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CoolSculpting® Program Details

New Easy Pricing

We are introducing new and more affordable CoolSculpting® pricing geared toward treating your most stubborn areas to completion. Instead of counting treatment cycles, we are now offering pricing per body area in a simple tiered treatment plan. Pricing may vary with the addition of multiple areas and Alle Rewards points. Adding treatment areas qualifies you for an even bigger discount!

Custom Treatment Plan

Our CoolSculpting® Specialists will create a custom treatment plan, designed to maximize volume reduction with our new Sculpt-to-Satisfaction Protocol.

Up to 3 Sessions

Your treatment plan will include up to 3 fat freezing sessions with 20-25% permanent fat cell reduction each time! 3 sessions allow for plenty of time to reach your goal shape.


Our new pricing includes treating specific body areas to completion. That means you won’t pay more if you need a 2nd or 3rd treatment in that area. Treatment packages are now over 60% off with more bang for your buck. Receive additional discounts when you treat multiple areas!

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The New CoolSculpting® Elite Is Here

Eliminate Stubborn Fat

No Surgery. Little to No Downtime.

  • Redesigned to help you achieve your body contouring goals faster than ever.
  • Improved C-shaped applicators designed for a better fit to treat more surface area.
  • Powerful dual applicators to target multiple areas at once, significantly reducing treatment time.
  • More Alle rewards points per CoolSculpting® treatment means more savings.

The Sculpt Spa Difference

  1. Experience CoolSculpting® Las Vegas style at our comfortable, judgement-free spa.
  2. Expertly trained CoolSculpting® providers guarantees you the best level of advice and care throughout your journey towards self-improvement.
  3. Two CoolSculpting® machines to facilitate “dual CoolSculpting®”, cutting down treatment time by up to 50%.
  4. Extended hours including evenings and weekends
  5. Treatment rooms with amenities including:- Smart TVs streaming Netflix and Hulu – Plush spa robes – Luxurious lounge chairs for added comfort – Refreshments and healthy snacks

What is CoolSculpting®?

Simply put, CoolSculpting® is the #1 non-invasive fat reduction procedure on the market. This FDA-cleared treatment uses controlled cooling – scientifically known as cryolipolysis – to freeze (and thereby kill) targeted fat cells. In the weeks to follow, your body naturally eliminates the dead fat cells, resulting in up to 20-25% reduction in the treated area. The best part? Once these fat cells are gone, they’re gone for good!

CoolSculpting® is non-invasive – meaning that there are no needles, no surgery and little to no downtime. The treatment can take as little as 35 minutes, making it perfect for those of us with busy schedules. With a variety of applicators available, CoolSculpting® is FDA-cleared to treat the following areas: under the chin, jawline, inner and outer thighs, abdomen, love handles, bra or back fat, underneath the buttocks (also known as banana roll) and upper arms. It is also FDA-cleared to affect the appearance of lax skin under the chin & jawline.
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Cryolipolysis is the process of selectively freezing and killing stubborn fat cells without harming the skin or other surrounding tissue.

CoolSculpting® freezes and kills fat cells, which leads to the body naturally eliminating them over 1-3 months or more. This results in up to 20%-25% fat reduction in the treated area.

With more than 8 million treatments performed worldwide, CoolSculpting® is the #1 non-invasive fat reduction technology. It is FDA-cleared, safe and effective.

Freezing takes as little as 35 minutes, depending on how many stubborn bulges you want to target. Even better, there is little to no downtime.

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Important Safety Information: CoolSculpting® is FDA-cleared to treat visible fat bulges in 9 areas of the body. Some common side effects include temporary numbness, discomfort, and swelling.