On occasion, clients of Sculpt Spa Las Vegas need correction on work done by other hyaluronic facial injection practitioners. We can help. For many of the cases where correction is required, the previous filler needed to be removed, and new appropriate filler injected. How did we do it, and how can we meet your needs if you need it done?

The answer is Hylenex. 

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Here is everything you need to know about Hylenex.  

  1. It removes hyaluronic acid 
    Hyaluronic acid (HA) is found naturally in your body, primarily in your skin and joints. Most of the dermal fillers used around the world are created with HA. The fact that HA can be reversed is a significant factor. Hylenex is its “antidote.” 
  2. It has a long track record 
    Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that breaks down HA. (Hylenex is one of the most popular brand names it is known by.) It has a long history of being used to increase the absorption of different drugs, and when too much of a drug has been injected, to remove it and reduce tissue damage. As HA became popular as a filler, Hylenex has become essential for correction of both complications as well as unsatisfactory results. 
  3. It must be applied by an expert 
    At Sculpt Spa Las Vegas, we have an expert team of estheticians with full knowledge of injection applications. Such a professional is required if you are to have a Hylenex application. For Hylenex to dissolve a HA filler, it must interact with the binding sites in HA itself. The application needs to be precise, with the right amount of Hylenex. A misapplication will cause the Hylenex to degrade and be deactivated before it can have the desired effect. 
  4. The treatment is not generally uncomfortable 
    The treatment is often less than 5 to 30 minutes and can be very comfortable. The Hylenex is often mixed with a numbing agent. The HA will dissolve in as little as a few minutes to a few hours. There might be some swelling from the Hylenex injection that can take a day or two to go away. 
  5. You can get new filler soon after 
    If you want replacement filler, that can be performed in about three days. Should you need more Hylenex treatments, those also can happen after three days as well. 
  6. It is used by other medical professionals as well 
    Fun fact: Hylenex is also used by the medical industry to help with x-rays and scans. It can help contrast dyes they inject so that your body parts show more clearly on medical images. 
  7. What its typically used for 
    The most common use is to address patients’ dissatisfaction with prior treatments. HA injections for fillers are an intersection of science and art. The aesthetic result may not be what the client ultimately likes, and Hylenex can resolve that situation. Hylenex can be used for a variety of applications when administered by a professional who understands its mechanisms, side effects and metabolism. 
  8. It can solve nodularity 
    There are instances when HA congeals and creates a lump. A direct injection of Hylenex can solve this. Be aware that in this instance, the Hylenex application may also cause some swelling so the lump may take a few days to disappear. Some post-treatment lumps can be eradicated by a firm massage.   
  9. It can heal granuloma 
    Granuloma is a chronic inflammation that is not due to an allergy. It is composed of multinucleated giant cells that have a dermal filler injected. The amount of the filler, some possible impurities and other properties may cause granuloma to occur. They form from a specific process that includes protein adsorption, macrophage adhesion, macrophage fusion, and crosstalk. Removing these surgically is not the best route since they tend to have poorly defined borders and the surgery may leave a scar. Hylenex is a better course of action. 
  10. It rectifies the rare case of getting an infected filler 
    Infections from dermal fillers are very uncommon but whenever a needle is injected into the skin there is always some minute risk. Should that happen, infection might show up soon after, or weeks after the injection. Infection shows as redness, swelling, tenderness or pain. 
  11. It can be used in emergencies 
    Two very rare emergency situations can occur with dermal fillers: patients might have vascular compromise or temporary blindness. The vascular occlusion happens if there is an accidental injection of filler into an artery. This would block circulation of oxygen to cells in the area. When that accidental injection happens to a blood vessel that supplies blood to the eye, blindness can be the result (known as retinal artery occlusion). Hylenex is applied in both these situations. 
  12. The factors that determine how much Hylenex to use 
    There are several factors that can inspire the use of a greater amount of Hylenex in a session. The urgency of an emergency would be one such factor. Other factors your provider will consider include the length of time the filler has been in your skin, and whether there is nodularity or granuloma. A situation where there is a high degree of filler crosslinking is also harder to dissolve and would require more Hylenex dosage.
  13. How Hylenex compares to other hyaluronidase brands 
    Hylenex is the least likely to give you an allergic/anaphylaxis reaction. 


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