Most people deal with unwanted fat.

Even those who exercise rigorously, there are pockets of body fat that simply won’t … seem … to … go … away! (You can read that with the clenched teeth we see our clients exhibit as they describe their frustration.

Sculpt Spa Las Vegas is certainly your most popular go-to spot for body contouring consultation. We are eager to discuss your goals and put you on a plan to achieve them. We focus on your total wellness and health whether internal, with our vitamin and NAD+ injections (including the best B12 shots in Las Vegas) to our detoxifying infrared sauna Las Vegas. We also offer facial and anti-wrinkle injections to tone your facial looks and provide symmetry.

We are especially known for the cutting edge of fat removal – we are the premiere provider of CoolSculpting Elite in Las Vegas, the cryolipolysis process that selectively freezes and kills stubborn fat cells without harming your skin or surrounding tissue.

Several clients who have been thrilled with their CoolSculpting Elite results came to us after considering liposuction. After learning some of the basic truths about CoolSculpting vs liposuction, they turned to us for the non-surgical option. And as we said, they were glad they did.

Truths About Liposuction & Why CoolSculpting Elite Is Better

8 Basic Truths About Liposuction You Need To Know

Should you be thinking about liposuction, here are some basic truths you need to consider:

1.     You risk deformity
The Mayo Clinic has indicated that liposuction may leave the patient with un-even fat removal which leaves your skin bumpy or wavy. Your skin can have poor elasticity or have a spotted appearance due to the cannula tube used in the surgical procedure. According to the clinic, these results can be with you indefinitely. CoolSculpting, on the other hand does not harm your surrounding tissue.

2.     Fluids can accumulate
Patients have reported that fluid, or seromas, can form under the skin after liposuction.

3.     There are risks of infections
There are risks of contracting skin infections when getting liposuction surgery, including life threatening ones. There are documented reports of group A streptococcus infections, and necrotizing fasciitis infections that have been contracted.

4.     There is a potential that one of your internal organs may get punctured
There have been documented cases where the patient’s large intestine was punctured during liposuction and the leakage infected his kidneys, liver, pancreas, and lungs. Another patient lost an enormous amount of blood when her kidney was punctured during liposuction, and she passed away.

5.     The lidocaine used may cause toxicity
Lidocaine is often used during liposuction to help manage pain. It is an anesthetic and is often safe. When it is not safe, the results can be bad. It can cause circumoral numbness to the mouth and throat in which the patient has trouble swallowing and may have some choking, as well as tongue paresthesia. It can affect your vital organs including your brain and your heart. You can also experience dizziness, tinnitus, blurred vision, agitation, nervousness and paranoia as a result. Some seizures have been documented as well. Lidocaine toxicity may cause the heart to stop and can be fatal. Any type of anesthesia has significant risks and may cause complications during any surgery.

6.     Your kidney, heart and lungs can develop issues as a result
Drastic changes in your internal fluid levels caused by the surgery can cause severe problems to these organs. Surgery causes damage to blood and lymph vessels and surrounding tissue, and this damage creates a clear fluid in response.

7.     Fat can breakaway during liposuction and clog arteries
Unlike CoolSculpting, which freezes and kills fat cells, and the cells are them methodically washed away by your body, liposuction moves full fat cells. Loose pieces of fat may break away and get trapped in blood vessels. They can travel to your brain or gather in your lungs. There are documented accounts where this has caused fat embolism medical emergencies including cases where the embolism blocked the patient’s lungs and caused death. The signs of pulmonary emboli (fat clots in the lungs) may be shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. If you have the signs or symptoms of fat emboli after liposuction, it is important for you to seek emergency medical care immediately.

8.     Skin and nerve damage can occur
CoolSculpting does not damage your skin with the CoolSculpting Elite process.  This is not true of liposuction. The skin above the liposuction may become necrotic, which means it actually dies. It will change color and be sloughed off. Skin necrosis can become infected with bacteria and micro-organisms as well. Liposuction can also cause burns in your skin and compress the nerves. Your skin then will either have increased sensitivity or complete loss of feeling. This nerve damage can be permanent. The only thing permanent about CoolSculpting is your loss of fat cells.

Sculpt Spa Las Vegas has a better alternative to liposuction. Sculpt Spa proudly provides CoolSculpting Elite in Las Vegas.

Why CoolSculpting Elite Is Better Than Liposuction

The CoolSculpting Elite system uses controlled cooling that will target and freeze a portion of the fat cells under your skin. The fat cells are killed, and your body purges them from your body. This treatment is non-invasive. There’s no needles and no surgery.

Most importantly, there is no downtime. You can fit this into your busy schedule without skipping a beat. The treatment can take as little as 35 minutes on up to an hour.

Our LAS VEGAS COOLSCULPTING services are the most popular non-surgical fat loss option in the valley. 

Sculpt Spa Las Vegas also offers VITAMIN INJECTIONS that aid in your plan to lose inches without dieting. Take advantage of our LEAN vitamin cocktail of B12, MIC and L-Carnitine, which helps covert fat into energy, and our ATHLETE cocktail of BCAA: Isoleucine/Leucine/Valine which are the building blocks for protein synthesis and will build your muscles.

Also take advantage of Sculpt Spa’s LAS VEGAS INFRARED SAUNA. This advanced therapy increases your heart rate and cardiac output and can burn up to 600 calories per session.