss of hearing is a common aging effect. It is subjected to many years of noise, and this weakens its connection to the brain. NAD+ injections help increase a cellular function protein called SIRT3, which then works to reduce the issues that cause hearing loss. 

6.     Better muscles
NAD+ plays a vital role in the process where the body converts food into energy. This then fuels your workout and builds muscles. Low levels of NAD+ in the muscles themselves keeps the mitochondria from supplying this food energy, so injections help in this part of the process as well. Then, the NAD+ helps the muscles fix themselves after workouts which is critical in the effort to build them up and make them stronger.

7.     Boosted immunity
NAD affects the body’s immunity by increasing the amount of oxygen that enters cells. It also improves other bodily factors that work to fight infection and reduce inflammation. Since autoimmune diseases and low immunity have low NAD as characteristics, NAD+ is a great idea for people who have low immunity and recurring infections.

8.     Riddance of free radicals
Charged molecules that interfere with cellular function accumulate all over the body. These are called “free radicals.” Antioxidants are key to cleansing the body of free radicals. NAD+ injections transform into a hugely powerful antioxidant when administered. As it travels throughout your body, and expels free radicals, various cellular processes are able to operate well and effectively.

Besides NAD+ injections, Sculpt Spa Las Vegas has other services that keep you younger in both health and wellness, as well as in body and facial image. From B12 injections to infrared sauna Las Vegas, to CoolTone and facial fillers, we can almost lay claim to being that mythical fountain of youth.

We aren’t a fountain, and we aren’t mythical, but we are definitely here for your age resistant needs.

Sculpt Spa is Las Vegas’ leading provider of NAD+ injections. Offered in a relaxing, spa-like environment, our facility is the ideal place to engage in self-improvement as you watch your favorite streams, catch up on reading (or emails), or just chill as you receive an NAD+ injection. 

One injection can be done in minutes. Combined with our other services, including an infrared spa and cutting-edge body contouring methods, it’s never been easier to build an ideal you. 

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