9 Things To Know for Your First CoolSculpting Elite Session

9 Things You Should Know for Your Very First CoolSculpting Elite Experience

Sculpt Spa is your headquarters for body contouring in Las Vegas! We are dedicated to helping you achieve the best you possible by toning your body, a holistic wellness approach and facial rejuvenation. We are pleased to offer CoolSculpting Elite in Las Vegas. This next-gen fat removal method is praised by everyone from top Las […]

Not Just Skin Deep: Botox’s Amazing Effect on Anxiety

Not Just Skin Deep: Botox’s Amazing Effect on Anxiety (Plus a Bonus!)

In its history, Botox keeps producing benefits that doctors and scientists did not anticipate. In high doses, it is a deadly toxin and at one point was considered to be useful in chemical warfare. It then was discovered to successfully solve some eye conditions. From use for those conditions, it was discovered that it produced […]

Water: Your Body’s Fuel For Wellness

Water: Your Body’s Fuel For Wellness

It is no secret that Sculpt Spa is the premier destination for a luxury infrared sauna in Las Vegas! With plush surroundings, streaming entertainment, chromotherapy and eucalyptus towels, the Sculpt Spa infrared therapy cannot be beat. Water plays a huge role in your health and wellness. The Skinny on Infrared Spas Infrared spas come with […]