What’s the best thing to do in an infrared sauna? 

Nothing. Well, aside from sweating, that is. 

Doing nothing is precisely what makes infrared saunas so relaxing. For up to an hour, you can go into a quiet, calm cabin and shut the rest of the world out, focusing on simply being present as you enjoy the heat. No deadlines, no pressure; just you and your thoughts. 

If you’re new to the infrared sauna experience, though, there are a few things you can do before, during, and after your infrared sauna which will make the experience even more enjoyable. If you’re new to the experience, these tips also make for great habits. Not only will you get the most out of your infrared sauna, but you’ll also ensure the person who uses the sauna after you enjoys it as well. 

Woman lying in an infrared sauna.

Pregame: What To Do Before An Infrared Sauna 

What’s The Best Time For An Infrared Sauna? Any time is good for an infrared sauna (except after you’ve just had a meal) but many people think the early morning or right before turning in for the night are the best times to use one. 

Wait A Couple Of Hours After You Eat. Don’t use a sauna immediately after you’ve had a meal. When our bodies digest food, our system rushes blood to the stomach and digestive system. In a sauna, the heat causes blood to rush o the skin. This sudden change can make some people feel very dizzy and uncomfortable, especially if they’re elderly. 

If you can’t get around avoiding a meal before your session, don’t worry – just limit your food intake to lighter foods. You might want to avoid meat, pastries, heavier pasta dishes, and so on. 

Make Sure You Start Slowly. One of the big advantages of an infrared sauna is the heat they produce is far less intense than a traditional sauna. However, if you’re new to the sweat scene, even an infrared sauna can be a bit overwhelming. If this is your first time, try limiting your sessions to around a half-hour after you break a sweat for the first time. That’ll keep you comfortable. 

Once you feel like you’re used to the infrared sauna experience, you can take a longer session. Also, don’t be surprised if you don’t sweat a lot during your first session. If your body isn’t used to sweating you might find your first experience in an infrared sauna is a little … dry. That’s fine, just remember to keep your first experience on the short side. 

Remember To Hydrate. Sweating causes us to lose fluids, and this is true for an infrared sauna. Drink plenty of water or other healthy beverages before, during, and after your infrared sauna. 

Also, never drink alcohol during a sauna. Aside from potentially causing slips and falls, the combination of alcohol and sauna heat can mess with your heart’s rhythms. 

Sweating It Out: What To Do During An Infrared Sauna 

Turn Your Phone Off. Seriously, it’s fine. Detach from the world a little bit. This is supposed to be about you. 

Keep Hydrating. Sip water or another hydrating beverage as you sweat – that’ll keep you comfortable and stop you from becoming dehydrated. 

Pay Attention To Yourself. Again, if you don’t have a history of sweating you might not sweat much the first few times you use an infrared sauna. However, it’s also important to make sure you don’t overheat. If you feel symptoms like: 

  •         Lightheadedness
  •         Headaches
  •         Upset stomach

You need to end your session immediately. Something else to remember: While raising your body temperature is the point of this exercise, a body temperature above 102°F is dangerous. If you’re being treated for circulatory conditions, heart disease, or diabetes, check with your physician before using an infrared spa. 

What To Wear? This depends on the rules of your infrared spa. In general, workout attire is fine; swimsuits work great, too. Infrared heat easily penetrates clothing, so if you feel more comfortable covering up a little in your spa, go ahead. If your spa allows you to wear less, well … that’s up to you. 

Use Towels. This is a bit of advice that’ll ensure the sauna’s pleasant for everyone. Layering towels on the bench to absorb your sweat will keep things clean and sanitary. 

Stretch A Little. By stretching your extremities, back, and neck, you’ll make the most of the heat. 

The Cooldown: What To Do After Your Infrared Sauna Session 

Keep On Hydrating. It’s okay to continue sipping on water or something else hydrating once you leave the sauna. 

Relax And Cool Down. You’re still going to sweat once the heat goes off, so just keep relaxing after you’ve finished your session. 

Take A Shower. Most spas will have some sort of shower and changing area so you can rinse yourself off and get back into your regular clothes. Also, try taking a warm shower. A cold shower seems like a natural choice because it closes up your pores, a warm shower will help you get the most out of any skincare products you’re using. 

A picture of a clean empty infrared sauna.

The Takeaway: Doing An Infrared Sauna The Right Way Makes It Better For Everyone 

Knowing your limits will keep you comfortable and happy in an infrared sauna – you’ll emerge from it feeling like a new person instead of wrung out and uncomfortable. Also, following all the guidelines and rules of a spa makes the experience pleasant for everyone, so if your spa has them established, make sure you obey them. 

That said, there’s no better (or easier) self-care routine to incorporate into your active lifestyle than an infrared sauna. After sweating out your toxins, worries, and problems, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them. 

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