Las Vegas is the oasis of beautiful faces. It is a requirement for the entertainment and tourism industry here, and Sculpt Spa Las Vegas is the premier resource to keeping faces lovely and perfect.

Your Guide To Beautiful Lips At Sculpt Spa

A beautiful face usually starts with beautiful lips. Sculpt Spa are your experts in crafting your lips with gorgeous results. For those looking for lip fillers like Restylane, lip flips, or more, we have the right solutions. Our technique is part of a holistic approach to your full beautiful face which might include cheek fillers, fillers for smile lines, fillers for laugh lines, fillers for acne scars, etc. We can guide you on questions about the differences between Restylane and botox, and give you the most natural effective look meeting your objective.

Our lip technology is cutting edge. We use Restylane Kysse. It is the first lip filler to use XpresHAn Technology which gives you volume in a way that also allows you natural flexibility and a full range of expressions. We enhance your volume, your lip’s shape and texture as well as enhancing your lip color. We have brought the “Fencing technique” to Las Vegas, as well as being expert providers of the popular “Russian Lip.”

Your results will last up to a year and the treatment time is only about 45 minutes.

Once we have given you the perfect lips, there are more things you can do to further enhance their beauty. You can play around with different make-up tricks to vary your look on a daily basis. It is important that you institute a health routine for your lips as well to keep them robust and soft.

Here are some great ideas to integrate into your routine:

1.     Lip exercises
There are jaw exercises and pouting techniques that can enhance your lips. Apparently “lip yoga” is an actual thing.

2.     Make-up
Have fun with it! You can experiment with shades and colors. There are strategies that will thin your lip look and ones that will make them appear bigger.  Pick a look a day!

3.     Try natural plant dye lip colors
When you are making up your lips, natural plant dyes are healthy alternatives. Red juice-based products create a pinkish color but does not dry them out like more traditional lip sticks.

4.     Take your make-up off before bed
Your make-up is not healthy for your lips to sleep in. Even if the lipstick appears to be gone at the end of the day, give one more swipe just to make sure.

5.     Exfoliate
This is on the list of every lip-care expert out there. Your lips can get dry and flaky so they, like the rest of your facial skin, need to be exfoliated every few days to stay in good shape. Use a gentle scrub or brush. Some recommend a lip balm before bed, and a gentle rub with a toothbrush in the morning. Lip balms that contain menthol, camphor, phenol, or alcohol are not recommended.

6.     Moisturize your lips well
Use an alcohol-free lip balm to lock in moisture after you exfoliate. Non-toxic ingredients are a must. Almond oil, aloe, tea tree oil, shea butter are some of the best ingredients to look for.

7.     Moisturize yourself- keep hydrated
Eight glasses of water a day are recommended, and your lips, along with the rest of your body, benefit.

8.     Use vitamin E on your lips
You can cut open a vitamin E capsule and apply it directly to your lips. This helps boost circulation and is thought to generate new softer skin cells.

9.     Juice your lips in the morning
As part of your morning exfoliation, try some lemon juice. It helps remove the dead skin, but it also brightens your skin as well. Make sure you have no cuts or cracking however – if you do, this tip will sting!

10.Peppermint your lips
Peppermint oil is thought to boost circulation to your lips and give them more skin health. It will sooth your lips if they are drying and irritated.

11.Avoid the sun
Use a high SPF on your lips to prevent UV damage to them. The lips contain little melanin, so they have limited self-protection from sunlight.

12.Limit exposure to toxins
Avoid cigarettes, second-hand smoke, polluted air, and chemicals. These all can prematurely age your lips and make them look dark and wrinkled. Smoking will fade your lip color.

Sculpt Spa is your most important lip filler Las Vegas destination. Restylane Kysse, which works magic as it is injected into your lips, has hyaluronic acid as its foundation. This is the same naturally occurring substance that is in all our facial fillers Las Vegas. We are highly skilled in using the full range of Restylane family products. Your lips should match the natural balance and symmetry of your whole face. We work to highlight your best features.

Talk to us also about other common facial areas that you want perfected, including under your eyes, your cheeks, your jawline, your chin, temples and more. Like the Restylane Kysse treatment, each additional are only takes about 45 minutes.

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