Entertainment professionals are an integral part of the Las Vegas population. For many venues, the audition process is starting, and a crop of new show business stars are looking for success in the coming year. Auditions are a fact of life for the performer. The stunning and talented get to show off and nab prestigious entertainment positions. Even for performers that are not auditioning, but being extended in an existing show, having to prove themselves is constant. Preparation can feel overwhelming.

Actress preparing for an audition

Here are ten tips to help you land, or hold on to, your next great gig:

  1. Be in great shape: Looks are important and Las Vegas shows are looking for perfection. Cross training is an excellent regimen to follow. Increase your cardio health through running, biking, or swimming. Lift weights to increase your strength (especially if you will be dancing with a partner). Do yoga or Pilates to stretch, strengthen your core, and focus your mind. This will help you especially if you have to get through a long audition. Cross training also keeps you in physically good shape, so that the judges are seeing your best self when you audition.
  2. Start CoolSculpting™ and CoolTone™ weeks before your audition: CoolSculpting™ is the #1 non-invasive fat reduction procedure on the market. This FDA-cleared treatment uses controlled cooling, scientifically known as cryolipolysis, to freeze (and thereby kill) targeted fat cells. In the weeks to follow, your body naturally eliminates the dead fat cells, resulting in up to 20-25% reduction in the treated area. Do not wait until the week before your audition, your body will not yet be exhibiting the full optimal effect. Using Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS), CoolTone™  induces thousands of high intensity muscle contractions in just one session. These powerful contractions are rapid and involuntary, engaging more muscle fibers at once than with weightlifting alone, which relies on slower voluntary contractions. You can enjoy faster and longer lasting results.
  3. Dress appropriately: Be informed and know about the show for which you are auditioning. A classical production may suggest leotard, tights, ballet slippers, etc. An urban role will allow you to express your personality through your outfit. Stand out in the crowd. Be edgy if appropriate, or elegant, but keep it clean and neat. Ask ahead of time about the dress code. Bring the correct dance shoes.
  4. Arrive early: You want to be able to check-in comfortably and warm up. That warmup is essential to any performer being able to perform at their best. Center yourself, stretch, and move, even if there is a “warmup” included in the audition itself. Use the warmup time to calm any nervous feelings you may experience, and channel them into excitement.
  5. Present the best information about yourself: Know as much as you can about the company and your role in the production beforehand. What documents are required? Likely, you will be asked for a resume and headshot. Your resume must highlight your strengths and recent accomplishments, your training, and experience. Make sure your headshot is to professional photography standards. Some may also require a full body photo.
  6. Know your script: If the audition is for a speaking role, read the script fully. Speak about the script and make specific points in the audition discussion. Make all your conversation points positive. They want someone eager to perform in the show, not a critic. Learn all the lines that may be part of the audition. It will give you confidence and allow you to focus on your delivery, not on memorization.
  7. Be agile, prepared for anything: Embrace the unexpected request from choreographing a piece for yourself, improvising dialogue or a group activity. Bring logistical supplies that will help if you have to re-arrange your hair or do movement exercises.
  8. Show off your great personality: Your personality, and how well they remember it, will play a big part in you landing the role. Cooperation and being a team player are usually valued qualities. Do not be shy. This is the time to show off, you need to make an impact and be remembered.
  9. Stay positive: Keep a lighthearted and natural attitude. Use centering tools to convert your nerves into enthusiasm. Focus on allowing your talent to be exposed and think only about your desire for the job. Stay optimistic and do not allow yourself to compare yourself to the others who are also auditioning. Do not allow yourself the luxury of judging them, it will only distract you. Stay in the now, think only of your performance and not on the results.
  10. Keep it all in perspective: Yes, you are putting yourself out there: Your body, your emotions your performance abilities. You are giving it all to someone who gives nothing in return. Feeling robbed, would be a natural reaction to that kind of treatment. In entertainment, you are a product, and it is important to separate your emotions from the process. Look at auditions as a “numbers game.” There will be a number of rejections, and a number of successes. As you move through the latest rejection, it means the chances of the next audition being a success becomes greater. Focus only on your gratitude for the auditioning opportunity. Realize you have no control over the results, or over the reasoning made behind closed doors. Perfect your auditioning skills and seek to learn from each experience.

Woman exercising on a mat.

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