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Bottom line, Sculpt Spa’s infrared sauna is the best way to sweat!

9 Hot Things To Know About Sweating

In our well-appointed infrared sauna, you can have your sweat glands stimulated which will release many accumulated toxins in your body. If you have taken advantage of our CoolSculpting services, which loosens toxins, the integration of both services makes the sweating process even more effective.

The infrared light in the sauna is absorbed as radiant heat and embraces your body more thoroughly and comfortably than a traditional single heater sauna could. This gives you a deeper sweat at a more comfortable temperature. Your experience at Sculpt Spa Las Vegas in our infrared sauna is enhanced with chromotherapy which inspires emotional and psychological well-being as you sweat. Chromotherapy uses color to adjust your body vibrations to health and harmony inducing frequencies. This will bring you a sense of balance and stability as toxins leave you.

What is the excitement over sweating about anyway? Here are some things you need to know:

1.     Heavy metals get eliminated
A study in China found that people who were healthy and in shape had lower levels of heavy metals in their systems. Heavy metals were found in sweat, demonstrating that it has great potential for eliminating them and enhancing your health. Heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury and shown to be higher in sweat than they are in urine or blood. Sweating is highly effective in ridding the body of these metals, and studies have shown that people with high mercury levels in their body can have those levels normalized with the use of sauna therapy.

2.     BPA gets eliminated
Bisphenol A (BPA) is an industrial chemical used in the manufacturing of resins and plastics. When this gets into your body, studies have shown it to affect your brain, your behavior and to increase blood pressure. These studies also showed that sweat is an effective way to remove BPAs from your body.

3.     Phthalates get eliminated
Phthalates are chemical compounds found in household products and cosmetics. There is high exposure to these toxins and studies have shown that “induced perspiration” eliminates phthalates, including DEHP and MEHP.

4.     Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) get eliminated
PCBs are man-made organic chemicals that consist of carbon, hydrogen and chlorine that cause health issues. They were banned from being manufactured in 1979 and range in texture from a light color liquid to a black waxy solid. When these get into your body, your sweat can help get them out.

5.     Bacteria in your body is cleansed
Studies have shown that elements in your sweat binds to bacteria in your body and helps remove it.

6.     You have two kinds of sweat
Your body has approximately three million sweat glands. There are two different types. The first is eccrine glands that is over most of your body. This is predominantly the soaking sweat you experience in the Sculpt Spa infrared sauna las vegas. It is light and watery and produced by your body to cool your skin. The other kind of sweat glands are apocrine. These are mainly in the hair follicle areas of your body. These tend to be more active when you are stressed. Apocrine tends to be thicker and almost milky. It contains some fat.

7.     Sweat does not stink
Neither kind of sweat smells… on its own. The body odor nature of sweat is primarily when apocrine combines with bacteria, and then especially when it breaks down and mixes with eccrine.

8.     Sweat cleanses your skin
Your sweat will wash out deeply embedded impurities as well as dead skin cells. It also delivers oxygen and nutrients to the skin. This promotes new skin cells to grow and keeps your look fresh.

9.     It’s a good idea to wash it off
As noted, sweat removes metals, toxins and bacteria, as well as dead fat cells if you have benefited from CoolSculpting Las Vegas at Sculpt Spa. Just as the skin is porous in letting sweat out, it can absorb things back in. Sweat it out, and wash it off!

Sweat. It is that salt-based fluid that seeps from your sweat glands that our culture has tried to discourage. It is our body’s natural coolant, and it naturally is summoned by your nervous system when your body feels the need to regulate your body’s temperature. As it evaporates, it cools not only your skin, but the blood beneath your skin.

You can achieve the benefits of sweat by doing vigorous exercise and with a variety of other activities. Probably the best way is by relaxing and/or doing body stretches in the elegance of the Sculpt Spa infrared sauna here in Las Vegas, Nevada. We will help you experience the great cleansing feeling as well as the de-stressing benefits.

As your skin glows from the sauna treatments, make sure to look into our other services that can bring you added health and wellness from body shaping from Cool Sculpting and Cool Tone to vitamin and NAD+ injections and more.

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