Age is nothing to be ashamed of when you think about it. It’s a sign of maturity, of depth, of experience earned over a long life. 

And yet we don’t like how it looks. 

Fundamentally, a person’s genes determine how and when they age. Known as “intrinsic aging,” these are the effects of age (thin skin, grey hair, lines on our faces) which in general we can’t do much about. However, there’s another type of aging which does benefit from certain habits and actions: 

Extrinsic aging. 

Basically, extrinsic aging (also known as photoaging) are the effects caused by outside factors, mostly diet and habits. Pollution can cause aging effects; as can sun exposure, smoking, fast food, and many other variables. 

Fortunately, there are some simple, easy things anyone can do to slow down extrinsic aging. Combine it with some aesthetic procedures, and you’ll be able to hang onto your youthful appearance like a pro. 

Woman laying with a face mask.

Know Your Enemy 

If you really want to keep a youthful appearance, know this: the sun is your greatest enemy. Stay in the shade, consider wearing clothing that protects you from ultraviolet rays — look for clothing with an ultraviolent protection factor (UPF) label – and wear water-resistant, broad-spectrum sunscreen at SPF 30, minimum. And wear it often, too – sunscreen isn’t something you only need to use if you’re going to be outdoors; you can get sunburnt during your commute or running errands. 

As for tanning, it’s kind of a bad idea to begin with. A tan may look nice, but you’re aging your skin. Look into wearing self-tanner instead. 

Ease Up On The Alcohol 

The liver isn’t the only organ alcohol’s rough on – it takes a toll on the skin, the largest organ in the body. First, alcohol dehydrates the skin by taking all the moisture out of it. Secondly, alcohol opens the pores, causing skin problems like blackheads and even cystic acne. Thirdly, ever notice how you don’t sleep very well when you drink? Alcohol disrupts sleep patterns, meaning you don’t get to enjoy the regenerative effects of sleep when you drink. 

Finally, alcohol causes inflammation, which is why a lot of us turn red when we drink. This can seem like a temporary thing, but when you drink for years, that flush can become permanent. 

Smoke? Stop 

A smoking habit won’t just give you that signature cough. Smoking deprives your skin of oxygen and other things it needs to protect yourself, which is why long-term smokers often have uneven (or unhealthy) skin tone. But that’s just one way smoking attacks youthful appearance: the chemicals inside tobacco smoke destroy collagen and elastin, too. 

Really, we could write a long blog about all the ways smoking will make you look older, but we’ll end this section by saying if you smoke and want to fight the appearance of aging, stop now. 

Avoid Repetitive Facial Gestures 

Surprise – we’re not done harping on smoking. A lot of smokers have wrinkles around their mouth from pursing their lips around a cigarette (or vape mouthpiece). Repetitive face gestures add wrinkles over time, unfortunately. 

Let’s be clear: we aren’t suggesting you stop smiling, laughing, and showing other emotions. Those are part of life and living a life in fear of expressing emotions is going to age you in ways that we can’t help you with. Instead, focus on doing things to mitigate dynamic wrinkles in other ways. Worried about squint lines? Wear sunglasses so you don’t squint in bright light, for instance. 

And again, stop smoking. 

Speaking of other ways to mitigate facial expression lines … 

Healthy foods and fruits.

Be Good To Yourself 

Self-care won’t just make you happier over time. Taking proper care of yourself won’t just help you live longer, it’ll help you look younger, too. Here’s how: 

  • Healthy eating: A healthy diet really does seem to keep you looking younger. Consider the alternative: trans fats aren’t just bad for you, they make you look older by stiffening your blood vessels and arteries. Carbs and sugar can damage collagen; preservatives can cause inflammation in your skin. 
  • Exercise: Moderate exercise improves your circulation and boosts your immune system. Both of these have anti-aging properties. 
  • Facial care: Our faces take plenty of abuse from pollution and sweat every day. Remember to wash it at least twice a day … and wash gently. Scrubbing your face can irritate your skin. Use a facial moisturizer, too. And stay away from skin products which sting or burn – those feelings are your skin telling you something’s wrong. 
  • Sleep: study from the University of California at Los Angeles found even one night of poor sleep can make cells age quicker. 

Consider Aesthetic Treatment 

Relatively easy and quick enough to work into a hectic schedule, aesthetic treatments like infrared spas and injections are the big guns in the fight against aging. Infrared spas help boost your metabolism and circulation; aesthetic injections, vitamin shots, and treatments with NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) all contribute to restoring problem areas and helping you look the way you want to. 

Best of all, they’re quick and injections aside, non-invasive. Sculpt Spa, a leading provider of aesthetic services in Las Vegas, offers body contouring, infrared spas, and various injections to help keep you looking your best. The perfect accompaniment to a healthy lifestyle, our treatment methods are delivered in a relaxing, judgement-free zone where you can relax while working to be your best you. 

Want to explore all the ways you can fight aging and look your best? Book a session today!