Las Vegas is the land of glitz, glamor, and grand illusion. The strip is filled with tales of legends, and of mythologies around celebrities and fictitious adventures.

Myths don’t stay there. There are plenty of myths about anti-aging treatments, and about Dysport injections in particular.

Sculpt Spa Las Vegas is your anti-wrinkle and facial rejuvenation experts. We know the secret to beautifying your face is a combination of art and science. As the premier facial and body contouring experts for Las Vegas entertainers, household makers, businesspeople, and other professionals, Sculpt Spa offers free consultation and expertise on:

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We can also separate the truth from the hype and the realities from the misconceptions around treatments like Dysport.

Fake News: 6 Dysport Myths That are Completely Untrue!
There';s plenty of "fake news" around Dysport shots. Let's blow up 6 myths around Dysport!

Get a Primer on Dysport Shots at Sculpt Spa!

We answer any questions you might have around Dysport:

·        What’s the difference between Dysport and Botox?

·        How can I get the most out of my Dysport shots?

·        Where’s the best place to inject Dysport in my facial area?

Like Botox, Dysport works by paralyzing some of your facial muscle functions where it is injected. It relaxes those muscles and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Dysport is not permanent and is tightly regulated. Every vial from a legitimate provider like Sculpt Spa Las Vegas is produced in a sterile environment with the exact amount of ingredients per vial. It is governed by quality assurance experts to consistently exceed the guidelines for drug manufacturing cleanliness and safety guidelines provided by the FDA.


Like most things these days, even Dysport can fall victim to “fake news.” The internet, social media, and maybe even some of your friends will talk up myths about Dysport. 

DysporT Myths Debunked: 6 False Facts About Dysport

Here are some myths about Dysport you may have heard … and the real truths that you need to know:

1.     Myth: Dysport and Botox are identical
Both Botox and Dysport made from a neurotoxic protein called botulinum Type A, which is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. This is this same bacterium which causes muscle paralysis from botulism. With Dysport, only very small doses are used (much less than Botox) and that dosage immobilizes or freezes muscle tissue, which reduces lines, wrinkles, and creases. Introduction of these toxins stimulates the body to produce antibodies that combat them, which is why the results of Dysport eventually subside. Dysport is milder than Botox in that it has fewer proteins to surround the botulinum toxin, which means the patient will produce fewer antibodies to counter its effects. Dysport has approximately 1/3 the potency of Botox and is often recommended as a treatment alternative to it, particularly if the patient has built up sufficient antibody immunity to Botox injections.

2.     Myth: Dysport is toxic and unsafe
Dysport was approved by the FDA in April 2009 for use as a skin filler and wrinkle relaxer. Even though Dysport is derived from the bacterium that causes botulism, which is toxic to your body, Dysport itself is NOT toxic. Thousands of studies have proven that Dysport, used appropriately in appropriate dosing, is very safe and very effective. Dysport is limited to the general facial areas where it is injected, and it is safely metabolized and excreted by your body in a few months.

3.     Myth: Dysport can be administered by anyone, you don’t need to go to the same provider each time
Dysport is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, however since it is injected into the skin, it is considered a clinical procedure needing an expert administrator. Your Sculpt Spa esthetician has the experience and qualifications required.  The value of your Dysport treatment goes way beyond the substance in the vial. Your Sculpt Spa esthetician is your personal artist who gets to know your face and how it responds. With each session, she will learn your face and its unique muscles more and more. Because a few millimeters can make a difference with Dysport, this process of gaining an intimate knowledge of your personal face is important for your long-range appearance. Come to Sculpt Spa for your Dysport shots in Las Vegas, and keep coming back.

4.     Myth: Dysport treatments last longer than Botox
Because Dysport is approximately 1/3 as strong as Botox, theoretically, its effects will last approximately 1/3 as long. This is not necessarily the common experience, however. It will depend on how many vials are used in your session and your own body’s reaction. For some, Botox lasts longer, for some, Dysport does. Studies have found that this differs on a case-by-case basis.

5.     Myth: Dysport will freeze your face
While there are stories about faces with frozen demeanors, that is not the case for the majority of Dysport patients. Your Sculpt Spa professional will be mindful of your desired end effect, and definitely a natural looking face will be the goal. You may theorize that because the ingredients in the Dysport formulation relax or paralyze facial muscles, that the treatments will “freeze” your facial expressions. The fact is that Dysport offers subtle results that relax the muscles and smooth away wrinkles without compromising your ability to smile, frown or make other expressions.

6.     Myth: Dysport is primarily for women
Many women Sculpt Spa clients use Dysport as an anti-aging treatment, but don’t think that they are alone!   On a given year, more than 428,000 men also have injectable procedures using Botox and Dysport, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Men are discovering these procedures can help them shave years off their appearance to help them remain competitive both personally and professionally. In many of those cases, Dysport can be the preferred product for men because of how it distributes in more dense facial muscles.


Dysport is a safe and effective tool in your facial rejuvenation tool kit at Sculpt Spa Las Vegas! It has proven over time that the popular myths have proven to be false.  Come experience the truth about Dysport and Botox Las Vegas with us!


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