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Sculpt Spa also specializes in quality vitamin injections to boost your wellness and enhance your body toning goals from anti-aging to muscle tone. Specifically, our vitamin B12 based injections generate increased wellness and a boost to a weight loss plan.

10 Wonderful Effects of Vitamin B12 Injections

The BOOSTER B12 shot gives you a boost of energy, sharpens your focus and improves your mood. It is a great kickstart to your week!  The LEAN B12-based shot also contains MIC and L-Carnitine. It helps you optimize your weight loss by boosting your metabolism. Your body will react by increasing mobilization and burning even more fat.

Vitamin B12 injections have a variety of wonderful effects. Since studies have shown that 50% of the American public has B12 deficiencies, it is a good time to consider the following list of B12 benefits and decide if they are right for you.

1.     They give you more energy
B12 is required for proper energy production through a molecule it develops called adenosine triphosphate in your body’s mitochondria.

2.     Injections of B12 are much more efficient
Absorption of B12 from food or supplements can be slow, and not be absorbed at all through your GI tract. So even if you are consuming B12 otherwise, you still may be experiencing deficiency due to malabsorption. Injections bypass the digestive system and GI tract entirely. They allow for 100% absorption into the body and are soaked up into your cells where they can do their work.

3.     They burn your calories
Vitamin B12 injections increase your metabolism. Metabolism represents the number of calories you burn while at rest—and those calories make up about 90% of the calories you burn on any given day. B12 deficiency is a major cause of low metabolism.

4.     They improve your ability to sleep and your quality of sleep
B12 injections produce melatonin which can greatly affect your sleep and wake cycles. In this way, B12 can help you fall to sleep better and more thoroughly. It also produces serotonin which then influences deep sleep. This affects your circadian rhythm which regulates the quality and depth of your deep sleeping.

5.     They help with weight loss
Because of the other benefits already discussed, B12 injections do help increase your ability to lose weight. With a more thorough sleep, an increased metabolism, and more energy, you are gaining significant contributors to successful weight loss. With an appropriate diet, and some good exercise, B12 injections will help improve your results.

6.     They are good for vegans
If you are eating a vegan diet, B12 is difficult to get through the food you are consuming. B12 shots are vegan supporting but provide the nutrient you need.

7.     They may boost your immune system
Studies have shown B12 to rectify abnormalities in your CD4/CD8 T cells. The T cell system is the process that fights off viruses and bacteria with which you come into contact. Disruption of this ratio means that you may become at risk from succumbing to infections and weakened in trying to rid your body of them. Science is still researching exactly how B12 has the effect that it does on the immune system, but it is often observed that when the body has low levels of B12, it struggles to fight off infection.

8.     They may help stop hair loss/increase hair growth
There are many factors involved in the loss of hair, and several nutrients are factors. A deficiency in B12 has been found to be a significant factor.  If you are undertaking a hair growth regimen, B12 injections should be part of the mix.

9.     They create healthy cells in skin, nails, and hair
Because of their rejuvenation affects, B12 injections have been shown to both reduce acne as well as improve dry skin. They also influence the growth of shiny hair and strong quality nails.

10.They help your brain and boost your mood
The cell metabolism and formation function that B12 injections enhance are significantly important in the brain. These processes regenerate nerve fiber sheaths that protect your brain’s neurons. They also amp up your brain’s process and allows you to recall things faster, to remember more and to think quickly. Improvement within your brain neurons also affects your moods and your emotional balance. Your B12 injections Las Vegas, as mentioned above, help produce serotonin which is a chemical that boosts your mood. While there are numerous causes for depression, a depletion of B12 has been found to be a cause in some people. B12 injections help rectify that.

B12 injections are very safe and fast acting. The effects vary by person but generally they last from 48 to 72 hours. Many people feel they are getting enough vitamin B12 through their diet or with oral supplements.  It has been shown that they likely are not. B12 that goes through the digestive system is not integrated by the body quickly, if at all. Injections send it right to the blood system where it can be absorbed immediately.

Be sure to check out the full vitamin and NAD+ injections menu of Sculpt Spa Las Vegas. Our vitamin cocktails include powerful offerings that can detox your system and fight aging, can rejuvenate sore muscles, and increase healing, can glow up the look and feel of your skin, hair, and nails, and can replenish NAD+, a vital coenzyme that exists in all living cells which keeps them functioning at an optimal level.

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