Like a bad storm, there’s warning signs. Some people see flashing lights or feel tingling sensations. 

And then the pain hits. 

Some have described it as being like a drill or an icepick in their brains. The pain can last for hours or days, and afterwards there’s hangover-like effects such as mental fog, feeling drained, and even brief flashes of pain. 

Migraine headaches are awful. They can take an otherwise healthy person out of commission for days, and their exact causes aren’t known. While there’s drugs to treat migraine pain and prevent them, they can be expensive and must be taken daily. 

Fortunately, there’s another way – vitamin B12 and other supplements may help stave off migraines and reduce their intensity. 

Woman holding her hand on her head due to migraine.

Vitamin B12: Taking A Best Shot Against Migraines 

Vitamin B12 deficiency has been a suspected culprit in migraines for a long time, although a direct link has yet to be found. Nevertheless, multiple studies have shown a relationship between vitamin B12 and these intense headaches. 

Consider this study from 2019. Researchers compared the levels of B12 in 70 migraine patients and 70 people who didn’t experience migraines. Since it’s very hard to get an accurate measure of B12 in people, the researchers instead searched for levels of methylmalonic acid (MMA) as its levels rise when B12 levels decrease. 

Subjects with the lowest levels of MMA were overwhelming less likely to experience migraines. Meanwhile, subjects with a high rate of MMA were five times more likely to suffer migraines. 

study from a decade earlier showed similar results. This study measured the levels of the amino acid homocysteine in migraine sufferers. Like MMA, high levels of homocysteine are a sign of low B12 levels. The subjects were given B12, folic acid, and other supplements, which dropped their homocysteine levels – and both reduced disability from migraines as well as the pain. 

Vitamin B12 isn’t a cure for migraines – although these studies show it seems to have a positive effect in reducing the frequency and severity of the headaches. Plus, given B12’s importance in the body – and it’s not a vitamin our bodies make – it’s easy to see other benefits to taking B12 supplements like vitamin shots. 

There’s other minerals and vitamins which can help treat migraines as well. 

Additional Migraine Fighters Include Folic Acid, Magnesium 

Folic acid is a synthetic form of folate, a name for the natural form of vitamin B9 most commonly found in the food we eat. It’s commonly taken as a supplement and our food is often supplemented with it. 

For good reason: while high levels of folic acid have health risks of their own, low levels of vitamin B9 have been associated with cancer, stroke, heart disease, and birth defects. 

What does folic acid do? Basically, it’s fuel for bone marrow – it helps the marrow produce red blood cells. For people who don’t have enough folic acid, they may develop a condition called folate-deficiency anemia. Among other symptoms, this form of anemia can also cause migraines. 

As for folic acid itself, The Migraine Institute cites a study published in The Journal of Headache and Pain examining folic acid’s potential in treating migraines. In the study, migraine patients were given a low dose of folic acid along with B12 and B6 vitamins were less likely to experienced reduced migraine symptoms as opposed to patients who received a higher level of folic acid. 

Lemon infused vitamin water.

What Are Migraines? 

If you’ve ever had one, you know the answer to that question. Migraines are a type of severe headache. They cause severe pulsing and/or throbbing pain and can last from a few hours to days in length. Often, people suffering from migraines experience vomiting, nausea, and intense sensitivity to light & sound. 

Sometimes, people with migraines can experience a sort of early warning called a prodrome. They might experience mood changes, stiffness in the neck, fluid retention, and other symptoms. Next come auras: visual symptoms like flashes of light and physical sensations like tingling in the face and extremities. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, the causes of migraine headaches aren’t entirely understood. They might be caused as a result of structural and chemical changes in the brain; serotonin and other neurotransmitters may play a role, too. 

Migraine Triggers: Potential Causes Of The Most Severe Type Of Headache 

The Mayo Clinic identifies multiple potential causes of migraine headaches. Environmental, physical, and dietary factors all may play a role in bringing on a migraine. Some possible migraine triggers include: 

  • Alcohol and caffeine intake, along with certain food additives like MSG and artificial sweeteners 
  • Medications such as vasodilators and oral contraceptives 
  • Lifestyle changes like intense physical activity, changes in sleep, and work stress 
  • Changes in the weather 
  • Flashing lights, loud sounds, strong smells, and other intense sensations 

It’s important to not confuse a migraine with other headaches. The Mayo Clinic recommends seeing a doctor – or heading to the emergency room – if your headache occurs in the following ways: 

  • After a head injury 
  • Comes on very quickly like a thunderclap 
  • Accompanied by a fever, a stiff neck, seizures, or numbness & weakness in any part of the body – these are symptoms of a stroke 
  • If it’s a new headache pain after age 50 
  • Chronic headache pain after coughing, physical activity, straining, or sudden movements 

Migraines are more common in women than men and seem to have a genetic component. Smoking is also a major risk factor for migraines. 

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