Franchise reality television series like “The Real Housewives” have made the use of Botox almost literally a household name. Inexpensive, and effective, Botox and other facial injection treatments are an easy way to freshen up one’s look quickly and conveniently.


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The 8 Facial Muscles Affected by Your Botox Treatment

Where Did Botox Come From?

The path to Botox being used for medical and aesthetic purposes started in 1978 when ophthalmologist Alan B Scott began Food and Drug Administration (FDA) trials for the use of botulinum toxin to treat crossed eyes. It received its first FDA approval to treat crossed eyes and eye twitching in 1989. Allergan acquired it from Scott just a couple of years later, renaming it Botox.

In 1987, Canadian eye doctor Jean Carruthers and her husband, dermatologist Alastair Carruthers, discovered Botox’s wrinkle removing capabilities. The couple published their first study in 1992.  By the early 2000s, cosmetic applications for the injectable neurotoxin were functional but not well crafted.

How Does Botox Work?

How Botox works is fairly straightforward.

Botox injections block certain chemical signals from nerves. These are signals that cause muscles to contract. The contractions cause or enhance wrinkles, so the blocking of the signals keep the wrinkling effect from happening. The most common use of these injections is to temporarily relax the facial muscles that cause wrinkles in the forehead, around the eyes and on other parts of the face.

So, what exactly are your facial muscles, what do they do, and which are the prime targets for your Sculpt Spa esthetician?

Taking A Look At Your Face: 8 Muscles Which Benefit From Botox Injections at Sculpt Spa

There are 42 individual facial muscles. These occur in groups located around your mouth, around your nose, in your forehead, skull and neck, around your ears, and surrounding your eyes. The muscles have two major tasks: chewing and making expressions.

They also determine what a person looks like. Face muscles protect your eyes and allow you to talk, sing and keep food in your mouth. They are the only muscles in the body which have soft tissue attachment to your skin. All your other muscles have bony attachments.

Here are the key facial muscles that benefit from your Botox shots in Las Vegas.

1.     Frontalis
The frontalis is the muscle that helps move your eyebrows up. It wrinkles the forehead and moves your scalp back. The cranial nerve VII is the one connecting this muscle to your brain. Botox applied here can smooth your horizontal forehead lines.

2.     Glabellar Complex
The glabellar complex is the area between the eyebrows and above the nose. It consists of muscles that depress your brow. It is mainly used for facial expressions and its repeated pulling of the skin causes wrinkles. This area is connected to your brain from the ophthalmic division of the trigeminal nerve and its branches. Botox applied here eases your frown lines.

3.     Orbicularis oculi
The orbicularis oculi muscle is a muscle located in the eyelids. It is a sphincter muscle arranged in concentric bands around the upper and lower eyelids. Its main function is to close the eyelids when it contracts. It is also connected to the brain by the cranial nerve VII. Botox applied here eases your crow’s feet wrinkles.

4.     Nasalis
Nasalis is a pair of muscles covering the dorsum of the nose. It consists of the alar and transverse muscles. The alar is also known as the dilator naris posterior, and the transverse is also called the compressor naris. Like other facial muscle groups, the nasalis is also connected to the brain via the cranial nerve VII. Botox applied here affects your bunny lines wrinkles.

5.     Levator labii superioris alaequae nasi
If you think this muscle’s name is abnormally long, you would be correct. It has a longer name than any other animal muscle, as a matter of fact. It is attached to the upper frontal process of the maxilla and inserts into the skin of the lateral part of the nostril and upper lip. Its main function is to dilate the nostrils and elevate your upper lip. This action can create a “snarl” expression that is reminiscent of Elvis Presley and has given the muscle the nickname of “the Elvis Muscle.” The zygomatic branch of the cranial nerve VII connects this muscle to your brain. Botox applied here helps to smooth out your nasolabial folds.

6.     Orbicularis oris
The orbicularis oris muscle is also known as the musculus orbicularis oris. It is a complex, multi-layered muscle which attaches through a thin, superficial musculoaponeurotic system to the skin of the upper lip and lower lip. It is an attachment site for many other facial muscles around your mouth. This muscle closes protrudes and compresses your lips. This is your kissing muscle. The buccal branch of the cranial nerve VII is what connects this muscle to your brain. Botox applied here manages your radial lip lines.

7.     Depressor anguli oris
The depressor anguli oris muscle is also known as the triangularis muscle. It originates from the mandible and inserts into the angle of the mouth along your jaw. It is associated with frowning and expressing feelings of sadness or anger since it depresses the corner of the mouth. The marginal mandibular nerve and buccal branches of the cranial nerve VII connect this muscle to your brain.

8.     Mentalis
The mentalis muscle is a pair of muscles located at the tip of your chin. They act as the primary muscles of the lower lip. The mentalis originates from the mandible (lower jaw) and runs vertically from below the lower lip to the lower part of the chin. This muscle provides stability to the lower lip to allow it to pout and enables your face to express doubt or contempt. Like other muscles mentioned, it too is connected to the brain by the cranial nerve VII. Botox here helps to rid you of chin lines.


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