Look – we get why doing your research is important. When you’re shopping for a non-invasive way to get rid of stubborn fat deposits, it makes sense to check things out first, like reviewing before and after pictures, browsing a manufacturer’s website … or even reading a blog. 

It’s also easy to come across misinformation, especially when you’re looking into cosmetic procedures. 

CoolSculpting™ is the longest, most popular, and most effective body contouring system on the planet. It’s helped thousands of people achieve the results they wanted and is safe and noninvasive. 

That exposure has brought some persistent rumors along with it. Let’s examine some of the more persistent rumors about CoolSculpting™ and dispel them. 

MYTH: CoolSculpting™ Hurts. 

REALITY: While it’s important to remember everybody’s sensations and experiences are different, it’s a pretty good stretch to call a CoolSculpting™ session painful. 

The procedure does create certain sensations, though. Many feel a pulling or slight pinching sensation from the applicator, and there is an initial sensation of intense cold which quickly goes numb. But there’s no need for anesthesia with CoolSculpting™. It’s a completely non-invasive procedure (there’s no cutting, injections, or probes involved) and as for recovery time, there isn’t any. You’re back on your feet as soon as the procedure’s over. 

Liposuction’s another story. Thanks to anesthesia, this invasive and complex medical procedure are relatively painless during the operation … but recovery can be painful. Even if it’s done well, side effects include swelling, bruising, and lingering soreness around the treated area. Patients often have to wear compression garments and drains, too. 

MYTH: CoolSculpting™ Doesn’t Work. 

REALITY: The pictures in our before & after gallery speak for themselves. CoolSculpting™ is an FDA-cleared fat reduction method that uses targeted cold to freeze and destroy stubborn fat cells. Known as cryolipolysis, the procedure generally reduces between 20% and 25% of fat cells in the treated area. The cells are naturally eliminated by the body over months. 

One important thing to keep in mind is CoolSculpting™ isn’t magic. Cryolipolysis will never replace exercise and a healthy diet. CoolSculpting™ is a way to remove stubborn areas of fat that don’t respond to diet or exercise. The fat cells destroyed by cryolipolysis only come out to one or two pounds. 

Also, it’s important to know results from a CoolSculpting™ session take time to show. Most people notice a difference in their appearance around three weeks after their treatment, with the most dramatic results showing around two months later. 

Some even notice continued improvement six months after treatment. 

MYTH: CoolSculpting™ Isn’t Permanent. 

REALITY: When it comes to fat cells destroyed by CoolSculpting™, dead is dead. This procedure has been clinically proven to create permanent results – areas that have been treated by cryolipolysis have a permanent reduction of fat cells. 

Here’s the thing, though. The fat cells which remain can still get bigger if you don’t exercise and eat a healthy diet. As we said, CoolSculpting™ isn’t magic. However, the areas on your body treated with this method will still appear slimmer than they would if you hadn’t had cryolipolysis. 

MYTH: CoolSculpting™ Only Works On The Stomach. 

REALITY: Wrong! Unlike other body contouring methods, CoolSculpting™ is cleared by the FDA to work on many areas of the body, including: 

  • Under Abdomen 
  • Bra/back fat 
  • Love handles 
  • Inner and outer thighs 
  • Under the buttocks 

MYTH: CoolSculpting Is For Everyone. 

REALITY: CoolSculpting™, like all cosmetic procedures, isn’t always the right fit for everyone. It’s a good idea to check in with your medical provider whenever you decide to go through with any procedure, even a minor, non-invasive one like cryolipolysis. First, you should be in good health – having an untreated (or unknown) medical procedure might create complications. Secondly, if you have the following somewhat rare conditions, you should avoid CoolSculpting™: 

  •         Cold urticaria: A condition which creates hives on the skin when it gets cold
  •        Cryoglobulnemia: People with this condition have unusual proteins in their blood which thicken in cold temperatures
  •         Paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria: A form of anemia where red blood cells are destroyed by cold temperatures

Secondly, if you’re either pregnant or considering getting pregnant it might be best to wait after you give birth. Also, pregnancy changes the body drastically – it might wind up making your CoolSculpting™ sessions pointless. 

Thirdly, this procedure rewards planning and routines. While CoolSculpting™ permanently destroys fat cells, it’s not a weight loss plan. You need to be committed to an active and healthy lifestyle for the best results. 

Finally, you should only get CoolSculpting™ if it’s what you want for yourself. Like other cosmetic procedures, it should never be something someone else pressures you into doing. CoolSculpting™ should be about boosting your self-confidence and happiness – and no one else’s. 

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