Unwanted pockets of fat are a common problem for many people who visit Sculpt Spa Las Vegas. Many of the same people have a simple question: 

“Is CoolSculpting safe?” 

It is a question from those who want dramatic body image changes to those who are in very good shape but can’t affect a few key fat locations with diet or exercise. Some consider liposuction or other surgical strategies, but many feel that a safe non-surgical procedure without the risks or downtime of invasive treatments is preferred. 

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In those situations, CoolSculpting and Kybella are usually the options considered. If you are making that choice, here are some points to consider: 

  1. CoolSculpting Uses Cold, Not Chemicals 
    CoolSculpting was named the “Best Noninvasive Fat Eliminator” 2021 by the editors of NewBeauty. According to CoolSculpting.com, it is “FDA-cleared for the treatment of visible fat bulges in the submental (under the chin) and submandibular (under the jawline) areas, thigh, abdomen, and flank, along with bra fat, back fat, underneath the buttocks (also known as banana roll), and upper arm. It is also FDA-cleared to affect the appearance of lax tissue with submental area treatments.” CoolSculpting is a cryolipolysis procedure that freezes and kills fat cells. It is the ONLY FDA-cleared treatment to eliminate up to 20-25% of the stubborn fat in 9 different areas of the body.

    Kybella was approved by the FDA in 2015 specifically for use on fat in the “double chin.” It uses a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, which is a salt found in human bile that aids fat digestion. Its properties that destruct fat cell membranes makes it useful when injected into subcutaneous fat in targeted locations. Over several weeks, the remaining cellular debris is processed by the body and excreted as waste. It was discovered as a treatment for fat globs in the blood stream that could affect respiratory issues.
  2. CoolSculpting Doesn’t Involve Needles 
    With CoolSculpting, your treatment areas are determined, then marked and prepped. A protective gel is applied to your skin on each area. Next, an applicator is applied to the area using a gentle suction. The treatments can take as little as 35 minutes. Most procedures will require both sides of the body to be treated, with each side taking between 35 mins-2 hours. At Sculpt Spa, we are pleased to offer “dual-sculpting”; this allows you to treat two separate areas simultaneously which cuts the process time down significantly.  Also, at Sculpt Spa Las Vegas, this takes place in a comfortable room where you can enjoy smart TV, Wi-fi and refreshments while you receive treatments in a plush recliner.

    Kybella is administered through a series of injections. Kybella is not recommended for anyone considering any other cosmetic procedures on the face, neck or chin. It is also not recommended for any individual who is nursing, pregnant or planning to become pregnant is the near future. The research on its effect on fetus or infants is ongoing. The treatment sites are marked with a marker and a numbing agent is used. The process can involve as little as 20, and as many as 50 injections. Multiple treatments will likely be needed to get you to your desired results. You can receive up to six treatments with a month between each session. 
  3. CoolSculpting Has No Downtime 
    When receiving CoolSculpting at Sculpt Spa Las Vegas, during the first 3-5 minutes, you may feel an intense cold sensation with mild stinging, and tugging but soon, the area will become numb for the remainder of the treatment. The treatment is completed with a 2–minute massage to further damage fat cells and improve results. Occasionally patients find this to be mildly uncomfortable, with 3-5 minutes of tingling, cramping, and stinging. There is little to no down time after treatment. You can resume your daily activities.  

    Kybella treatments are only as uncomfortable as the patient gets in terms of receiving injections. They do, however, create the need for about three days of downtime due to extreme initial swelling.  It has been reported that these injections can’t be used to treat the lateral area of the neck without a new nerve stimulator that mark outs the mandibular nerve so it can be avoided.  Kybella patients can expect to experience discomfort such as, tenderness, bruising, temporary numbness, and redness. They can also experience significant puffiness, especially when treating pockets of fat underneath the chin. Kybella often requires many sessions to get to desired results, and each of those sessions require downtime. 
  4. CoolSculpting Results Are Faster
    CoolSculpting results becoming fully evident between 6 weeks and 90 days. Its results are permanent. It eliminates the 20-25% of fat cells in a given area. Other technologies temporarily shrink the cells for a time period. Kybella results are seen after 12 weeks with maximum results at around 6 months. The results are described as “long lasting” with a strong possibility of fat coming back to the area around where the treatment took place.  
  5. CoolSculpting Has Minimal Side Effects
    Experts have stated that one of the biggest differences between CoolSculpting and Kybella are the potential side effects. With CoolSculpting at Sculpt Spa in Las Vegas, many clients have slight numbness for up to two weeks, with minor pain that might last more than a day. Redness is often present but resolved within 6o minutes. Under 8% of patients have had minimal bruising or swelling.

    With Kybella procedures, practitioners in a clinical trial reported 72% of patients had bruising, 87% of patients had swelling, 70% of patients had pain. The swelling was described as “bull frog neck” for two weeks after treatment.  Serious side effects have occurred, including facial muscle weakness, uneven smile, trouble swallowing, or nerve injury in the jaw. 

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