Entertainment professionals and others wanting to perfect their body tone seek out Sculpt Spa Las Vegas for our incredible body toning techniques, strategies, and treatments. Our Sculpt Spa team in Las Vegas has a wealth of experience in body contouring and offer CoolSculpting and CoolTone to our Las Vegas clientele. The results are thrilling. CoolSculpting is the #1 non-invasive fat reduction procedure on the market today for a reason. It works. 

But what about after the treatment?  How can you keep fat from being accumulated in other parts of your body? 

12 Can’t-Miss Tips For Your Perfect CoolSculpting Session 

Here are some great tips to incorporate into your lifestyle to keep your perfected body…perfect. 

  1. Eat a protein rich diet 
    Eating more protein has been found to have a big impact on keeping fat off. Many studies have shown a direct correlation between eating high quality protein and a lower risk of excess body fat. It has been shown to preserve muscle mass and metabolism as you lose weight as well. When you consume foods like meat, seafood, eggs, legumes, dairy products, and tofu, you feel full and satisfied. This decreases hunger and lowers your calorie intake. 
  2. Drink more unsweetened beverages especially water and/or coffee 
    It is important to be well hydrated after your CoolSculpting treatment at Sculpt Spa Las Vegas. The dead fat cells are purged through your system naturally and being well hydrated helps your body clear them even faster. Swap out sugary drinks for unsweetened whenever possible. This promotes sustainable fat loss by not taking in calories with no nutritional value. 
    Alcohol also falls into this category and since it also lowers inhibitions you are more likely to be lax in your calorie intake discipline — studies have shown this to be true. There have also been studies showing that water or green tea before meals decrease the number of calories taken in during the meal. Coffee is a helpful beverage as well. The caffeine in it stimulates your central nervous system and metabolism which works to breakdown fatty acids. Obviously, adding creams and sugars to coffee would offset its value, so enjoying it black or with a low fat/low calorie whitener is preferred. 
  3. Eat some healthy fats 
    Wait, what? Eat fats? Yep. What you do NOT want is more trans fats, the kind found in fried or processed food, which have been linked to long term weight gain. Good fat, in moderation, from olive oil, avocados, nuts and seeds, for example, have been tied to weight reduction. 
  4. Eat a lot of fiber 
    Many studies have shown that fiber intake significantly decreases body weight and belly fat. Fiber is found in plant foods. It absorbs water and moves through you slowly which helps you feel full longer. 
  5. Pick the whole grain alternative 
    Avoid refined carbs and pick the whole grain alternative also helps you lose extra body fat. Whole grains retain their fiber and nutrients. The high glycemic index associated with refine carbs causes blood sugar levels to spike and crash which leads to greater hunger. High refined carbs are linked to an increase of belly fat, while whole grains are linked to a lower body mass index. 
  6. Take probiotics 
    Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that stay within your digestive system. They have proved beneficial in challenges ranging from mental health to immunity. Getting probiotics, particularly from foods or supplements may also increase the burning of fat and help your weight management. If you prefer getting them from food, miso, kefir, sauerkraut, tempeh, kombucha, natto and kimchi are good sources. 
  7. Adopt intermittent fasting 
    See our blog post about this process. It is an eating pattern that is based more on when you eat. It is created on a cycle of periods of eating, and periods of fasting. The various methods of intermittent fasting have been studied and seem to reduce body weight and decrease body fat. 
  8. Get sleep! 
    Studies show that getting sufficient sleep is associated with weight loss. At least 7 hours of sleep a night is recommended. Six hours or less have been linked to a higher risk of obesity. Lack of sleep may cause changes in hunger hormones and increase the appetite. 
  9. Stack Sculpt Spa Las Vegas treatments 
    Take advantage of other Sculpt Spa offerings like CoolTone that builds muscles, through noninvasive body contouring. Take an infrared sauna and sweat out toxins or enhance your athletic performance with Sculpt Spa’s vitamin or NAD+ injections. 
  10. Wear shapewear 
    Even though these garments are used more after surgical procedures, they also can help expel dead fat cells from the body after CoolSculpting. They also enhance the patient’s looks and give a motivational boost as well. 
  11. Follow up with Sculpt Spa 
    Maintain your scheduled follow up. If there is residual fat tissue left, and that can easily be the case, let your experienced Sculpt Spa medical professional guide and recommend future applications to get you to optimal shape. 
  12. Increase your exercise regimen and strength training 
    Double down on your current work out and maximize the benefits. If you do strength training, that is ideal. Your muscles contract against resistance and your muscle mass will increase. Many studies show that a month’s worth of this kind of training will decrease body fat mass as well as visceral fat. It also protects and preserves your muscle mass, which can be reduced by a diet of less calories. Resistance training improves your resting metabolic rate as well. Cardio training is also effective, and possibly the most effective, in burning fat. High intensity interval training is when you exert a quick burst of energy with a short recovery period to keep your heart rate elevated. This ramps up fat burning and promotes sustainable weight loss. This type of exercise takes less time and burns more calories. 

The effects of CoolSculpting at Sculpt Spa Las Vegas can be dramatic and wonderful. When you couple the momentum of success with these other ideas, you make is significantly more likely to hit your ultimate ideal goal. Always remember to make Sculpt Spa Las Vegas your destination for CoolSculpting and more. 

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