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We also offer the most popular non-invasive fat removal service available: CoolSculpting Elite Las Vegas.

8 Ways People Get Stubborn Body Fat (That CoolSculpting Gets Rid Of)
Stubborn body fat comes from a variety of sources. The good news? CoolSculpting Elite makes it go away.

Why Do People Choose CoolSculpting Elite?

CoolSculpting Elite is safe and effective. It is perfect for you especially if you are wary of surgery. There is no downtime. You don’t have to miss work. There’s also no risk of scarring or post-surgery complications.

Our Sculpt Spa estheticians are here even during your lunch hour, and you leave with no side effects or discomfort. It’s a convenient way to get rid of stubborn fat bulges that months at the gym, or a fad diet, can never do.

CoolSculpting Elite is cryolipolysis, a scientific process that kills unwanted fat cells in various areas of the body by freezing fat cells. Fat cells die when frozen, and then the body naturally purges them through its immune system.  That process takes several weeks, and when the fat cells are gone, they are permanently gone. 

 During your session, the CoolSculpting Elite devices blast super-cooled air onto the targeted fat.  There’s no pain involved, just slight discomfort. You may feel some numbing of the treatment area.

The CoolSculpting Elite service offered by Sculpt Spa is superior to traditional CoolSculpting offerings of the past. Our advanced CoolSculpting Elite method eliminates 18% more fat thanks to the Elite’s dual-applicator system. CoolSculpting Elite freezes fat faster providing faster results in half the time. Additionally, the dual-applicator system means we target fat in more than one area at a time.

There are now nine different elite applicators specifically for each of the cleared treatment areas. They have been redesigned to fit the targeted area better.  CoolSculpting Elite has been authorized to treat more areas on the body than ever before.

Where Does Stubborn Fat Come From? 8 Possible Sources

CoolSculpting Elite is not meant to be a process used for weight loss. It is not meant to tackle a high BMI. It is meant for clients at an ideal weight but cannot get rid of some random pockets of fat. It is easy, non-invasive, and effective. So why might someone still hold on to body fat? We came up with a list of fat inspiring behaviors of which people just may not be ready to let go.

1.       Wanting to avoid exercise and strength training
Fat will accumulate if these activities are avoided. Exercise increases your heart rate, makes you sweat and reduces your total body fat. People who avoid either strength training or aerobic training, will have continued chances of gaining fat. A combination of both is the most effective. It should be noted that even with exercise, there will be pockets that exercise just won’t reach. CoolSculpting Elite targets these stubborn fat pockets. Exercise and CoolSculpting go great together.

2.       Loving sugar and high-calorie beverages
It’s hard to walk away from these treats, but they help create the fat that is likely to accumulate around your waist. Many people think that drinking fruit juice is a viable option, but those contain a large amount of sugar and have the same fattening effect.

3.       Stressing out
It is unlikely that anyone truly wants to stress out, but many don’t do what it takes to avoid it. When you are stressed, your body is likely releasing the cortisol hormone into your bloodstream. There is a strong link from cortisol to your acquisition of visceral fat.

4.       Avoiding high fiber foods
Grocery stores and fast-food establishments often feature foods practically devoid of fiber. Soluble fiber in foods slow down the passage of food and create a gummy gel internally that reduces the creation of fat. Foods like chickpeas, lentils, bananas, whole grains, fruits and vegetables give you the fiber you need. CoolSculpting and diet strategy are made for each other.

5.       Drinking alcohol a lot
Heavy drinkers get more belly fat. Alcohol itself is plying you with an excessive amount of sugar, but worse, in drinking environments the food is usually the most fattening. Plus, your inhibitions to avoid it are down.

6.       Not eating enough protein
Protein makes you feel fuller, and you don’t eat as much or as often. With exercise, a protein—rich diet fuels muscle development.

7.       Not sleeping enough
Lack of sleep triggers ghrelin and leptin hormones, and these are appetite stimulating. They create a biochemical reaction that makes people eat more, and that behavior causes more belly fat.

8.       Eating late at night
Snacks at night often produce additional and fattening food intake. The practice also is the opposite of a successful dieting practice: intermittent fasting. People who successfully manage their weight often stop eating after 7pm at night.

It is impossible to trace every ounce of gained unwanted fat, but avoidance of exercise and healthy eating in general cause a great deal of weight gain.

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