Sculpt Spa Las Vegas is your top destination for a complete great skin care strategy! Certainly, we are here to support you in fillers for smile lines, fillers for laughlines, fillers for acne scars, cheek fillers and more. We also have services that round out a full-scale life process that will keep your skin at its absolute best. We work with Las Vegas entertainment professionals to individuals who are simply committed to health and wellness, all with optimal results. 

Many people are under the impression that great skin is just something you “are born with.” They believe that your DNA and genetic markers just predetermine how your skin is going to age and undertake challenges. The fact is your daily choices and the treatment of your skin are the biggest factors of all. 

Prevention And Reaction: Partners For Skin Care 

Skin care really falls into two areas of consideration: prevention and reaction. Prevention is undertaking a routine and life choices that prevent skin damage and aging effects. Reaction is engaging services to revitalize your skin after an effect has taken place to rejuvenate it. These two considerations are not mutually exclusive. Using an injectable filler like Restylane at Sculpt Spa Las Vegas will both revitalize a reaction your skin had to aging as well as prevent it from aging as much in the future.  

Woman blotting her skin with makeup remover cotton.

Here are 9 great ideas to incorporate into your total skin care regimen: 

  1. Cleanse your skin every day 
    Gently clean your skin daily. It is important to use the appropriate cleanser for your skin type and specific needs. For oily or acne-prone skin try a salicylic gel or benzoyl peroxide wash; for dry skin, use a moisturizing glycolic or milky cleanser; for skin with melasma use and alpha hydroxy acid cleanser. 
  2. Have a Sculpt Spa Las Vegas infrared sauna session 
    Your infrared sauna session provides multiple health and healing benefits. Care of your skin is a very big advantage you will get from your session, along with relaxing, burning some calories, boosting your immunity, and helping you recover from a workout. It benefits the skin in a couple of specific ways: by stimulating the sweat glands, it accelerates the release of accumulated toxins in your skin. It also stimulates the production of collagen and increases the blood flow to the skin which improves your complexion. It is important to rinse your skin right after your infrared sauna to keep toxins from soaking back into your skin. 
  3. Moisturize in the morning and at night 
    It is best to moisturize right after the shower, and right before going to bed at night. It is recommended to avoid lotions with heavy fragrance. They need to be gentle for everyday use with no irritation. It is best to not over do the number of products you use to reduce harshness on your skin. Also do not mix serums into lotions to save application times, it alters the effect of the serum being absorbed into your skin. 
  4. Exfoliate two to three times a week 
    Your skin sheds cells daily. The problem is that while they may be shed, they are still hanging on your face making your skin look sullen. These cells need to be gently scrubbed away. Find a product that is pH neutral and non-drying.  
  5. Wear sunscreen everyday 
    Don’t make the mistake of only screening up on a sunny day, or one where you go to the beach. Daily UV exposure greatly contributes to aging your skin. A broad-spectrum, SPF 30 or greater, is recommended, with multiple applications through the day. 
  6. Get Vitamin Injections at Sculpt Spa Las Vegas 
    It is a good idea to take vitamin food supplements, as well as to apply some vitamin treatments directly to your skin. The most powerful vitamin application, however, is to get vitamin injections Las Vegas at Sculpt Spa. Our Detox injection contains the “master” antioxidant glutathione. It fights free radicals and slows aging by supporting immune function and removing toxins from the body. Our Glow injection is specifically recommended for healthy skin by also combining biotin with glutathione. This combination reduces oxidative stress and promotes healthy nails and hair as well as your skin. Sculpt Spa Las Vegas also offers NAD+ injections. NAD+ is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, a vital coenzyme that makes cells function at optimal levels. It reverses the body’s natural decline and affects the function of sirtuins that inspire a resistance to aging effects. 
  7. Hydrate on the inside as well as the outside 
    When choosing external lotions, make sure they have hydrating formulas. Internal hydration is just as important, if not more so. Lack of water will make your skin dull and cause it to sag. There is no easy out on this: you need to drink around eight glasses of water a day. 
  8. Get the best skin nutrition 
    Besides eating a healthy diet which gives you optimal body functions, there are some specific skin-oriented pointers to incorporate. Reduce simple and complex carbohydrates with high glycemic indexes. Boost your omega-3 intake, it helps your skin retain moisture. Increase your green vegetable consumption. Specifically, you want to take in more chlorophyll every day. It will oxygenate and hydrate your skin and reduce puffiness. 
  9. Come to Sculpt Spa Las Vegas for injectable facial and anti-wrinkle fillers 
    There is a natural loss of elasticity in your skin as well as a loss of facial volume. For some there is bone loss and shrinking of the fat pads in the face. The Sculpt Spa Las Vegas Restylane family of products can restore volume using naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. Sculpt Spa, Las Vegas is highly skilled in creating natural balance and symmetry to your face. Our facial expressions also succeed in causing wrinkles in our overlying skin and these too increase with age. Sculpt Spa Las Vegas uses anti-wrinkle neuromodulators to block nerve impulses that stimulate muscle contractions, which can soften lines that have set in and even prevent lines from forming in the first place. 

Whether you’re keeping your skin’s defenses up or just want a good place to chill while you look your best, Sculpt Spa Las Vegas is your ideal destination. A relaxing, judgment-free space, Sculpt Spa offers multiple skin health solutions and more, from the latest body contouring technology to injectable fillers.  

Our LAS VEGAS INFRARED SPA will help your skin detoxify and look its best. We also offer NAD+ and vitamin shots if you want to keep your skin happy as well.  

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