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The 10 Biggest Myths About Botox…Debunked!

What Is Botox?

Botox is the most popular minimally invasive cosmetic treatment on the market. It has been approved for cosmetic use for two decades. It works by paralyzing some of your facial muscle functions where it is injected. It relaxes those muscles and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It has other functions including the management of sweat and alleviating migraines.

Botox is not permanent and is tightly regulated. Every vial from a legitimate provider like Sculpt Spa Las Vegas is produced in a sterile environment with the exact amount of ingredients per vial. Allergan, the maker of Botox, puts in place dedicated quality assurance experts to consistently exceed the guidelines for drug manufacturing cleanliness and safety guidelines provided by the FDA.

10 Busted Myths About Botox You Need to Know About

Even with those facts about Botox, the internet, social media, and maybe even some of your friends will pass along myths about Botox.  Here are some of the biggest ones, that we are happy to dispel:  

1.     “Botox is toxic and painful”
Botox contains a purified protein known as botulinum toxin. That toxin is derived from a bacterium that causes botulism, which is toxic to your body. Botox itself is NOT toxic, however. 3000 studies have proven that Botox used appropriately in appropriate dosing is very safe and very effective. Botox stays where we inject it. It is limited to those areas, and it is safely metabolized and excreted by your body in a few months. The injections come with a very minimal amount of pain, similar to getting a splinter. The needles used are insulin needles that are the smallest you can get.

2.     “Botox will stress out your facial muscles”
Botox blocks signals from your nerves to your muscles. The response from your muscles is that they are less stressed and do not contract. They are experiencing relaxation, not stress, so the concept that they will be somehow “stressed out” as a result is completely false.

3.     “Start Botox before you have lines on your face”
It is a popular notion to start Botox early to keep lines from forming. For some people who have noticeable static lines after making expressions, this might be a good recommendation. For most, it is better to be proactive with your skin with dedicated care. Create a healthy skin regimen through diet and detoxification. Talk to your Sculpt Spa expert about our infrared Sauna Las Vegas and vitamin injection offerings!

4.     “Botox is addictive”
This claim is the stuff of tabloid fodder. There is nothing true about it. Chemical addictive properties have not been found in Botox. The effects of Botox wear off anywhere between three to six months, so some patients will go back for another administration to maintain their fight against the appearance of wrinkles. This is all up to the patient and their facial contouring goals. There is no internal physical urge driving the choice.  

5.     “You don’t need to go to the same provider every time”
The value of your Botox treatment goes way beyond the substance in the vial. Your Sculpt Spa esthetician is your personal artist who gets to know your face and your desires. With each session, she will learn your face and its unique muscles more and more. Since with Botox, a few millimeters can make a difference, this process of gaining an intimate knowledge of your personal face is important for your long-range appearance and the true art of delivering natural looking Botox. Come to Sculpt Spa for your Botox treatments in Las Vegas, and keep returning – that is your secret to getting the best results.

6.     “Your face needs to be frozen and expressionless if it is working”
While some people do desire enough Botox to give their face a frozen demeanor, that is not the case for the majority of patients. It is important for you to be clear with your Sculpt Spa professional on your end effect, and definitely a natural looking face can be the goal.

7.     “Every patient should get the same amount of units”
Sculpt Spa is focused on your individual needs and your plan is customized accordingly. There are standard amounts that are appropriate for each facial area, but Botox is not a one-size-fits-all. The muscles in your face vary in strength from what others may have, which determines how many units of Botox is needed. Another factor is how long you have been treated with Botox. If it is your first Botox treatment, you may need more than an individual who is consistently treated with Botox. Your Botox injections will be customized to you.

8.     “Botox will fix it all”
If you’ve had Botox, you know it is a miracle worker but does not fix everything. Botox is ideal for treating fine lines and wrinkles but will not add volume or replace fat. Your Sculpt Spa expert can assess your needs and goals and recommend filler in addition to Botox if needed.

9.     “Botox and fillers are the same”
Sculpt Spa Las Vegas is proud to provide you with great Restylane filler options to augment your Botox service. The Restylane family of products can restore volume using a naturally occurring substance called hyaluronic acid. Sculpt Spa, Las Vegas is highly skilled in using the full range of product to create natural balance and symmetry to the face, while highlighting your best features. Restylane and Botox can be integrated into a total-look application for you.

10.“Botox is only for women”
While the majority of Botox patients are women, men are having the procedure done in increasing numbers. Botox injections are the No. 1 cosmetic procedure requested by men, with about half a million injections done a year.

Sculpt Spa Offers the Best Botox Shots in Las Vegas

The popularity and longevity of Botox speak for themselves. It has proven over time to be both safe and effective and the popular myths have proven to be false.  Come experience the truth about Botox Las Vegas with us!

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