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If you’re looking for CoolSculpting Elite in Las Vegas, you’re in luck: We recently debuted this next-gen body contouring system. This takes CoolSculpting to a whole new level. Why even consider alternative fat reduction methods? A process that clients have asked about when asking “Is CoolSculpting Elite safe?” (Yes!), and “Does CoolSculpting Elite work?” (Also yes!) is how CoolSculpting Elite compares to the VASERlipo system.

9 Reasons CoolSculpting Elite is Better Than VASERlipo

The Facts About CoolSculpting Elite

CoolSculpting Elite uses cryolipolysis, the process of selectively freezing and killing stubborn fat cells without harming the skin or other surrounding tissue. It is the premier non-invasive fat reduction procedure on the market. After experiencing CoolSculpting Elite applicators, your body will naturally eliminate your dead fat cells over the coming weeks.

CoolSculpting Elite reaches more area on your body than ever before, and up to 25% of your fat is eliminated.

It is non-invasive: No surgery, no cutting, no needles. This makes it infinitely less painful than other alternatives. It requires no downtime and can take as little as 35 minutes to administer. You literally can schedule it in over a lunch hour and be back to work afterwards.

Why CoolSculpting Elite Is The Better Choice

VASERlipo is liposuction surgery that uses soundwaves instead of the saw-like cannulas of traditional liposuction to tear away fat. VASER uses small micro-cannulas along with ultrasound frequencies to remove fat. The ultrasound waves selectively dislodge fat cells away from the body’s soft tissue. A surgeon then removes those fat cells out of the body with less severe bruising, bleeding and swelling experienced in traditional liposuction.

VASER lessens the affects you might experience with traditional liposuction mechanical tissue tearing that cause excessive pain, bruising, bleeding, and swelling which then require excessive downtimes.

VASER does improve on different traditional liposuction factors. Here are thoughts on why Cool Sculpting Elite Las Vegas is still a much better option.


1.     There is still downtime with VASER
While it shortens the weeks of downtime required for traditional liposuction, VASER still requires days off. Cool Sculpting Elite can have you back at work the same afternoon.

2.     Expertise in its administration is limited
VASERlipo is still very new, and many surgeons are still novice at it, or completely unfamiliar. Finding one that has just started using it can be done but finding one with years of experience is rare. The potential dangers of the process being done incorrectly make this a scary proposition.

3.     Scars are still present
Scarring with VASERlipo is less than with traditional liposuction, but there is still scarring that occurs. Before undergoing VASER, an experienced surgeon needs to be candid with you on the scars you likely will have as a result.

4.     There is still long-term pain and numbness
Some patients have been known to experience a degree of pain and numbness around the treated area for weeks after the procedure.

5.     Extended exposure to soundwaves is harmful
While the concept of sound getting rid of fat sounds very benign, high-powered soundwaves are a form of energy that can cause burning. Knowing the exact amount of time your body can withstand the soundwave blast before burning occurs requires a very experienced surgeon.

6.     There is a chance of infection
Because the process is surgery, this remains a real risk. Blood and melted fat can leak from the incision points into the operated areas. A serious infection could result.

7.     There can be skin issues
All liposuction procedures, traditional and VASER, have the potential of causing skin to take on a rippling effect. Having ideal skin tone before undergoing this kind of process is vital. The process may also cause skin irritation. Your skin may redden, itch and experience burning.

8.     Weight gain can cause major issues
Since VASER lipo does not remove fat cells, but redistributes them through the body, gaining weight afterwards will greatly affect your results. This process is not a good choice for anyone who has not already stabilized their weight.

9.     You may need medication to offset inflammation
Some patients experience severe bouts of inflammation immediately following the treatment. Others experience mild inflammation. Therefore, it is recommended to be on anti-inflammatory medications after surgery.

CoolSculpting Elite, on the other hand, does not have these concerns. It produces permanent loss of the affected fat.

Enjoy CoolSculpting Elite at Sculpt Spa

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When you come in, you will not be treated to a sterile medical-feel space. Instead, you will enjoy rooms equipped with smart TVs streaming Netflix and Hulu, plush spa robes, luxurious lounge chairs and refreshments and healthy snacks.

Not only can you work CoolSculpting Elite into your busy schedule, but we also provide this convenience:  our Las Vegas office is open for extended hours including evenings and weekends.

While CoolSculpting permanently destroys fat cells, it’s not a weight loss plan. You need to be committed to an active and healthy lifestyle for the best results.  You should only get CoolSculpting if it’s what you want for yourself. CoolSculpting is about boosting your self-confidence and happiness – and no one else’s. 

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