For some, it is a question of do you want it hot, or do you want it cold?


CoolSculpting is a process that freezes your fat cells away, while SculpSure is a process that burns the fat cells away. When making the choice between the two processes, there are more facts to consider than simply cold and hot.

Torn Between CoolSculpting & SculpSure? 6 Things To Know First

Fat Removal Runs Hot And Cold

Both CoolSculpting and SculpSure are lipolysis procedures. Lipolysis is the physical destruction of subcutaneous fat cells in your body. Subcutaneous is the surface area fat that one pinches and gages how overweight they feel.  Your fat is stored in adipose tissues throughout your body in fat cells called lipids. These cells comprise of about twenty to twenty-five percent of a person’s total body mass.

Lipolysis reduces the tissue that stores fat by killing the lipids and turning them into smaller molecules of waste. This waste is then absorbed into the bloodstream and eliminated from the body through various means including sweat.

On a side note, Sculpt Spa Las Vegas recommends integrating its Las Vegas infrared sauna into the lipolysis regimen, so that your body has an increased avenue for eliminating the fat waste.

The fat removal process takes a number of weeks to complete, and when done, the fat cells are completely destroyed. Non-invasive lipolysis treatments have become increasingly more popular than surgical treatments due to their clinically proven results with none of the pain, downtime and infection risks of surgery.

Which One’s For Me?

In selecting the right lipolysis methodology for you, there are several facts to consider.  Sculpt Spa Las Vegas experts recommend CoolSculpting as the best alternative.

CoolSculpting is the top non-invasive fat reduction procedure on the market. It uses cryolipolysis. It selectively freezes and kills stubborn fat cells … but does not harm any of the skin or surrounding tissues. There have been more than eight million CoolSculpting treatments performed worldwide, so its track record is not just anecdotally sound, but the client satisfaction rates are statistically sound.

CoolSculpting at Sculpt Spa is a very customized and personal experience. Sculpt Spa is dedicated to your complete satisfaction starting with a hugely convenient online booking system, a commitment-free consultation leveraging our wealth of experience, to and individually tailored body contouring plan based completely on your objectives.

SculpSure, on the other hand, creates lipolysis with a laser. This heat-based process is called apoptosis and heats the lipids to shrink them. It emits pulses of heat energy into the subdermal layer of skin in the treated area. The fat is melted with flat applicators that are combined with cooling plates, so you do not get burned. Like the cells treated with CoolSculpting, they are expelled through the body as waste.

Here are facts that you may want to consider as you evaluate your fat-removal options:

1.     Hot or cold
The FDA considers the main difference between the two to be the methodology.  CoolSculpting is fat freezing, and the other is heating laser fat removal.

2.     CoolSculpting treats more areas
CoolSculpting can sculpt and contour up to thirteen different areas of your body. SculpSure is only approved to treat half those areas.

3.     SculpSure may remove only about half the fat amount
Experts have observed that SculpSure removes only about 11% of the fat in the treated area. CoolSculpting has been observed to remove about 20 to 27%. The fat cells removed in each are permanently gone. CoolSculpting has more clinical data behind its procedure, so its track record is more documented.

4.     Treatment times vary
SculpSure does take place in a faster treatment appointment. It can be done in about 25 minutes compared to 25 minutes to an hour for CoolSculpting. A fair question would be whether the speed of the treatment is also reflected in how effective each are.

5.     Regaining fat is more of an issue with SculpSure
As stated, both processes permanently remove the cells they target. The remaining fat cells can grow however if an effective diet and workout regimen is not developed. Because SculpSure has lighter results than CoolSculpting, there is likely more remaining fat cells in the area with the potential of growing.

6.     CoolSculpting is more popular
In rating studies that have been conducted, CoolSculpting has earned higher satisfaction ratings from treated patients. Most studies put CoolSculpting at a 73% satisfaction rating, with SculpSure’s numbers varying, but lower than the CoolSculpting rates.


While CoolSculpting with the expert team at SculptSpa Las Vegas comes with the highest recommendations, either CoolSculpting Las Vegas or SculpSure are recommended over surgical procedures like liposuction. Liposuction requires cutting, stitching, and anesthetizing. It has significant surgical pain and weeks of recovery time required.

SCULPT SPA is proud to offer services that support your total body contouring and wellness goals.  From CoolSculpting that freezes fat cells and kills them non-surgically, to our offerings of B12 injections, facial fillers, anti-wrinkle treatments and more, we’ll help you make your objectives a reality.

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