Sculpt Spa Las Vegas makes happy faces.

That’s right. Not only do our clients end up with rejuvenated and more beautiful faces, but they also beam with gratitude. Very soon after their Restylane or Botox shots in Las Vegas, they are seeing themselves as they want to be.

One of the first things they want to know: How can I make this look last forever?

Well … forever, we can’t give you. Botox and Restylane injections both only last a set amount of time.


Over the last ten years, these injectable cosmetic treatments have become the most popular non-invasive skin rejuvenation techniques in the world of dermatology.

8 Ways to Make Your Botox and Dermal Fillers Last Longer

Differences Between Botox Shots and Restylane Dermal Fillers

Botox is the leading injectable treatment, and Restylane dermal fillers – with their hyaluronic acid base – are not far behind. Botox is a neuromodulator that effectively relaxes muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles, Restylane helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by boosting volume and hydration in the skin.

Both are FDA-approved non-invasive treatments. Together they create amazing facial rejuvenation when it comes to reducing the presence of facial wrinkles like laugh lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, and jowls. In general, Botox targets the appearance of dynamic wrinkles, as well as improved firmness and lift.

For issues of fine lines and wrinkles not related to an active facial expression, as well as sagging and volume loss, Restylane is the effective way to go.

8 Tips to Make Your Facial Fillers Last Longer

It is no surprise that Sculpt Spa’s Las Vegas clients want to have the effects last as long as possible.  Here are the best ways to help that happen:

1.     Schedule your follow up
When you start Botox Las Vegas treatments for the first time, your facial muscles are their strongest and will hold onto wrinkles more tightly. After repeated Botox treatment, your facial muscles will become weaker over time and the wrinkles will stay away longer. Talk to your Sculpt Spa expert on the best re-visit schedule for you.

2.     Zinc supplements
Research has shown that taking zinc supplements may help extend the results of your Botox treatment. Zinc is often taken with an enzyme called phytase which helps the body absorb zinc. The botulinum toxin that makes up Botox is dependent on zinc. In a 2012 study, patients who took a supplement of 50mg zinc with phytase experienced a 30 percent increase in Botox duration.

3.     Use medical-grade skin care products
Medical-grade skin care products contain potent non-diluted active ingredients. They do not contain fragrances and unnecessary ingredients that over-the-counter products contain. These unnecessary additives can damage your skin over time and work against your Botox Las Vegas and Restylane treatments. Look for products with retinol or peptides to promote collagen production. Moisturizers will keep your skin hydrated, particularly if your skin suffers from seasonal dryness.

4.     Eat well and stay hydrated
Sugar has been known to bind to, and weigh down, collagen and elastin fibers in your skin. This will help bring back your wrinkles faster. Dairy, caffeine and salt all contribute to skin and premature aging issues. Bulk up with plant foods rich in antioxidants, drink water, and stay away from processed foods. Staying hydrated naturally plumps your skin and helps the wrinkles from re-appearing as fast. Avoid drinks that actually cause you to be more dehydrated like coffee or alcohol.

5.     Be gentle with your facial and body muscles
If you can reduce your facial wrinkling habits, your Botox will last longer. Creasing your forehead and furrowing your brow is what created the wrinkles in the first place. It has also been observed that people who exercise vigorously tend to need their Botox injections more frequently than those who have a gentler exercise regimen.

6.     Don’t smoke
Just the act of smoking wrinkles your mouth and creates wrinkles and fine lines. Add on that nicotine impairs blood flow to your skin by narrowing blood vessels. Your skin is being aged wrinkled by puffing while not getting the oxygen and nutrients it needs to stay youthful and smooth. Disaster.

7.     De-stress in Sculpt Spa Las Vegas and the infrared sauna
Stress damages many parts of your life, and the length of efficacy of your Botox and Restylane treatments are no exception. Besides the damage to your whole physiology, stress inspires face wrinkling behaviors like frowning. Sculpt Spa has the best infrared sauna in Las Vegas, and the experience is just one tool you can use to relieve stress. You detoxify and your muscles relax in a luxurious beautiful atmosphere.

8.     Follow post-care instructions
Your Sculpt Spa esthetician is an expert at what she does. She will guide you through the post-injection process to get the most out of your treatment. While we have pointed out that many things can be avoided to prolong the effect of your Botox and Restylane, these are particularly important right after your appointment: Avoid lying down for several hours after Botox, and avoid exercise, sun exposure, heavy lifting, and alcohol or salts within several hours of your Botox and dermal filler treatments. 

After your first Botox, it is time to feel great for taking the steps to achieve self-care and rejuvenation! Self-care includes:

·        Healthy eating

·        Gentle exercise

·        Facial moisturizers

·        Destressing

·        Getting plenty of sleep

These will all help your Botox effect and Restylane fillers last longer.

When you are considering these aesthetic treatments, don’t forget, you do not have to choose fillers over Botox: You can have them all! Each is relatively easy and quick enough to work into a hectic schedule.

Sculpt Spa: Your Las Vegas Partner in Fighting the Effects of Aging!

Botox and Restylane are commonly paired together, as well as with other restorative treatments. Sculpt Spa is the leading provider of CoolSculpting Elite in Las Vegas. Our services also include:

·        Infrared sauna services

·        Vitamin injections

·        NAD+ shots

And more!

Sculpt Spa aesthetic treatments like Botox, infrared spas and other injections are your tool kit to fight against aging. We have set up a convenient engagement process to consult with you and establish a holistic anti-aging treatment plan. Our treatment methods are delivered in a relaxing, judgement-free zone where you can relax while working to be your best you.


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