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But what exactly is “metabolism?” 

Nine Key Facts About Metabolism and How to Boost It

A Few Words About Metabolism

Metabolism is the series of complex chemical reactions in your body’s cells that change food you consume into energy. There are specific proteins in your body that control these thousands of reactions, all happening at the same time. These reactions keep your cells healthy and working.

The metabolism process starts when you eat food, and the digestive system starts processing it with enzymes. These enzymes break proteins down into amino acids, they turn fats into fatty acids, and they turn carbohydrates into simple sugars. These compounds are now in a form that the body can use as sources of energy it needs. They are absorbed into the blood which then carries them to your cells. In the cells, more enzymes regulate the speed by which further chemical reactions take place.

This causes energy to be released for your body to use, or for the compounds to be stored in body tissues. The process supports the growth of new cells, storage of energy or creating fat.

Metabolism is complicated, and most people relate to it simply in terms of their body either gaining or losing weight. If an excess of calories, units of energy potential, are consumed, the wasted portion that is not burned as energy then turns to fat. Burning calories has to do with how much exercise you do, how much muscle and fat is in your body and your “basal metabolic rate.” (BMR)

Your BMR is a key component in gaining or losing weight. It is the measure of how much energy you burn while your body is at rest. Improving your metabolism helps increase your BMR.

9 Tips To Boost Your Metabolism & Burn Calories

Here are some key ideas to help rev up your metabolism and burn your calories instead of allowing them to turn to fat:

1.     Get NAD+ injections Las Vegas
Take advantage of Sculpt Spa’s nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) service. These injections boost your cellular metabolism, increase your energy and improve neurologic function as they support brain regeneration. Not only is your metabolism boosted, but your mental clarity is improved as well. Mitochondria, or mechanisms within our cells that convert food and oxygen into energy, depend on NAD+ to perform their job. As NAD+ levels decline, so does mitochondrial function. By maintaining our NAD+ levels, we give our body the resources to perform better so that we can look, feel, and be healthier.

2.     Enjoy Sculpt Spa and Las Vegas infrared sauna
Studies show that you can passively burn up to 600 calories per infrared sauna session by mimicking cardiovascular exercise.

3.     Get vitamin B12-based injections
Come to Sculpt Spa for B12 injections in Las Vegas! Two specific offerings can enhance your metabolism specifically. Our Booster injection of B12 plays an essential role in red blood cell formation, DNA synthesis, cell metabolism, nerve function, and hormone balance. Our Lean injection combines B12 with MIC and L-Carnitine. Along with the benefits of B12, MIC and L-Carnitine help convert fat into energy, aiding in weight loss.

4.     Build your muscles
Your BMR is higher if you have more muscle. Every pound of muscle burns about three times more calories when resting than each pound of fat. The more activated your muscles have been, the more your metabolic rate raises.

5.     Water up
Water and “burning” do not seem compatible, but in terms of metabolism, they are. Your body’s metabolism needs water to process calories. The more dehydrated you are, the slower your metabolism can become. Studies have shown that people who drank eight or more glasses of water daily burned more calories than those who drank only four or less.

6.     Energy drinks can work but at a price
It is not recommended that you boost your metabolism with energy drinks. True, they are full of caffeine and some amino acids specifically geared to speeding your metabolism, but they have also been shown to cause sleep issues, high blood pressure and anxiety.

7.     Avoid a crash diet
Logic may seem to say “immediately cut the calories” to lose weight. While you may have some initial loss of pounds, you likely will lose those pounds in muscle, which then slows your metabolism.

8.     Power up with protein
Replace some of the carbs and fats in your diet with protein. Your body burns many more calories digesting protein than it does fat or carbohydrates.

9.     Spice things up
There are natural chemicals in spicy food that can kick your metabolism into a higher gear. Chopped red or green chili peppers can burn more than your tongue, they can boost your metabolic rate and burn your calories as well.

Sculpt Spa Las Vegas is interested in your holistic wellness, fitness, and body image. Several of our services integrate an improved metabolism into other benefits that affect you in more complex ways that simple weight loss.

NAD+ injections, for example, support the ability of multiple systems within the body to function. This treatment offers benefits for everyone. The full benefits include simply being healthier, feeling more energized, improving cognitive function, boosting your mood, fighting signs of aging, or enhancing your athletic performance.

NAD+ injections in Las Vegas can help you achieve all your goals including boosting your metabolism. An injection takes just minutes of your time. We recommend 1-2 injections per week for best outcomes.

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