About Sculpt Spa

Why Sculpt Spa


The Sculpt Spa team has a wealth of experience in body contouring as both providers and clients. The team is led by Sonya, who is a Registered Nurse with over 8 years of experience as an aesthetic injector and CoolSculptingTM provider. The degree of expertise in our team, coupled with advanced CoolSculptingTM training, guarantees you the best level of advice and care throughout your journey towards self-improvement.


At Sculpt Spa, we are dedicated to helping you achieve a better you by curating and coupling the proven results of CoolSculptingTM with the powerful health benefits of the sauna. We understand that choosing a provider is an important decision and, as previous patients ourselves, we are dedicated to providing a completely stress & judgement-free environment. As our approach is both focused and holistic, we pay greater attention to the finer details, making your experience one of satisfaction and fulfilment. We achieve our mission of facilitating your body sculpting goals using state of the art CoolSculptingTM technology combined with our infrared saunas – this three-step method enables us to successfully target and permanently kill fat cells, strengthen and tone muscles, and burn calories while detoxing to promote optimal results.


To accommodate your busy schedule, our office is open for extended hours including evenings and weekends. We pride ourselves on meeting our client’s scheduling needs and are more than happy to work flexibly. Because we fully understand that life is fast paced and time is a precious commodity, we operate two CoolSculptingTM systems to facilitate “dual-sculpting” – this allows you to target two different body areas simultaneously, making the best use of your valuable time.


Our priority is to provide you with an enhanced and unique experience, dedicating ourselves to ensuring your complete satisfaction. You will have access to an easy to use and convenient online appointment booking system, a complimentary commitment-free consultation, and an individually tailored body contouring plan to achieve your aims. In addition to this, our rooms are equipped with the following amenities:
  • Smart TVs streaming Netflix and Hulu.
  • Plush spa robes.
  • Luxurious lounge chairs for added comfort.
  • Refreshments and healthy snacks.