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Our approach is more than just external aesthetics, however. We know that your health and wellness registers on your physical presentation as well, and therefore offer services that enhance your entire holistic being. Our Vitamin IV therapy infusions in Las Vegas are a key example of choices we provide that enrich you from within. Our Vitamin IV therapy treatments Las Vegas include the renown Myers Cocktail, plus Vitality, Radiance, Immunity, Hangover, and Recovery treatments.  One of our most popular is the Metabolism IV treatment.

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IV Therapy in Las Vegas: Boost Your Metabolism with our Metabolism IV Therapy Treatment

The Metabolism IV treatment, like our other IV therapy treatments are doses of relevant nutrients that are delivered directly to your bloodstream. The concept of IV therapy was developed by Dr. Myers as a process where the nutrients are not put through the gastro-intestinal system and “digested” before being delivered directly to the body cells that need them. This allows a more effective dosage to be utilized than it would be in any other method.

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Metabolism is your bodily process of converting food you take in into energy for all your physical functions. Your metabolism is responsible for your ability to breathe, circulate blood, digest, stay warm in the cold, stay cool in the warmth, nerve activity, hormone secretions, developing new tissues and to think. The term metabolism specifically refers to the chemical reactions in your body that keeps you alive and functioning.

Science measures your metabolism with “BMR”, which stands for “Basic Metabolic Rate”. That rate measures your involuntary activities completed by your body to sustain life while you are at rest and not consuming food. This energy expenditure is about 60 to 70 percent of your total energy/calorie output.

The benefits of increasing your metabolism will provide you with more energy, aid in weight loss and keep it off, and help you experience quality sleep while burning more calories at bedtime. The higher your metabolic rate, the more calories you are burning while you are at rest. There are many aspects to your being that affect your metabolism. These can include your age, your gender, your genes, your body size and your health.

Give Your Metabolism a Boost in 2023 in 6 Easy Ways with IV Therapy & More!

There are some great ways to increase your metabolism both through lifestyle choices, and by taking advantage of some effective Sculpt Spa Las Vegas offerings. Here is the list:

  1. Sculpt Spa’s Metabolism IV treatment: With this treatment, you have a superior mix of needed metabolism triggering nutrients delivered directly into your system. This mix encourages your body to quickly break down stores of fat and mobilizes them for energy. Your IV treatment Las Vegas boosts your metabolism and increases your energy levels while improving your liver function and works to prevent additional fat from accumulating in your body. The release of fatty deposits is affected by the MIC B12 in the cocktail. Inositol stimulates fat removal by your liver, while choline prevents cholesterol buildup and deposits. Methionine, an essential amino acid, helps inositol and choline work even more efficiently. The vitamin B12 in the cocktail can further stimulate your metabolism and give you additional boosts of energy.
  2. Sculpt Spa Las Vegas NAD+ Injections: The vital coenzyme NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) exists in all living cells which keeps them functioning at an optimal level. The mechanisms within our cells that convert food and oxygen into energy, depend on NAD+ to perform. NAD+ is especially beneficial for energy metabolism. As we age, NAD+ levels decline. To enhance your metabolism, NAD+ injections in Las Vegas can help you. An injection only takes a few minutes. Our staff experts recommend 1-2 injections per week for best outcomes.
  3. Maintain your food nutrition: Stoke your metabolism with healthy foods to include whole grains, plant and/or lean animal proteins, fruits, vegetables, nonfat dairy foods, legumes, beans, and healthy fats, nuts, and seeds. Eat often to stimulate your metabolism.  Experts recommend that you eat every 3 to 5 waking hours. You can do this by incorporating a lean protein balanced diet and choosing complex carbohydrate/fibrous food as snacks. Increasing your fiber intake will burn more calories during digestion.
  4. Stay hydrated: Dehydration slows one’s metabolism. To offset this, drink a glass of ice water before every meal and snack. It is projected that every 8 ounces of ice water will burn an extra 25 calories while 8 ounces of room temperature water will burn 16 calories. Water does not need to be your only metabolism-oriented beverage. Coffee in moderation results in a short-term increase in your metabolic rate and increases your endurance while you exercise. Green tea also increases your metabolism due to the active ingredient catechin and helps the body to burn more calories during moderately intense exercise.
  5. Get the right amount of sleep: Sleeping less than 7-8 hours a night can alter your metabolism. This will lower the number of calories your burn at rest. Sleep deprivation also may cause you to crave sweet or high-fat foods leading to an increase in the stress hormone cortisol which drives an enhanced appetite and mental stress. Learn how the infrared sauna at Sculpt Spa can help you sleep!
  6. Keep your room temperature at moderate levels: Studies have shown that both hot and very cold room temperatures inspire you to eat more. Keep it at a moderate level to allow your bodily metabolism to work efficiently.

Boost Your Metabolism with our Metabolism IV Therapy at Sculpt Spa!

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