Sculpt Spa has been known as the premier team to get CoolSculpting in Las Vegas. Those great fat freezing sessions have now been kicked into high gear.


Even better news: Sculpt Spa has just announced that it is now equipped with CoolSculpting Elite. Losing fat through a safe non-surgical process has just moved to the next generation of technology.

Upgrade: 5 Ways CoolSculpting Elite Compares to Traditional CoolSculpting

Cryolipolysis: The Science Behind CoolSculpting Elite

CoolSculpting is the brand name for cryolipolysis (cold “cryo” fat “lipo” destruction “lysis.”) It targets your subcutaneous fat, the substance that is the visible body fat that “rolls” when you try to fit into too-tight garments. Your body’s ability to get rid of subcutaneous fat decreases with age. If with each passing year, you find it harder to slim down, that is probably why.

The origin of cryolipolysis comes from scientists watching kids eating popsicles. Scientists were intrigued by a condition they were observing in children who left the ice rest on their inner cheeks for several minutes. The skin samples they took from the kids showed that there was inflammation in the fat, but the overlaying skin was normal.

This fat injury was called “cold-induced fat necrosis” and its existence indicated that fat was more sensitive to being injured, and killed, than other tissues.

Cold-induced fat necrosis is exactly how CoolSculpting at SculptSpa Las Vegas works. The cells become injured through the technique and that triggers an inflammatory response by your body. That response then effectively kills the fat cells as part of a purge process.

Macrophages, a type of white blood cell, get called to the treatment site and carry away the dead and injured fat cells as debris.

How CoolSculpting Leverages Cryolipolysis For You

The CoolSculpting System uses controlled cooling that will target and freeze a portion of the fat cells under your skin. This triggers the macrophages activity which will continue through the weeks that follow your session.

The treatment is non-invasive. There are no needles. There is no surgery. Most importantly, there is no downtime. You can fit this into your busy schedule without skipping a beat. The treatment can take as little as 35 minutes on up to an hour.

5 Ways CoolSculpting Elite Is A Serious Upgrade

Here are some key differences between CoolSculpting Elite Las Vegas and the traditional Cool Sculpting Las Vegas offering:

1.     It treats even more areas of the body
CoolSculpting Elite is FDA-cleared to treat even more areas than the traditional CoolSculpting. Those areas include the thigh, abdomen, and flank, along with bra fat, “love handles,” underneath the buttocks (also known as banana roll), upper arm, submandibular area under the jawline and the double chin area.

2.     Improved application devices
CoolSculpting Elite Las Vegas applicators are C-shaped rather than the traditional U shape. They come in 7 different shapes and sizes. This design better fits your body’s natural curves. The new applicators make treatments even more comfortable and more efficient than they were before.

3.     Even more fat removal
Because the new applicators have improved contact with the skin surface, the freezing process is faster, and you get even more results than before. It is estimated that the CoolSculpting Elite can remove 25% more than traditional CoolSculpting in a single treatment.

4.     More skin coverage and shorter appointments
Since CoolSculpting Elite contacts your body in a more efficient way, your appointment times are shortened considerably. The Elite applicators cover up to 18% more skin surface than the legacy CoolSculpting applicators did. Each device can also use two applicators at the same time and provide dual sculpting, and address two different areas of the body at once.

5.     Even more comfort than before
The CoolSculpting Elite machine has also been enhanced to be quieter and more precise. It now provides even more superior freezing capabilities by working faster. You feel even less physical discomfort than before and can sink into a greater feeling of relaxation during the session.

CoolSculpting Elite Targets Stubborn Fat

CoolSculpting Elite permanently destroys fat cells but is not a weight loss method. It is ideal for those within their desired body weight who are seeking to eliminate areas of stubborn fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. One of the biggest benefits of CoolSculpting Elite is that it can be as effective as liposuction without the pain and required downtime of surgery.

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CoolSculpting Elite Is Just One Of The Services At Sculpt Spa Las Vegas

Additionally, Sculpt Spa provides a number of services that can directly help you achieve your body contouring goals.

Our LAS VEGAS COOLSCULPTING services are the most popular non-surgical fat loss option in the valley. 

Sculpt Spa Las Vegas also offers VITAMIN INJECTIONS that aid in your plan to lose inches without dieting. Take advantage of our LEAN vitamin cocktail of B12, MIC and L-Carnitine, which helps covert fat into energy, and our ATHLETE cocktail of BCAA: Isoleucine/Leucine/Valine which are the building blocks for protein synthesis and will build your muscles.

Also take advantage of Sculpt Spa’s LAS VEGAS INFRARED SAUNA. This advanced therapy increases your heart rate and cardiac output and can burn up to 600 calories per session.

CoolSculpting Elite is just one of many ways to become your best you in Las Vegas. Contact us to learn more!