Pushups. Crunches. Yoga poses. Even jump rope! 

You do them all … and yet the bulge is still there. 

Getting rid of fat bulges isn’t easy and gets harder as we age. You can eat right, count every calorie, contort yourself on a mat and still have a bulge. It can be frustrating enough to consider bringing out the big guns like liposuction. 

Don’t. Liposuction’s not the big thing anymore in fat removal. It’s invasive. Old school. 

Cryolipolysis is where it’s at. Non-invasive, relatively fast, and with a minimum level of discomfort, this next-gen form of fat removal can have you looking your best inside of a month. 

Why Not Liposuction? 

True, liposuction is effective at losing unwanted fat. However, liposuction is also fairly major surgery. The total recovery time can last close to a month, and you may also need to wear compression garments and temporary drains for a while. 

Plus, it’s a complicated medical process. Aside from bleeding and bad reactions to anesthesia, there’s many risks to this procedure that often get glossed over in brochures. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, these risks can be relatively cosmetic, such as a lumpy or bumpy appearance to the area which received liposuction. Risks can also be potentially life-threatening, such as having pieces of fat enter the bloodstream or organ complications caused by sudden fluid changes. 

Close up of cryo ice.

So What Is Cryolipolysis? 

Cryolipolysis, better known under the brand name CoolSculpting™, removes visible bulges of fat which don’t respond to diet and exercise. As the name implies, the method does this by freezing fat cells. 

Unlike skin cells, fat cells are much more easily damaged by cold. When fat cells are subjected to intense, localized cold, the body responds with inflammation, which in turn destroys the fat cells. Next, the body sends white blood cells to the area where the bulge was to remove dead fat cells and other debris, allowing the body to eliminate the cells naturally. In general, CoolSculpting™ can reduce up to 28% of fat cells in a given area 4 months after the first treatment. 

It’s important to state CoolSculpting™ isn’t intended as a weight loss tool. The procedure is only for losing fat bulges in certain spots which aren’t often affected by lifestyle changes or exercise. In general, these spots are found in the following areas: 

  • Under the chin & jawline 
  • The upper arm 
  • Bra fat 
  • Abdomen 
  • Back fat 
  • Thigh 
  • Underneath the buttocks

So Who Is CoolSculpting™ Best For? 

In general, CoolSculpting™ is for people in good health, near their desired weight, and aren’t pregnant. People who are unusually sensitive to cold or have conditions which are complicated by cold like Raynaud’s phenomenoncold urticaria, or cryoglobulinemia should also avoid the procedure. 

Also, people with inflammatory skin disorders, skin problems caused by immune system disorders, or have nerve problems like diabetic neuropathy should avoid this procedure as well. 

That said, if you’re the right fit for CoolSculpting™ it really is your best bet to achieving the appearance you want … without the risks of anesthesia or surgery. 

What Is A CoolSculpting™ Sesh Like? 

Although the exact details will differ depending on where and from whom you receive cryolipolysis, a typical CoolSculpting™ session starts with your provider assessing the area you want treated and outlining it with a pencil. Next, your provider will place a gel pad on the treatment area – this pad will protect your skin. 

A CoolSculpting™ applicator is placed over the area. The applicator sucks the treatment area into the applicator’s cup for treatment. Patients will feel a tugging or pulling sensation from the suction. This is followed by initial feelings of intense cold, along with other sensations like stinging, aching, and tingling. These gradually subside as the area becomes numb. 

Don’t be put off by these descriptions. A study published in Dermatologic Surgery found 96% patients found CoolSculpting™ to be “tolerably comfortable.” Also, CoolSculpting™ is the only fat freezing process to be cleared by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). 

Most CoolSculpting™ sessions last around an hour. After the applicator is removed, the provider will massage the area to help the destroyed fat cells break down further. 

As is the case with all body contouring methods, you won’t notice your results right away. In general, you should see some improvement in the area around three weeks after your treatment session with more results seen after around eight weeks. 

Woman getting cryotherapy.

Why Is CoolSculpting™ Better Than Other Non-Invasive Body Contouring Methods? 

Laser lipolysis – often available under the brand name SculpSure – is another common lipolysis method. Unlike CoolSculpting™, SculpSure heats fat cells noninvasively with a laser. Often described as a faster procedure than CoolSculpting™, it can be tempting to consider laser lipolysis over cryolipolysis. 

Fundamentally, it depends on your needs. CoolSculpting™ has some distinct advantages over SculpSure, however. CoolSculpting™ can remove larger amounts of fat and is FDA cleared for more areas of the body. If you’ve got a bulge somewhere on you that you want gone, CoolSculpting™ can probably get the job done. 

Some people also find CoolSculpting™ to be more comfortable than SculpSure as well. 

There’s another method on the market, too. EmSculpt Neo is the brand name for radiofrequency lipolysis. Similar in ways to an MRI machine, this method uses both radio frequency and high-intensity electromagnetic energy to both remove fat cells and stimulate muscles. 

Again, CoolSculpting™ is a better choice if you’re looking to get rid of fat cells permanently. Cryolipolysis removes larger areas of fat, works on a larger variety of body areas, and offers the greatest amount of flexibility. Plus, radiofrequency lipolysis methods like EmSculpt Neo often require more sessions to achieve the same results. 

Beat Stubborn Fat Bulges Today With CoolSculpting™ 

CoolSculpting™ offers the best of both worlds: fat reduction without invasive surgery (not to mention rapid recovery times, relatively painless experiences, and quick sessions). 

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