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There are always things that can be incorporated into your lifestyle that will support your Sculpt Spa Las Vegas treatments. One of those things is a nice ginger tea each day. 

The Skinny On Ginger … And A Word Of Caution 

Ginger is a flowering plant. Its root is used in cooking and baking and has been found to have profound health properties. It is particularly useful for weight loss regimens. It decreases inflammation, stimulates digestion, boosts your immunity, reduces cancer risk, and suppresses your appetite. It activates your metabolism and burns fat. 

Gingerols are phenolic compounds in ginger. Studies have shown them to encourage helpful biological activities in the body, causing it to digest faster, and stabilize blood sugar levels. It also helps ease blockages in the colon and promotes natural cleansing and removal of toxins. These activities directly affect losing weight. 

Ginger may also have an anti-aging effect. Studies have found that oxidative stress and inflammation badly effect the pathogenesis of aging and increase degenerative diseases. Ginger reduces such stress and inflammation.  

Ginger tea is one of the best ways to get your helpful dose of ginger each day. 

One quick warning: It is not recommended to go overboard as ginger, along with most things, is most effective in moderation. Work it into a lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise and you can realize its full potential. 

Cup of ginger tea on bamboo mat..

Here are the eight things you need to know about ginger tea: 

  1. It improves your metabolism 
    Ginger contains zinc, chromium, and magnesium, boosting your immune system and giving you more energy. In raw form, ginger has been also shown to reduce cholesterol. 
  2. Don’t drink too much 
    Too much ginger tea can cause some side effects, so no more than a cup or two is recommended a day. It aids digestion, but too much can upset your stomach or cause diarrhea. Excess consumption can also cause heartburn. Because of its blood thinning properties, it should be avoided at least two weeks before or after any surgery. People who have gall bladder ailments are also not recommended to consume ginger tea. 
  3. Studies prove its weight loss promises 
    Studies of obese people have documented its properties to make individuals feel fuller longer.  Other studies have shown an improvement in diet and exercise effectiveness. Ginger tea affects free radicals in the body, and studies have shown this helps cardiovascular damage and offsets other issues caused by excessive body weight. 
  4. It has a long history 
    Ginger tea has been used by many cultures dating back to as far as 2000 BC. It was integrated into holistic health care by many native indigenous people. 
  5. It can dehydrate you 
    Even if you take ginger in as a tea, it will dehydrate you some. It is a good idea to follow up your ginger tea consumption with an equal serving of water. 
  6. It is great to drink before a meal 
    Ginger tea makes you feel fuller. It is a natural appetite suppressant. If you take your ginger tea before a primary daily meal, you are likely to eat less of that meal. The suppressant qualities of ginger tea are due to its effect on norepinephrine and dopamine. These are hormones that cause the nervous system to feel hungrier. Ginger tea calms them down and eases the urge they might have otherwise created. 
  7. How it affects your cholesterol and burns fat 
    Ginger tea breaks down cholesterol fats. This breakdown reduces cholesterol’s ability to clog arteries. It also expands blood vessels and increases your body temperature, which burns more fat. 
  8. Partner the ginger with other ingredients for even more effective teas 
    There are a couple of partnering ingredients you can consider for your ginger tea that will make it even more effective. Lemon added to your ginger tea brings additional weight loss boosts. It suppresses appetite, helps with hydration and contributes vitamin C. Apple cider vinegar is another potential tea partner. By adding it, you introduce powerful probiotics into your tea beverage. Apple cider vinegar should be added after the ginger tea is cooled however so that you don’t lose the bacteria in the apple cider vinegar that produces the probiotic effect. Green tea is a third great partner for your ginger tea. It also increases your metabolism and has a list of weight loss properties. 

How To Make Your Own Ready-To-Drink Ginger Tea 

To make it, boil your water and add several small pieces of ginger root. Grating the ginger is a wonderful option as well. Let it sit for at least five minutes. Then enjoy it, knowing you are enhancing your weight loss and body contouring strategies. 

It is important to remember that ginger tea is not a cure-all, and its greatest results will be felt with the other aspects of your plan, particularly a healthy diet, exercise and taking advantage of Sculpt Spa Las Vegas services. We are excited to work with you and plan your entire process with recommendations on body shaping, fat removal, vitamins affecting your metabolism and more. 

Ultimately, Sculpt Spa can get you through the final stretch to your ideal body image. 

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