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One question we discuss in many individual plans it whether to undergo Dysport treatment in lieu of a traditional surgical facelift.

Thinking About a Surgical Facelift? Here’s 7 Reasons to Try Dysport Instead
Dysport treatments have massive advantages over surgical facelifts. It's less painful and the recovery time is far, far shorter.

What are the Facts Behind Dysport Treatment?

The science and history of Dysport goes back to the 1800s. A German physician experimented with using botulism for therapeutic use. Then in the 1980s, an ophthalmologist experimented with a method for a patient suffering from double vision.  He injected a tamed form of botulism toxin into the patient’s eye muscles.  He had formed the botulism toxin with spores of the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. The drug prevents the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. This paralyzes the muscles for short-term periods.  Dysport was then released in Europe years later for facial cosmetic treatments.

The science behind surgical facelifts does not go back as far. They started in the early 1900s. The first facelift-type surgery was performed back in 1901 in Germany, when a surgeon performed a modified procedure on a Polish patient who wanted her cheeks and mouth modified. The first book on facial cosmetic surgery was published in Chicago in 1907.  Surgical facelifts became more sophisticated in the 1970s, and then greatly improved in the 1990s.

Dermal filler processes were first started thanks to a discovery in 1934 when hyaluronic acid was developed from cows’ eyes. It came to be seen as a very natural substance that allowed cells to hold water in the skin tissues. In 2003, the FDA approved it for Restylane dermal fillers.

A neuromodulator like Dysport has become popular to combat wrinkles and lines.

7 Great Reasons Why Dysport Treatments are Better than a Surgical Facelift

Dysport is made up of botulinum toxin type A, which works to temporarily reduce or eliminate lines and wrinkles. By blocking the nerve signals that cause facial muscles to contract, Dysport treatments can smooth out the skin to give you a youthful appearance. The toxin will only target very specific chemoreceptors on the muscles in the area of the injection. By blocking the production of these chemoreceptors, the botulinum toxin prevents dynamic wrinkles. 

“Going under the knife” is usually something people consider as a last resort. Medical experts have been working for years in order to develop some effective non-surgical treatment options.

If you are considering surgical facelift procedures or going with non-surgical Dysport treatments, here are seven points you should consider on why you may want to pick Dysport:

1.     Much less pain
With surgery there can be a good deal of pain, and pain medicines to deal with it. Dysport is astronomically less painful, especially due to a numbing cream administered prior to the procedure. There is little to no pain as a result.

2.     No recovery time
Surgical procedures take months from which to recover. You are also not presentable for weeks after the procedure, looking anything but beautiful.  After a Dysport treatment, you may go back to work right after your procedure.

3.     Minimal aftercare
Surgical facelifts require a good deal of aftercare, where your Dysport treatment does not. Post-surgery aftercare can include keeping your head elevated at a certain angle for two weeks, a slow intake process of solid foods over several days, draining fluid from your bandages, avoidance of turning your head thus rupturing stiches, and more.

4.     Adjustable results
The results of your Dysport treatments are not permanent. The process does not consist of removing skin, bone or muscle. You therefore can adjust results and respond to the changing symmetry of your face. You and your Sculpt Spa consultant can work on your facial goals and get you there with more toxin or some dermal filler.

5.     Cost
Surgical procedures are very costly and your Dysport treatments are very affordable.  Even if you come back every six months, the accumulation of cost is spread out over time.

6.     You look naturally rejuvenated
Because your skin is not cut and pulled tight, Dysport treatments give you a refreshed, natural look. It smooths wrinkles with a natural tone as a result of your own muscles’ reactions to the toxins. If you need a natural plumping and volumizing, add some Restylane Las Vegas dermal injections.

7.     The procedure time is short
There is no anesthesia or medical pre-treatment involved in your Dysport Las Vegas process. You do not have to deal with hospital schedules and operating rooms. Instead, your appointment is quick and easy and likely completed within an hour.

Sculpt Spa is YOUR Destination for Dysport Treatments in Las Vegas

We are your anti-wrinkle experts. We offer the BEST FACIAL INJECTIONS IN LAS VEGAS. Our goal is to make you the best version of yourself. The Sculpt Spa facial injection regimen features our expert artistry and style. You can extend the results of Dysport by booking periodic maintenance treatment sessions. After about a year of Sculpt Spa Dysport treatments, many of our clients’ muscles relax easier and they can go longer between treatment sessions.

We are also your destination for facial fillers in Las Vegas. Sculpt Spa offers its services in a serene, nonjudgmental spa setting. With additional services including BODY CONTOURINGNAD+, and VITAMIN INJECTIONS, we are the ideal place for making a new you.