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CoolSculpting has been the most popular non-invasive body contouring method for many years. It’s safe, effective, and preferred by clients because there’s no downtime. Our clients don’t have to miss work or stay in bed ingesting pain relievers while they recover. There’s no risk of scarring or post-surgery complications.

Our CoolSculpting Elite experts can answer any questions you have, including “how much is CoolSculpting?”, “Does CoolSculpting hurt”, “What side effects does Cools Sculpting have?”, “Is CoolSculpting better than liposuction?” and more.

Our free consultations are easy to book with our online system. CoolSculpting Elite treatments can be worked into an hour within your busy schedule with no side effects or discomfort. Enjoy our luxurious spa setting and watch your favorite Hulu or Netflix show.

It’s a quick, effective, and convenient way to get rid of stubborn fat bulges that even after months at the gym, you just have not seemed to be able to lose. It’s no wonder why Las Vegas entertainers, businesspeople, students, and home makers have all embraced its benefits.


It is all due to a miracle aspect of freezing.

9 Cool Facts About Fat Freezing
CoolSculpting Elite uses cold to freeze stubborn fat cells.

How Fat Freezing Helps You Get Rid of Fat Bulges Quickly & Painlessly

Freezing is obviously a natural occurring phenomenon of nature, but it has been utilized in many ways to benefit human beings. CoolSculpting is one prime example.

CoolSculpting Elite uses cryolipolysis to kill unwanted fat cells in various areas of the body that diet and exercise usually can’t fix. Cryolipolysis means using specialized cold application tools to freeze fat cells. Scientists discovered that fat cells are vulnerable to cold (it’s a fascinating story), and they literally freeze to death. The fat cells then are purged from your body over the next several weeks.

This targeted freezing does not harm any other tissue and is completely noninvasive. There is no pain according to our clients; just some slight discomfort and numbness. CoolSculpting Elite in Las Vegas is in demand due to its convenience and speed at getting rid of hard-to-reach pockets of fat in areas like the waistline, buttocks, abdomen, thighs, and under the chin.

9 Interesting Facts about Freezing

The quick and easy death of fat cells is probably the latest “cool” (pardon the expression) aspect from the science of freezing. It is likely just the “tip of the iceberg” (Sorry again. OK, we’ll stop.)  Here are some other intriguing facts about freezing you probably did not know:

  1. Frozen water molecules still move
    Most people know that ice is frozen water. The process of freezing slows down the molecules to make the water solid. The solid ice is not static however. The molecules are still moving, they are just moving slower
  2. To freeze water into ice, a “seed” is required
    It is possible to freeze water beyond the freezing temperature and for it NOT to turn to ice. This can happen with very pure water. A crystal seed is needed for ice crystals to grow and ice to form. This seed can be an impurity in the water or from the container that holds it.
  3. Frozen snowflakes can be very diverse
    When moisture in clouds is frozen, snowflakes are developed. Many people know that each snowflake is unique. What is not widely known is how different they can be. Some snowflakes can be a single crystal. Others can be much more elaborate and be made of as many as 200 crystals fused together.
  4. The freezing of glaciers takes more than 100 years
    Glaciers can only form under very specific conditions. Snow must remain in one location all year round. Year after year, the new snow compresses the old snow beneath it into ice. This ongoing compression forms the glacier and takes over a hundred years.
  5. Freezing can make ocean water drinkable
    Ocean water freezes just like fresh water. The salt in it causes it to freeze at a lower temperature however, but the salt itself does not freeze. The frozen ocean water could be thawed and suitable for drinking.
  6. The frozen water trade was big business
    The frozen water trade started in the 19th century. It entailed large scale harvesting and transportation of natural ice. At the end of that century it employed 90,000 people and was worth what would be $660 million today.
  7. Frozen carbon dioxide can burn you
    Freezing carbon dioxide makes Dry Ice. It is far colder than regular ice and if your skin touches it for more than a few seconds, you will get a dry ice burn.
  8. There is a frozen water hotel
    In a Swedish village named Jukkasjärvi, there is hotel that is rebuilt every year. It is completely constructed with ice. They boast bedrooms, a bar and an ice chapel in which to marry couples.
  9. There is a frozen ice volcano
    There is a frozen “cryovolcano” that spews ice instead of magma. Don’t worry, however, the volcano is not on Earth. It exists on Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moons. The ice below the moon’s surface gets heated and then erupts onto the surface as ice particles.

Now you know the facts about freezing, it may be time to use its talents to kill off fat cells with it – get the real skinny on CoolSculpting Elite from a Sculpt Spa expert.

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