There is summer love in the air, and most of it is between Sculpt Spa and our Las Vegas CoolSculpting Elite clients!


We are gratified to partner with some of the most stunning entertainers, the most hard-working business professionals, and the fantastic homemakers of our community. Whatever their lifestyle, career, or personal body contouring needs, we are pleased to be their spa of choice.

5 Reasons Why Las Vegas Loves Sculpt Spa & CoolSculpting Elite!

Don’t Take Our Word for It: Read What Satisfied Sculpt Spa Clients Have to Say

We get high praise for our spa in Spring Valley which we geared to give you an elegant experience. Our client Maria wrote, “I would highly recommend this spa. They’re very professional & experienced in the services they provide. The spa is tastefully decorated & exceptionally clean. They’re very attentive & friendly. I’m looking forward to my next visit.

They also love our CoolSculpting Elite offering. Good as CoolSculpting was, the Elite version removes even more fat in less time. Our clients deeply appreciate the procedure from their first visit.

As Sculpt Spa client Sean told us, “This place is incredible! The employees are all so nice and polite. For my consultation I had a million questions for them, they were extremely patient and knowledgeable, and I did not feel pressured at all which I really appreciated. The day of the treatment I was very nervous, but they really go above and beyond to make you feel as comfortable as possible. I decided to try the cool sculpting and the results are just unbelievable!!! I could not be happier with how everything turned out.”

Our client Adam agrees, “I had my first med spa experience with Sculpt Spa yesterday and I couldn’t be happier! The spa looks amazing, and the staff were super friendly, making me feel comfortable and welcome as soon as I walked in. I had CoolSculpting on my abdomen. My consultation was great, they know their stuff and made me feel at ease with how the treatment works and what results to expect. I had such an awesome first experience, I can’t wait to go back for round 2 and to try the infrared saunas!”

Our staff are CoolSculpting Elite experts and here to answer all your questions, such as:

·        “Is CoolSculpting safe?”

·        “What are CoolSculpting side effects?”

·        Liposuction vs CoolSculpting Elite – which is better?”

What Exactly is CoolSculpting Elite & How Does It Work?

Performed on millions and millions of people nationwide, CoolSculpting Elite is probably the most innovative way to reduce body fat without a complex, risky and painful surgery. It is conducted in our luxurious environment with very minimal pain or discomfort.

CoolSculpting Las Vegas technology is a scientific process called cryolipolysis, which is the destruction of fat cells using cold temperatures. To “freeze” away unwanted fat, the CoolSculpting Elite device holds a target area of tissue using gentle suction, then gradually brings the section of tissue to a specific temperature. The entire CoolSculpting process takes only about an hour.

During the process, our patients sit comfortably, distracted by the entertainment streaming service options we provide. After their CoolSculpting sessions, the targeted fat cells break down because crystals form inside of them, damaging and destroying the cell wall. The body, detecting the cells as nonviable, flushes them through the lymphatic system. The cells are not “shrunk” like they would be through diet and exercise, they are eliminated as they would be through liposuction.

Why Do Our Clients Love CoolSculpting Elite?

From our interactions with clients, here are the reasons they tell us they love CoolSculpting Elite:

1.     They love that it is convenient
Sculpt Spa makes the process very easy. We have an easy appointment scheduling system and extended hours, so clients can schedule their CoolSculpting Elite in when it works for them. Because no anesthesia is needed, it means you can go about your day, both before and after CoolSculpting Elite. Return to work or your daily routine, as you like. Traditional liposuction requires anesthesia, and days of downtime. 

2.     They love that it is non-surgical and without scarring
Surgery is invasive and wounding. There are potential dangers, and everybody is different. Our patients love a process that gives super effective results but does not require them to be cut open, and to have a scar afterwards.

3.     They love how CoolSculpting Elite targets the right body areas for them
Our clients have tried to get rid of the specific fat areas they have brought to us. The sad fact is that there are areas that seem immune to being removed by diets or workouts. CoolSculpting Elite specializes in those stubborn fat areas, and wins!

4.     They love that it is scientifically based and proven
They know that CoolSculpting Elite is the No. 1 nonsurgical fat-reduction treatment, and it’s based on proven scientific studies. There are years of research to back up the technology behind CoolSculpting, and more than 8 million CoolSculpting procedures have been performed all over the world.

5.     They love that it is permanent

Clients are encouraged to adopt and maintain a healthy eating and workout regimen. They know, however, that those disciplines will reduce fat cells, but not eliminate them. They love finding out that the fat lost through CoolSculpting is permanently gone.


Explore The Offerings At Sculpt Spa

If you have not investigated Sculpt Spa for our CoolSculpting Elite services in Las Vegas, we hope you do so soon. We are happy to consult with you and develop a perfect plan for your ultimate body contouring goals.

We would be remiss if we did not point out that Sculpt Spa offers many more services as well. Most of our clients appreciate those extra options so they can make a plan that addresses their holistic beauty, health, and wellness plan.

Our client Destaney pointed that out when she told us, “5 stars! I’ve gotten the coolsculpting and just recently my lips done, and I am in love with my results! The spa itself is so clean and inviting with its modern decor and the girls that work there are very sweet, professional, and accommodating!”

Another client added, “I can’t recommend Sculpt Spa enough! The entire staff is so sweet & the spa is so beautiful inside. Sonya is so talented; she has injected my lips to absolute perfection. I also enjoyed their infrared saunas & cool sculpting. I’ve loved the results from my cool sculpting sessions & how amazing I feel after each sauna session. If you’re looking for any of these services, you have to check out Sculpt Spa!

We completely agree.

Sculpt Spa: Your Destination For CoolSculpting Elite in Las Vegas

SCULPT SPA LAS VEGAS is the premier destination for incredible body toning techniques, strategies, and treatments. We are often sought out by the beautiful and buff Las Vegas entertainment professionals as well as anyone working on perfecting their self-image.

Our Sculpt Spa team in Las Vegas has a wealth of experience in body contouring and have developed a completely stress and judgement-free environment. By the time you come to your appointment, you will have already been aware of our online booking system and our complimentary no-commitment consultation.

At your appointment, you are treated to Smart TV with Netflix and Hulu, plush spa robes, luxurious lounge chairs and refreshments. Our focused and holistic approach brings greater attention to the finer details, making your experience one which achieves your goals in the most pleasing and satisfying way possible

CoolSculpting Elite is just one of many ways to become your best you in Las Vegas. CONTACT US to learn more!