You could say “difficult” is the definition of muscle definition. 

Getting that cut, chiseled look is one of the toughest things to achieve when working out. It involves patience, steady training, a detailed nutrition plan, and above all else, time. Genetics and hormones play a role, too. 

Seriously: You can train like a champ, work every day at a gym, and if you’re doing too much cardio (or even training too hard) you might not get that look you’ve been sweating for before you go on that cruise or hit that beach. 

Although it won’t turn you into a superhero overnight, Allergan’s CoolTone™ body contouring system might be the finishing touch your physique needs. State-of-the-art and non-invasive, CoolTone™ uses magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) to firm up and tone muscles in as little as a half-hour. 

Man exercising after CoolTone session.

A Quick Primer On Muscle Building And Definition 

You build muscles by damaging them. When you build muscles through exercise by strength and/or resistance training, you test your muscles by making them work harder by lifting increased weight or resistance. These acts damage the muscle fibers. 

This process is a good thing. See, the body repairs damaged muscle fibers by fusing them, which in turn increases muscle mass. Over time, this pattern of damage and repair is why muscles get bigger … and you get stronger. 

For many people, strength isn’t enough. They might have a particular physique they’re aiming for, or perhaps they just want the world to see the results of their hard work the next time they hit the beach or the resort pool. Getting good muscle definition – that ripped look – means combining muscle development with a low body fat percentage. 

And we mean low: for many, the target is around seven to eight percent body fat. 

There’s plenty of great ways to reduce body fat., from diet tips to vitamin injections. Done safely and correctly, this process takes time: although more study needs to be done, a safe rate of body fat loss comes out to around 1% per month. 

Losing weight too quickly isn’t just unhealthy – it can be risky. Extreme weight loss can leave you too tired to exercise and even cause the body to use muscle cells as fuel, undoing all the hard work you’ve been doing. 

So, what’s an alternative for a person who wants to define themselves a little more in a shorter amount of time? 

Getting Cut With CoolTone™: The Newest Noninvasive Body Contouring Life Hack On The Market 

Back to muscle building. As you build muscles, they go through certain movements called contractions. These repeated contractions are fundamental for building muscle, both for strength and definition. 

CoolTone™ uses MMP (or what Allergan calls active magnetic pulse or AMP technology) to supercharge those contractions by sending electromagnetic energy through the skin into the muscle tissue. In one session, CoolTone™ can cause over 20,000 contractions to occur in muscles being treated. 

For you, this means clear muscle definition in literal days. While it’s not intended to replace a workout routine or a diet, CoolTone™ can enhance your physique quickly. Think of it as a hot (or cool) life hack giving you a quick boost over the finish line to the look you’ve been working towards. 

What’s A CoolTone™ Session Look And Feel Like? 

First things first: CoolTone™ is noninvasive. There’s no surgery, no aftercare, and no recovery time. 

Instead, CoolTone™ delivers electromagnetic stimulation to muscles by using two devices that look a little like flat paddles. These paddles are usually secured to a person via a flexible strap. 

Next, the attendant will determine an appropriate level of stimulation with the person receiving the treatment. In general, people experience sensations of vibration during a session. The attendant will generally increase the intensity of the vibration over a series of sessions. Most CoolTone™ sessions take around 30 minutes. 

Afterwards, some people report feeling a soreness similar to that experienced after an intense workout. As for results, some patients notice differences in their physique within days, although most will see results from sessions inside of a month. Improvements to muscle mass can last for up to six months, too. 

Slab of ice.

Why Not Emsculpt? 

CoolTone™ has a distinct advantage over its closest market competitor. Emsculpt only treats certain areas of the. Plus, it can be a little confusing to determine who should and shouldn’t use Emsculpt, too. 

With CoolTone™, you can firm up excess fat virtually anywhere on the body. CoolTone™ also uses AMP, newer and slightly more powerful technology to achieve its results than its older competitor. 

Sculpt Spa: Your Destination For CoolTone™ And More 

The leading aesthetic spa in Las Vegas, Sculpt Spa offers both CoolTone™ and CoolSculpting™, a body contouring technique also designed by Allergan. Intended to work together, CoolSculpting™ is an additional noninvasive body contouring method that uses cold to freeze and destroy stubborn fat cells. 

Our comfortable, spa-like location is the ideal place to work on yourself while relaxing. Whether you’re checking your email during a CoolTone™, vibing in our infrared spa, or selecting the perfect mix from our range of vitamin and aesthetic injections, Sculpt Spa offers a huge range of aesthetic services for every need and every person. 

You can have a new you sooner than you can imagine. Contact a Sculpt Spa pro today!