Sculpt Spa Las Vegas specializes in services to enhance your wellness.

What’s wellness?


Wellness is the intersection of science, technology, and alternative medicine. Basically, it’s services focused on preventative, non-invasive strategies to treat the whole human, creating health, longevity and physical comfort. Our clients appreciate a holistic approach to well-being integrating the important connection of the mind and body—and its various operating systems (adrenal, immune, nervous). Many of our services reach your cellular level, and naturally restore balance and harmony so you can thrive.

9 Key Ways to Improve You from the Inside Out at Sculpt Spa

Wellness that emanates from inside is accomplished by basic methodologies. The first is to fortify the body with the nutrients and substances it needs. The second is to remove fat that slows metabolism down and is not healthy. Third is to effectively detox and aid the body in a healthy removal of the substances that damage it.

There are a lot of misconceptions about detoxing. There are popular detox diets that promise to eliminate toxins from the body. These can involve the use of laxatives, teas, minerals, diuretics, and more promising “detoxing” properties. These diets do not ever specify exactly what toxins they target, and no science has shown them to have a truly positive effect.

True detox happens when your key organs that work in your body’s detoxification process are healthy. These are the liver, kidneys, digestive system, lungs and your skin.

Sculpt Spa Las Vegas provides services that enhance your metabolism, enable your body’s cells to function well and to utilize your natural physical detox systems. Here are ways that will start your wellness from within and bring it to full effect in your health and bodily expression.

1.     CoolSculpting kills fat cells and lets your body dispose of them
CoolSculpting, or cryolipolysis, gets rid of fat in target areas. Many people choose this process for its aesthetic benefits, but it is also a detoxifying process.  It is non-surgical. Is CoolSculpting better than liposuction? Yes. It selectively freezes and kills stubborn fat cells without harming your skin or surrounding tissue. It leverages the body’s natural detoxification systems to rid it of a major toxin: fat.

2.     Use the Infrared Sauna Las Vegas at Sculpt Spa for metabolism enhancement and detox
Sculpt Spa Las Vegas has infrared sauna services which increase your body’s wellness by increasing circulation and delivering oxygenated blood to your vital organs. It accelerates your body’s immune responses as well. It detoxes you by removing metabolic waste and stimulating your sweat glands which increases the release of accumulated toxins. Our bodies easily absorb infrared rays, stimulating the lymphatic, immune and cardiovascular systems, which allow you to remove harmful toxins. In addition to the wide range of health benefits, Sculpt Spa Las Vegas recommends combining infrared sauna use with CoolSculpting to encourage detoxing, while enhancing elimination of dead fat cells.

3.     Get a DETOX vitamin injection
Sculpt Spa Las Vegas features a number of vitamin cocktails, many featuring B12 injections Las Vegas. Our DETOX vitamin injection fights free radicals and helps slow aging. It contains glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that helps remove toxins from the body.

4.     Limit alcohol intake
Alcohol causes numerous problems for your liver which is a key organ in your body’s natural detox process. Liver enzymes metabolize alcohol to acetaldehyde, which is a known cancer causing chemical. Alcohol causes fat build up and inflammation in the liver as well, and this prevents the filtering of waste from the body.

5.     Get enough sleep
Getting the recommended amount of sleep each night is vital to support your body’s detoxification system. One toxin that gets removed during sleep has been found to be a contributor to the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

6.     Drink more water
Water regulates your body temperature, aids digestion and nutrient absorption and detoxifies your body – all great reasons to stay hydrated. Water transports waste and toxins through breathing, urination, and sweating.

7.     Limit sugar and processed food intake
Like alcohol, sugary beverages can cause a fatty liver and harm the detoxification system in the body. Sugar and processed foods are large contributors to a number of diseases, each of which breaks down the body’s ability to detoxify.

8.     Eat antioxidant and prebiotic rich foods
Eating a diet rich in antioxidants fights oxidative stress caused by free radicals in the body and other toxins. Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, lycopene, lutein, and zeaxanthin are all antioxidants. Prebiotics are a type of fiber that feeds the probiotics, good bacteria, in your gut. If probiotics become lessened, your immune and detoxification systems weaken.

9.     Stay active
Activity helps reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation can be disruptive to the detoxification system. Exercise and activity also help prevent diseases and the toxicity they ignite.

Apart from the array of wellness services it provides, Sculpt Spa Las Vegas has created a social environment in which clients can escape, de-stress and focus on their personal emotional and physical wellness.

Sculpt Spa in Las Vegas is your health and wellness destination. By taking care of yourself from within and reducing stress levels, specifically with infrared spa outings with friends, or appointments to have vitamin B12-based injections, you can come have fun while producing dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine — which in turn, can lead to a longer, healthier life.  


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