Injectable facial fillers were first approved by the FDA in the early 80s. While patients at the time were thrilled at any kind of age-defying results, today the effects of those early products do not impress. The technicians of the time did not yet understand the subtleties of how faces age, and the products themselves did not give a natural enhanced look.

That was then.

This is now, and now is at Sculpt Spa Las Vegas, your one stop destination for injectable facial filler expertise. Fillers for smile lines, fillers for laugh lines, cheek fillers, fillers for acne scars… all are delivered with high aesthetic strategy mixed with the most current science.


Las Vegas facial fillers at Sculpt Spa are not simply “great”, our clients describe them as “awesome.”

Top 10 Reasons Sculpt Spa Facial Fillers are Awesome!

Why Are Facial Fillers at Sculpt Spa So Awesome?

One factor that contributes to the excellence of our facial filler treatments is the substance from which they are made. Each injection contains hyaluronic acid. This substance is found naturally in your body and is depleted as you age. Your skin reacts well as the injection replenishes it.

Hyaluronic acid is a “humectant.” That is a substance that retains moisture. It can bind over one thousand times its weight in water.  At Sculpt Spa Las Vegas, the most popular brand of Hyaluronic acid is used: Galderma’s dermal filler family. This family contains Restylane-L, Restylane Lyft, Restylane Contour, Restylane Refyne, Restylane Defyne and Restylane Kysse, each having its own benefits and characteristics. Our expert technicians can therefore plan out the exact right strategy for you that meets your custom needs and unique facial qualities.

Make sure to check our Restylane Kysse for its incredible effect on lips. It will increase their volume but still give flexibility and not harm your full range of expressions. Sculpt Spa Las Vegas is famous for special and unique techniques including the “fencing technique,” and the highly demanded “Russian Lip.” All aspects of your lips’ beauty are enhanced including their shape, symmetry, borders, tone, and texture.

Here are the other reasons Sculpt Spa Las Vegas clients describe our facial fillers as “awesome”:

1.     Your looks transform almost immediately
You will see your results in as little as a week as they continue to fully settle into your skin. Instant gratification never looked so good.

2.     The results look natural
Many cosmetic surgery results are obvious. Sculpt Spa Las Vegas fillers are subtle and natural looking. You will have an enhanced appearance that your friends and family may notice, but that appearance looks more like health and good rest rather than that you “had something done.”

3.     They inspire self-confidence
For many people, when they look in the mirror, they expect to see themselves as they have been when they were younger. Instead, the face staring back no longer fits their self-image. Facial fillers Las Vegas helps restore them to that image and boosts confidence.

4.     The results are long-lasting
Your lifestyle can extend or shorten the effects of your facial filler, but clients have reported their results lasting from six months to eighteen months to up to two years. Feel free to contact your Sculpt Spa Las Vegas esthetician for touch ups in the meantime!

5.     The injections are healthy for your skin
The injections restore the natural makeup to your skin and make it healthier. This helps your body increase the levels of collagen and elastin in your skin as well.

6.     The process has minimal risks
There might be minor redness and some swelling, but these fade quickly. Sculpt Spa Las Vegas is highly experienced and certified.

7.     They require little to no recovery time
The procedure is quick to implement, and you can go back to work right after it is done.

8.     Scars can be reduced
The Restylane injections can soften the scar tissue around the injection site. This will minimize and improve the appearance of the scar. The filler injections at Sculpt Spa Las Vegas can also help with many acne scars.

9.     You can further enhance your skin with vitamin injections
Sculpt Spa Las Vegas is also your premiere destination for vitamin injections. Many of the vitamin cocktails are B12 based which can aid in relaxation, detoxification, weight loss and exercise enhancement. For your skin, you should consider GLOW which improves the look and feel of your skin, hair and nails as it fights the causes of aging.

10.Facial fillers can be augmented with anti-wrinkle treatments
You can choose to include anti-wrinkle injections as well. Some of the lines in your face may be due to facial muscles contracting, lifting and pulling your skin. The repetition of these actions leaves wrinkles. Sculpt Spa Las Vegas neuromodulators block nerve impulses. These can create smoother, tighter looking skin, slim the jaw, lift your brows and more.

Certainly, a factor in the high client satisfaction with their facial fillers has to do with Sculpt Spa Las Vegas itself. It is dedicated to helping you be a better you with facial services and more. At Sculpt Spa, you find a stress and judgement free environment. The treatments are designed specifically for you in a focused and holistic way, paying attention to all the fine details.

SCULPT SPA  is Las Vegas’ leading provider of INJECTION TREATMENTS. We offer the latest hyaluronic acid dermal fillers from Galderma, with lip, facial, and anti-wrinkle treatments available for you.  


Sculpt Spa offers its services in a serene, nonjudgmental spa setting. With additional services including BODY CONTOURING, NAD+, and VITAMIN INJECTIONS, we are the ideal place for making a new you. TALK TO A SCULPT SPA PRO TODAY  about our injections and more!