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Water: Your Body’s Fuel For Wellness
Water plays a huge role in your health and wellness.

The Skinny on Infrared Spas

Infrared spas come with incredible health and wellness benefits which include detoxing as sweat from your body accelerates the release of your accumulated toxins. Infrared sauna benefits allow you to relax and burn up to 600 calories as the sauna mimics cardiovascular exercise. You will relax and your cortisol levels will balance out as your stress reduces and your mood improves.

Plus, collagen increases production and blood flows to your skin to improve your complexion. Meanwhile your body is having an immune reaction and responds to the mimicked fever it thinks you are experiencing. Your body’s muscles are receiving oxygenated blood which removes metabolic waste and reduces pain and inflammation.

All while you enjoy your favorite “binge watch.”

As the water in your body is used in the sauna process, it is important to note that you need to replace it and drink more of it. In fact, even when not using our Las Vegas infrared sauna, water intake in the high desert is vitally important.

11 Important Facts About Your Body, Water, & You

Here are the things you need to know about water, and how it enhances your body’s wellness:

1.     Drink water that contains electrolytes after your sauna
While you are replenishing your water that has sweated out, it is a good idea to also replace the electrolytes with which it may be enhanced. If you don’t replace them through a water source, chicken, fish, milk, yogurt, greens, sweet potatoes, avocados, mangoes, pomegranates, and bananas are good sources.

2.     Your body’s water supply regulates your temperature
The sweat you experience during your sauna is part of the water-based temperature regulation process for your body. If you do not replace it after you lose it through sweating, your body temperature will rise.

3.     Water keeps you from aching
Drinking water lubricates and cushions your joints and tissues as well as your spinal cord. If you have arthritis issues, drinking a lot of water can lessen them.

4.     Water affects your strength, power and endurance
Taking in water as you are doing endurance training is a must. High intensity sports make you susceptible to dehydration. That dehydration can cause a decrease in blood pressure, hyperthermia, and in worst cases, seizures. Water may also enhance your metabolism, as studies have shown up to a 30% increase in metabolism from water consumption.

5.     Water is vital in your digestive system
Drinking water before, during and after eating helps break down your foods better. It helps dissolve vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in your food and transports them throughout your body. It, along with an intake of magnesium and fiber, helps to prevent constipation.

6.     Water may help you lose fat
Studies have shown that drinking water while dieting and exercising has increased the loss of fat achieved. Of course, if you are looking for a super effective fat loss method—talk to us about CoolSculpting Elite in Las Vegas! It freezes your fat, and the water in your body gently washes those dead cells away over the following weeks.

7.     Water helps to prevent illness
Water running through your body helps reduce the risk of urinary tract infections like cystitis by clearing the bladder of infection. It can also ward off kidney stones, exercise-induced asthma, and hypertension.

8.     Water improves your thoughts and feelings
Studies have shown that dehydration negatively impacts your focus, short-term memory and how alert you are. Dehydration also fuels fatigue and anxiety often leaving you with a feeling of confusion.

9.     You don’t literally have to drink water to drink water
Water is obviously the best source of… water. You can get water in other drinks as well, however. Milk is 90% water. Other sources are coffee, tea, soup and juice. Eating fruit also is a great source of water. Twenty percent of your water intake each day comes from food.

10.You should replace your daily water loss
Your body is made up of about 50-75% water. Adults lose between 2.5 to 3 liters of water a day, The body does not store water, so for good health, you need to replace that which was lost.

11.Drinking water actually reduces “water weight gain”
You might fear that drinking a lot of water will enhance fluid retention or “water weight.” It actually has the opposite effect. Excess sodium in the body is the cause of fluid retention, and by drinking more water, you not only rid yourself of excess sodium, but your body gets the signal that it does not need to try and hold water.

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