Sculpt Spa: The In-The-Know Destination For Lip Fillers In Las Vegas

Las Vegas locals have their own restaurants, casinos, bars, and places to see. They often have better odds, better prices, and better quality than places which cater to Strip traffic, and most tourists never find out about them. 

Here’s a tip if you’re interested in lip fillers: Sculpt Spa. A short drive down Tropicana Avenue from the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas Strip, it’s the destination for lip fillers, body contouring, injection treatments … and more. Proudly using the Restylane family of fillers, Sculpt Spa can give you the pair of lips you’ve been looking for. 

Sculpt Spa lip fillers are long-lasting, effective, and can be done in around an hour. Our Las Vegas location is a serene, welcoming place and an oasis of calm in our 24/ city. 

Lip Fillers Las Vegas style at Sculpt Spa – we’re your choice for your best you.