Sculpt Spa Las Vegas values its clients and has their health and well-being front of mind. Whether coming in to see us for enhancements to body image, by taking advantage of our CoolSculpting treatments, for example, clients are encouraged to embrace a total health perspective. 

Sculpt Spa offers vitamin injections which affect the body’s emotional response, and Sculpt Spa’s infrared sauna is a great platform for valuable mediation and stress relief. Each of the services offered at Sculpt Spa’s Spring Valley location can contribute to factors that supports our clients’ emotional wellness. Here is a list of some key factors to check in with your emotional wellness. 

  1. Strengthen your emotional resilience 
    Experts say that people who are emotionally well have fewer negative emotions and are able to hone resilience. They hold onto positive emotions longer and appreciate the good times. As a result, studies have shown, they experience less daily stress and emotional disruption. Choose to be grateful in a wide variety of situations and try to nurture positive rather than negative emotions. Emotionally healthy people feel gratitude for their lives focus on the good in their experiences. They’re appreciative the more spiritual aspects of their lives. 
  2. Reduce stress 
    Most people embrace some level of stress. It can give you a rush of energy and help you accomplish mission critical tasks. If it lasts too long, it becomes chronic stress. Your bodily responses to it become harmful rather than helpful. Chronic stress causes harm, including weight gain, damaged skin and wrinkles, and bodily storage of toxins. For stress reduction, get increased rest and exercise, and take regular breaks. Sculpt Spa Las Vegas is here to provide an incredible stress vacation in its infrared sauna experience, as well as provide anti-stress vitamin regimens.  
  3. Become mindful 
    This is a simple concept. It means to become completely aware of what is happening in the present both from inside you as well as all around you. It means to stop operating on “auto pilot” and being in an oblivious state.  Meditation is widely considered to be the focal point of becoming mindful. Spend at least 10 minutes every day enjoying an infrared sauna, eating without distractions, or being focused on exactly what is going on in your body and its feelings. Yoga and Tai Chi are mindfulness enhancing disciplines.
  4. Get sleep 
    With the pressures of life, many people sacrifice sleep. Sleep is a vital component to our mental and physical health, however. Sleep is a foundation of your wellbeing. With it, you think more clearly, you focus, and your reflexes are sharper. Take the steps needed to get a good night sleep, preferably the recommended 8 hours. Clear your sleep space from including technology and media. Exercising on a daily basis increases your margin of deep sleep. Wellness services at Sculpt Spa Las Vegas include vitamins, infrared sauna, and CoolTone, and all can enhance your sleep experience. 
  5. Confront your grief 
    The further you get in life, the more chances to experience loss.  When someone you love dies, your world changes. The death of a loved one can feel overwhelming. Many people make it through a grieving process with their family or friend circle of support. Actively look for healthy ways to help you through difficult times. No one teaches you the path to get through, but healthy coping skills give you the means to design your own way. Focus on your physical and mental health and find support.   
  6. Develop social connections 
    Look to family, friends, and new acquaintances to establish your healthy support system. Strong social connections are strong environments in which to regulate your emotional wellness. Social connections have been observed to protect health and lengthen life. Scientists state that they can have powerful effects on our health—both emotionally and physically.   

Athletic woman sitting in lotus pose.

People Who Achieve Emotional Wellness Are Usually Content With Themselves 

Emotionally well people have the general sense that they’re living the lives they’ve always hoped to live. They nurture themselves physically and psychologically by doing what is beneficial for them, and they practice self-care. They are not often complainers, and in fact, seek out those who are often trying to become better people and help those around them do the same. They generally have a well-developed sense of well-being and feel that they have a reason to wake up in the morning. Their perspective is one of seeing life’s bigger picture. They are consciously aware of their core values. They can identify what’s most important to them, and how to focus on those values. Their drive gives their life meaning, in business, with friends, with family or in giving back to the society they are in. 

Apart from the array of wellness services it provides, Sculpt Spa Las Vegas has created a social environment in which clients can escape, de-stress and focus on their personal emotional and physical wellness. Sculpt Spa in Las Vegas can be your great stress relief destination. By taking care of yourself and reducing stress levels, specifically with infrared spa outings with friends, or appointments to have B12-based injections, you can come have fun while producing dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine — which in turn, can lead to a longer, healthier life.  

Remember, there’s nothing like the infrared sauna experience at  Sculpt Spa, Las Vegas’ premier destination for aesthetic treatments. At our Las Vegas infrared spa, you’ll enjoy your private spa suite, check out the latest must-watch streams via Netflix and Hulu, and get a refreshing eucalyptus towel at the end.  Book an infrared spa session with Sculpt Spa today.