Many in the Las Vegas area work to achieve slim and toned physiques. Certainly, a great number of those individuals do so out of a pure sense of self-worth. Others in the local entertainment industry do so as a professional requirement. 

Achieving these goals through diet and exercise is ideal and acquiring the discipline to maintain through health and wellness is encouraged. Some people become frustrated to discover that despite diet and exercise, areas of their body may be resistant to change. For them, aesthetic goals can’t be met by conventional means, so a surgical or nonsurgical fat reduction procedure may be the solution.  

Sculpt Spa is proud to offer CoolSculpting in Las Vegas. Our interested clients often ask us questions about the non-invasive procedure: 

  • “Is CoolSculpting safe?” 
  • “Is CoolSculpting permanent?” 
  • “Does CoolSculpting work?” 

The answers to these
questions about CoolSculpting are all “Yes.” 

Clients are also often curious as to how CoolSculpting, or cryolipolysis, compares to liposuction procedures they have heard about. The results of CoolSculpting and liposuction can be very similar. Both procedures are used to permanently remove excess fat from specific body parts. Neither procedure is intended for weight loss. Also, neither procedure can improve the appearance of cellulite or loose skin. 

While they both reduce adipose tissue and improve the contours of the body, there are significant differences.

Woman measuring her waist.

Liposuction started unsuccessfully in the 1920s. Charles Dujarier, developed a process of fat removal and body contouring procedures. When his patients then developed gangrene the practice became quickly dismissed. In 1975, cosmetic surgeons Arpad and Giorgio Fischer created the modern technique of liposuction.   

The science of cryolipolysis, or CoolSculpting, was discovered after children who ate a lot of popsicles were observed developing dimples in their cheeks. In 2008, Dr Dieter Manstein and Dr Rox Anderson researched this phenomenon and published their data. After performing cold-induced fat necrosis in numerous of experiments on pigs, they introduced a new noninvasive method for fat reduction. In 2009, a cryolipolysis device was invented and the procedure was approved by EU and followed by FDA in 2010. 

Here is a comparison of the two methods. 

  1. CoolSculpting Is Completely Non-Invasive 
    CoolSculpting is a noninvasive medical procedure that removes extra fat cells from underneath your skin without surgery. The medical professional performing the procedure uses a special tool that attaches to and cools a roll of fat to freezing temperature. With this process, your body naturally eliminates the frozen, dead fat cells through your liver. This is a nonsurgical procedure: no cutting, stitching, anesthetizing, or recovery time necessary. 

    As an invasive surgical procedure, liposuction does require cutting, stitching, and anesthetizing. You may receive local anesthesia such as lidocaine, or general anesthesia. The plastic surgeon will then cut incisions around the target areas. A long, narrow tool called a cannula is used to loosen fat cells. A vacuum attached to the cannula sucks the dislodged fat cells out of your body.
  2. CoolSculpting Is Faster – And Easier To Recover From 
    The CoolSculpting session takes about 30 minutes to an hour. No recovery time is necessary. One session takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Some people only receive one treatment, but Sculpt Spa Las Vegas may recommend having a few sessions spread out over several weeks to achieve your desired results. You should start to see initial results a few weeks after your first session, however. 
    With liposuction, the invasive surgery may take 3 to 4 hours. It is a regular practice for it to be done as an outpatient procedure with no overnight stay (this may not be true if you have a significant amount of fat removed). Your recovery usually only takes a few days with special bandages.  


    It may be 2 to 4 weeks before you can safely resume strenuous activity after liposuction. 
  3. With No Swelling, You Often See Results Faster With CoolSculpting  
    With CoolSculpting you should see full results 3 weeks after your last procedure. Your body will continue to process the injured fat cells from your body for approximately four months after your procedure. With liposuction, most people only need one liposuction procedure to see results, however, it takes several months for swelling to go down and the full results to be visible. 
  4. CoolSculpting Does Not Require Anesthesia 
    CoolSculpting does not cause much pain. Patients report mild tugging, aching, or stinging. In a post-procedure massage to help break up frozen tissue, there may be minor pain.  With liposuction, anesthesia is administered, so you shouldn’t feel pain during the surgery. There will be moderate pain for about 3 days after the procedure. Soreness around the treated area should go away completely around 4 weeks after the procedure. 
  5. CoolSculpting Is Great For Localized Fat 
    The CoolSculpting device is designed to treat focal pockets of fat. For patients seeking a nonsurgical method to reduce fat in a localized area, such as in the love handles or outer thighs, pick CoolSculpting. You can expect mild to moderate improvement in the area being treated.  Multiple treatment sessions may be recommended to achieve your desired results.   
  6. Liposuction Is More Complex 
    If patients want to treat excess fat over a larger area of the body and want a more severe dramatic change in body contour, they choose liposuction. Liposuction is more aggressive and allows for more fat to be removed during a single session. Liposuction can be performed in conjunction with autologous fat transfer. In that situation the fat extracted during liposuction is reinjected into areas of the body where more volume is desired (the breasts, buttocks and face).   

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