Las Vegas has been known as the city of magic. Speaking of, here’s a great trick:

Sculpt Spa Las Vegas can work some “magic” and make your wrinkles virtually disappear. One great anti-wrinkle tool we use at our Spring Valley med spa are the increasingly popular Dysport shots.

Like Botox injections, Dysport is a botulinum toxin injection. Botox and Dysport have the same primary active ingredient, but a different protein means that Dysport potentially diffuses further or could spread more. Botulinum toxins are safe in small amounts. Difference between the formulas for Botox and Dysport are defined by the kind of protein is attached to the botulinum toxin A molecule.


Your Sculpt Spa expert will help you determine which is the better solution to your individual anti-wrinkle needs. 

Sculpt Spa’s Six Tips for Successful Dysport Aftercare
Like Dysport? Here's 6 simple things to do to get the most out of Dysport shots.

As a botulinum toxin, Dysport is a neurotoxin that blocks muscle contractions. It relaxes the muscles under your skin. Since its main effect is based on muscle interactions, it tends to be most effective on lines caused by repetitive motions like laughing, frowning, and smoking.

Because it does not involve surgery, Dysport is noninvasive. It treats forehead lines, crow’s feet, and glabellar lines, which are vertical lines between your eyebrows.

Since you do not need hospitalization to receive Dysport, it is highly convenient. You can receive Dysport injections in our luxurious med spa. A Dysport session only takes minutes as well.

The goal of the Sculpt Spa team is to keep you being the best version of yourself. Our clients love Dysport, but it’s only one of our facial rejuvenation tools. Sculpt Spa also uses Botox shots and the entire range of Restylane facial fillers. We also support you with state-of-the-art body contouring as the leading provider of CoolSculpting Elite in Las Vegas.

Our clients love current Dysport and Botox methods, which offer an increasingly softer, more nuanced approach than the ones taken in earlier years of its use. Our experts are trained to deliver a more artistic approach for you.

To get started, you are invited to contact us online or by phone for your free consultation. Your Sculpt Spa expert will determine the best solution for you and give you information on how to prepare for the treatment.  This information may include a restriction on blood thinning medication, cold medications, fish oil and vitamin E.

Dysport Aftercare: What Happens After (and During) a Dysport Session

The Dysport procedure itself is pretty simple. The Sculpt Spa esthetician will disinfect your skin in the treatment area with rubbing alcohol and will apply a topical anesthetic if you have a low tolerance to pain. She then will inject the required number of Dysport units into the target muscle and apply a cold compress to minimize the chance of redness and swelling.

What about after the procedure is done?  What are some of the key tips you should know about your Dysport shots aftercare?  Here they are:

1.     Make sure your Dysport experience is at Sculpt Spa Las Vegas
Dysport can make wrinkles disappear by paralyzing the facial muscles. It is safe in the hands of a highly trained cosmetic dermatologist, but an unlicensed individual can wreak havoc. For the best aftercare, make sure your pre-care, and procedure care is done by an expert. Ensure both the safety and effectiveness of your Dysport injection by trusting Sculpt Spa to do it right!

2.     Avoid lying on your back for the next 4 hours after treatment
After your Dysport procedure, it’s highly recommended that you avoid lying down for at least four hours. Waiting six hours before sleeping is even better, but four hours is still plenty of time. Your Dysport injections need to settle. The gravitational pressure on your face lying on your back right after treatment can cause the Dysport to shift and attach to different muscles in your face.  This will change the effect Dysport has on your face.

3.     DO sleep on your back the night after your Dysport treatment
After the four-six hours have passed and you head to bed, it is important that you not sleep on the facial area where you received Dysport. You do not want to put pressure on where you have received the treatment. Sleeping on your back is important because the Dysport injections need time to settle into your muscles. Yes, laying on your face could prevent the injections from settling in and lead to you having less than perfect results.

4.     Avoid exercise that makes your skin flush for 24 hours, do these exercises instead
Dysport is an injectable cosmetic drug using a diluted amount of neurotoxin Onabotulinumtoxina, produced from a bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. Its goal is to stop muscles from contracting. You do not want this effect to spread the toxin to other parts of your body. It could reduce its effectiveness where you received Dysport on your face and could also increase your risk of bruising. You may want to wait a few days before you resume an exercise routine. Instead, focus on facial exercises like frowning, smiling, or raising your eyebrows. Facial exercises like those can help the effects of Dysport to show up faster!

5.     Avoid wearing makeup and any other reason to touch your face for at least a day
To keep from spreading the toxins from Dysport to other parts of your body, don’t touch your face for a day or more after having it. Avoid having any professional massages, skin treatments or facials after Dysport, as these could lead to the toxin moving from the injection site as well. Avoid wearing any makeup on the day of your injections, as well as the day after. When you apply makeup, you need to rub your skin. Like exercising and laying down, rubbing your skin could disperse the toxins to other parts of your body, which you don’t want.

6.     Avoid painkillers and alcohol both the day before and day after treatment
Both alcohol and painkillers thin your blood and that can raise your risk of bruising.

Sculpt Spa is your Destination for Anti-Aging in Las Vegas!

Sculpt Spa is THE destination for aesthetic services. Our facial rejuvenation menu includes not only Dysport, but Botox and Restylane dermal fillers as well. We also offer a wide range of vitamin injections.

Whether you’re looking for another way to prevent or treat migraines in Las Vegas, give yourself a much-needed boost, or simply want to look your best, our professional staff can find the ideal vitamin injection for you.  Also, consider solving your body contouring needs with a non-invasive program like CoolSculpting Elite Las Vegas. All our services are enjoyed in a stress-free, comfortable environment where you can binge your favorite series, catch up on reading, or simply engage in some self-care.