Valentine’s Day is here!  At Sculpt Spa Las Vegas, we see this as a very important day. This is the time that you want to make your lips their most kissable. If you are not actually going to be kissing someone, and some of us have no such plans, it is a great time to still have gorgeous lips. Make them want what they cannot have! 

To make sure your kiss is as fine as it can be, here are 5 lip tips towards perfection! 

  1. Have your lips touched up at Sculpt Spa Las Vegas 
    Treat yourself to Restylane Kysse, the first lip filler to use XpresHAn Technology™. Your session will volumize your lips but give you natural flexibility.   Restylane Kysse enhances, shapes, and texturizes while enhancing color. Sculpt Spa Las Vegas specializes in creating beautiful, balanced lips. Ask about special treatments including the “Fencing technique,” and the super popular “Russian Lip.” 
  2. Drink lots of water 
    Your entire body needs hydration, so drinking water is important for your overall health, but it also impacts the beauty of your lips. Drink a lot of water, freshen you lips. Your lips are the first place your body dehydration shows. If you are consistently dehydrated, the temporary lines that created become more permanent. 
  3. Apply lip balm every day, and several times a day 
    Moisturizing is key to keeping your lips “kissable”. Licking your lips is not the answer. Your saliva can actually dry them out further. Research a healthy lip balm for you. Many balm products actually have ingredients that can dehydrate or irritate your lips. Avoid balms that contain these ingredients: petroleum, fragrance, camphor, salicylic acid and menthol. Some of these ingredients are meant to keep moisture, but they also prevent fresh moisture from sinking in. 
  4. Exfoliate once a week 
    Your lips have a thinner layer of skin than your other body skin. This means they will lose moisture faster. You want to remove any dry, flaky skin build-up. You can exfoliate simply—just use a clean washcloth with warm water. Make circular motions with it across your lips and gently remove the dead skin. Gentle scrubs are fine as well but be sure not to overdo them. 
  5. If you are so inclined, try the red lip 
    If you are into makeup, red lipstick can make a statement in and of itself. It is best when the rest of your makeup is light or non-existent. Keep your makeup neutral but well defined and your red lip will highlight. 
Two heart shaped lollipops touching.

There you have it. As for the candy, the flowers and your bevvy of admirers, we leave all those up to you. We can definitely make your lips ones that make a gorgeous impact and will be remembered long after all the hearts and roses have faded. 

Let’s look at where the love and kisses celebration came from. 

Valentine’s Day: The Origins Of The Most Romantic Day Of The Year 

Many people view Valentine’s Day as a commercial creation, one made up by greeting card, floral and candy companies in order to sell more stuff. While the capitalization is certainly true, the history of the day actually did not have anything to do with it.  

Valentine’s Day is so old that no one really knows for sure exactly how it started. There are a few theories. Two different men were martyred on February 14th, several years apart. Both were named Valentine. One of the two had been secretly officiating weddings for soldiers against the emperor’s mandates and so, was killed as an emissary of love. The story goes further, that his last letter before his death to his lover was signed “From your Valentine.” 

Valentine’s Day greetings were prevalent as far back as the Middle Ages, with written valentines appearing around 1400. The oldest known valentine is from 1415. Valentine’s Day began to be popularly celebrated in the 1600s. By the mid-1700s, little Valentine’s Day tokens and notes were widely being exchanged. In the 1840s, Esther Howland established herself as the “Mother of the Valentine” by making elaborate creations full of color, lace, and paper. When the 1900s rolled around, printing technologies were evolving, and ready-made cards appeared. With inexpensive postage, mass sending of Valentine’s Day cards became a thing. 

The Cupid images of Valentine’s Day go back even farther. Originally, he was Eros, handsome and ripped. He likely looked like a well-toned hunk that had taken advantage of CoolTone here at Sculpt Spa Las Vegas with perfect abs. He was an immortal who played with the emotions of gods and men. His tools were golden arrows, which when used, incited love. He also had arrows made out of lead, and when those were used, those incited aversion. After about 323 BC, his image morphed from stud to the mischievous chubby child cherub image that he is on modern Valentine’s Day cards. 

It was about the time when Cupid/Eros became childlike that the concept of kissing was introduced to the European world. The practice is believed to have started in India. A poem from 1000 BC describes it, “She set her mouth to my mouth and made a noise that produced pleasure in me.” Several popes tried to ban it, but it was just too popular. European’s spread it to much of the world ultimately. In Japan, it was introduced by Americans in the 1800s, and was thought to be offensive. 

Both Valentine’s Day and kissing have a long tried and true evolvement. When you pucker up this Valentine’s Day, be confident, you have history on your side. 

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